Bin History


Hello Bin Weevils!

Are you eager to learn about the history of Bin Weevils? Well, no, we don’t have it. Only joking! You’ve come to the right place for history of Bin Weevils!

1st January 2004 –  The world of Bin Weevils began, as a 50/50 joint venture between Nickelodeon UK and Prism Entertainment.

24th November 2007 – Bin Weevils re-launched with massive updates and the whole Bin changed!

24th November 2007 – Bin Weevils suffered an earthquake and everyone lost all their nest contents.

15th January 2008 – The wonderful and speedy Weevil Wheels entered the Binscape for Bin Weevils to play.

5th March 2008 – Flem Manor has entered the weevily world of Bin Weevils! You can’t enter the inside of it though.

2nd May 2008 – Mulch Island arrived at Rum’s Airport. Before, there was no destination at Rum’s Airport.

20th May 2008 – These cute and cuddly Bin Pets found their way into the Binscape for everyone to buy.

27th June 2008 – The option to invite Bin Weevils to your nest appeared!

3rd March 2009 – The inside of Flem Manor opened, Flem did a great job of restoring what used to be an old shoebox!

13th April 2009 – The SWS (also known as the Secret Weevil Service) arrived in the Binscape!

24th May 2009 – Tum’s Diner opened up inside the Shopping Mall!

15th June 2009 – Figg’s Café opened up in the Binscape, next to Rigg’s Moviemultiplex.

22nd September 2009 – The Bin Weevil, Scribbles, was created and made his first appearance in the Bin.

N/A April 2010 – Bin Weevils went through some massive updates and was no longer owned by Nickelodeon.

5th May 2010 – Tink and Clott visited the Bin to get people to vote for them in the Bin Weevils Elections.

15th June 2010 – Bin Gardens arrived in Bin Weevils for everyone to plant and harvests plants.

6 October 2010 – Tycoon TV Towers opens in Tycoon Island, for all Bin Weevils to pay to watch TV online.

18 February 2011 – Club Fling re-opens with a weevily update! Click here to see old Club Fling.

14th March 2011 – Bin Weevils first ever merchandise, Top Trumps got stocked into all good stores.

13 May 2011 – Flum’s Fountain, place arrives in the Bin and demolishes the famous Ink’s Orange Peel

22 June 2011 – Tink’s Tree arrives in the Bin and the Bin-tastic Peel Park gets demolished.

23rd November 2011 – Buddy Lists where given a weevily cool makeover, and the ability to view Buddy News.

29th November 2011 – Bin Weevils won their weevily first Bafta award!

25th March 2012 – Levels 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65 where introduced to the Bin and Scribbles became level 70.

7th June 2012 – Bin Cards were released, allowing everyone to stamp them everyday and earn rewards.

7th June 2012 The brand new currency, called Dosh, arrived in the Bin. Many other updates happened this day also.

26th November 2012 – Bin Weevils won their weevily second Bafta award!

7th June 2013 – Garden of the Week was released, allowing all Bin Weevils to receive Bin Garden trophies.

23rd August 2013 – The brand new Weevil Post arrived and Scribbles changed his Bin Weevils shape!

21st October 2013 – Weevil Weekly, for the first time in the whole of Bin History, was published on Monday.

24th November 2013 – Bin Weevils won their weevily third Bafta award!

4th December 2013 – The weevily place we’ve all been waiting for, Bin Pets Paradise opened!

29th January 2014 – Club Fling had a complete makeover! Click HERE to read our post about it.

21th February 2014 – The Shopping Mall and the ‘sidebar’ got an update. Click HERE to read our post about it.

4th March 2014 – Ram’s Pop-Up arrived in the Binscape, outside of Flem Manor! Click HERE to read our post about it.

16th April 2014 – To congratulate the winner of the Easter Egg Competition, nearly all of the Bin Weevils Team members took a visit!

13th May 2014 – The Buddy Message system got updated, allowing Weevils to send and receive messages from anywhere in the Binscape!

19th May 2014 – The loading screen and server screen, which you see when you log into Bin Weevils, had a Bin-tastic update!

20th May 2014 – Bin Tycoons got the choice to get stripey legs for their Weevils and the Weevil Changer became available for all Weevils.

28th May 2014 – The ability to travel back in time arrived at the Bin Pet Temple and you were able to travel back to Ink’s Orange Peel, that’s definitely the best update!

20th June 2014 – The Upstairs of Weevil Post arrived, and the ability to level right up to 70 arrived in the Binscape! Scribbles levelled up to 80.

28th June 2014 – Peel Park arrived at the Time Portal at Bin Pets Paradise and luckily, Ink’s Orange Peel wasn’t removed!

18th July 2014 – The Summer Fair returns to Bin Weevils and it’s bigger and better than last year, Bin Weevils really worked hard on it.

24th July 2014 – Red and White Super Legs became available for Bin Tycoons – to receive these, you had to visit the Super Antenna tent at the Summer Fair.

12th September 2014 – Bin Weevils re-opened after a week of maintenance and the brand new location, Nest Street arrived!

1st October 2014 – The Super Antenna Quest returned and this time, you could receive The Maker’s original Super Legs!

15th October 2014 – We received an absolutely Bin-tastic update to our nest hall!

22nd November 2014 – Bin Weevils won their weevily fourth Bafta award!

5th December 2014 – A massive snowstorm hit the Binscape and part of the Binscape got covered in snow! Click here for pictures of it.

12th February 2015 – Rum’s Airport received a brilliant, shiny update! The game Rum’s Luggage Rummage was also added there.

9th March 2015 – Sinks Submarine surfaced into the Bin.

Due to the closure of Bin Weevil Company, we are missing a lot of history between March 2015 and March 2017 – any contributions in the comments section would be appreciated.

  1. Dancinjellybear

    Bw was born- 24th september 2007 (MY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  2. Dancinjellybear

    Sink was created in 2013.


  3. this is cool :)


  4. On 12th November 2014, the new and updated Flem Manor was released.


  5. the third top trump code doesn’t work for me


  6. bin weevils logo-may 2013
    KOTB was removed-may 2009
    weekly weevil arrvied-march 2010
    best nest-april 2013
    bin weevils paridise arrived may 2014
    slams party box was removed feb 2014
    tycoon island got added to the binscape-may 2010
    tycoon island got delimoslished-may 2013


  7. sinks ships opening 9th march 2015


  8. slams party box closed in feb 2015


  9. Just my opinion, binweevils was the best JUST before club fling updated and I’m no longer a member and I cant do anything on the game..




  11. Can u bring back all the old shops like gadgets and Gizmos becuz my Binpet is grumpy now that nestco has demolished it and can u b ring all the old servers back like Mulch , Snooze belch gloop ooze stuff like that / club fling is way out of population because u have changed it


  12. Nest Street? (PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!)


  13. What about when they removed KOTB? It was when the new bin came out I think?


  14. July 2014, Super Legs first came out into the Bin Scape and 67% of the weevils got them.


  15. July 2014:
    Binweevils Summer Fair


  16. Umar Choudhoury

    You forgot Binweevils got a new logo


  17. Peel park in the portal needs to be added!


  18. when did slams party box close?


  19. you forgot inks orange peel when we could go to the past and see inks orange peel.


  20. May 28 – Ink’s Orange Peel returns via Time Portal.


  21. 20th May- Stripy legs and BW changer comes for all” has a problem. It’s only temporary and limited time only.


  22. Wakadooo aka Smaart

    20th May 2014 – When the weevil changer was available to non-tycoons again and the release of Stripey Legs! :D


  23. I’m not so sure it was 2012 when Garden of the Week was brought into the Bin, Wasn’t it 2013?


  24. my frend told me that you used to call binweevils weevil town and weevils where called antis and bin tycoons where called anti masters


  25. when did sws case files become avalible?


  26. when did tycoon island disappear?


  27. also when where happiness points removed?


  28. 1998 – Tink and Clott were Cartoons, site wasn’t made at this time.


  29. I dont know if these things (below) are from the very start of Binweevils or they just came in afterwards but I would like to know what happened to these:

    – When weevils could become tycoons
    – When magazines were created and were made
    – When you could finally buy hats
    – When KOTB (King-Of-The-Bin) was removed
    – When Slams Party Box came to the bin. (what, Just asking.)
    – When the layout of the nests changed completely.


  30. “Earthquake” the earthquakes are made up stuff which are attempts to make the history more exciting. Lol.


  31. i wish you could write older stuff. If you do i have advice from 2009 – 2011 i have pictures on my old account but i forgot the password. My friend knows alot though so you could ask him. He just got knew account so i could tell you if you want to know when i find out.


  32. I wonder when new levels will be released


  33. Bin Weevils samfay

    21st February Bin Weevils Closed for a big update to the shopping mall and side bar


  34. wow i like your blog hf556 i didn’t even know that bin weevils was owned by Nickelodeon but iv been in the old bin before iv been on bw since 2011 well that’s what it said when my bin pet was adopted. poor peel park and kips scrap yard. :L


  35. You can have this 24th November Binweevils Won Bafta 3 times in a row and was named the best weevily site


  36. Hello Hf556? Can I copy this and then make it into my own words?


  37. You have forgotten something.N/A June 2012-Dosh announces his brand new currency,Dosh!


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