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Goodbye from Meep805.

Hello Bin weevils!

Remember me? No? Me neither.
Apparently I wrote Best Nest reviews which people read but then I kinda stopped.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll be leaving for good because:

1) I haven’t done anything for the past 3 months

2) I have other interests now

3) I’m currently on the run and have decided to take refuge in ‘The Democratic Republic of the Congo’ until this all blows over which might be never and because of… reasons. As such, I cannot maintain working on this site. Hopefully you’ll all understand :)

I’ve have fun writing reviews for the site and it’s been a great few months, even if rather short-lived.
If for some unknown reason you want to keep in touch with me or something, I have a Twitter which is also, conveniently:



Best Nest review Issue #121

Hello Bin Weevils!

Recently a bunch of fans which I totally have a ton of! Have been asking for me to show you the behind the scenes of the making of these to show you just how much time and effort is put into making these reviews for you to read and- oh, sorry, I’m tired, better go to sleep then and delay this review a day longer… *yawn* (Meep from the future: The humorous irony is this is exactly what happened, except instead of 1 day it was 2)

I decided that since SO many of you were asking I thought “I wonder what’s for dinner toni- oh erm wrong thought”

“What better time than my first ever post in the new year”

So what you are about to see is: The Meepcave Planning Desk; Location Undisclosed


The Meepcave Planning Desk; Location Undisclosed

Please ignore the old newspaper articles and that shopping list in the top left… if Drew and Unicron would like to join all my fans (As you can see, I have a picture of my fans to remind me who I’m writing for :3) then that’s great don’t forget the post-it note that says “<3 Unicron7022 & Drewbian” Then I put Dosh coins under it to subliminally remind them to give me free Dosh. So this is where I work and spend my time making sure to get these reviews out ASAP! Hope you enjoy this week’s review! 


This week’s Best Nest featured pandabug8869’s forest room. This is a room that looks as if every corner has been filled with whatever pandabug8869 could find and to be honest… I’m okay with that. It’s a forest, you don’t exactly  expect them to be tidy now; unless you do, in which case, that’s just weird. I honestly can’t describe why I chose this one but I feel it’s something about how it looks like an overgrown, magical woodland.

(This is around the point where I got bored and called it a day… for about 3 days)


Here we have thepinkweevil02’s kitchen. The same as the previous room, I don’t know what I like specifically about this one, maybe it’s the amount of food on the table… *Goes into food related trance*
I can’t really comment on whether it all fits together or not because to me, it seems to be in the middle, the wallpaper and floor don’t match but at the same time, they kinda do. There’s a ton of different themes that have been piled into this room and none of them would go together in any normal circumstance, however, this time they seem to have all worked together well and created this amazing kitchen.

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.


Best Nest Issues #118, #119 review AND #120 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Wait, I missed THREE releases of Best Nest? Yes, that’s right. I put off doing the first, didn’t hear about the second and this third one completely got me out of nowhere, so last week’s double review will have to have its title of “No seriously, how have I still got my job edition” taken from it and placed onto this one where I now have to write about 3 amazing issues of Best Nest but just to make things easier on myself, I’m going to be writing a review on each issue from today, to January 1st.

By this I mean I will write about one issue of Best Nest today (30th) I will then edit this post and write about #119 tomorrow (31st) then the final one will be done on New Year’s day. So if you really want to see all three reviews, keep checking back on this post over the next three days. I will say now though, don’t bother checking early in the day because it usually doesn’t occur to me these have to be done until later on in the evening.

Now that opening novel paragraph is over with; let’s begin!

Issue #118

Weevily wow! Look at all these super nests this week that I am also not late on doing and really haven’t over-used this joke by now where I pretend I’m not late but really I’m fooling no one…

Now let’s look at these nests that have a Christmas theme, probably because it’s going to be Christmas in about 2 weeks!


“WHAT? WHERE’S THE CHRISTMAS!!!??” I hear you furiously yelling. Well, to be honest, there’s only SO much I can write about Christmas themed nests before I’m literally saying the same, boring things including:

  • “There’s lots of red and green”
  • “They’ve mixed alot of Christmas-y themes”
  • “The walls are nice… so is the floor and the ceiling so it’s all nice”

No, I’ve chosen something else. Fallen-Hearted has created a room that is very, well, pink whilst I really have no clue how to talk about this room without re-using the same recycled words, I will try. Fallen-Hearted has managed to combine pink with other similar colours, by this I mean colours that are bright but don’t stand out that manage to blend well and not draw attention away, such examples include the lights, the plant lights, the light coming from the window and the ice-cream cones.


Did you know?: This image is titled BestNest30.png because it is the 30th picture ever used in these reviews.
Now you know the behind the scenes of the creating of these!

When I stumbled upon this nest room in Best Nest I immediately knew I just had to review it, I have no idea, just something about the green disco balls caught my attention, the green Christmas trees, the green in general. That and how it’s been blended in with a winter theme even though there’s obvious traces of St. Patrick’s day themed items I feel they’ve been combined well to create a room that I feel could be used in almost any seasonal event.

Issue #119

(generic ‘wow I’m not late even though I obviously am’ joke goes here)


LetsHaveSomeTea has mixed Club Fling with a winter wonderland and it looks awesome. This is exactly how Club Fling should look around this time, but unfortunately. Doesn’t. LetShaveSomeTea has combined these two themes that don’t seem like they would go together incredibly well. LetShavesOMeTea is a master of theme combining as evidenced by this clever use of two completely different colour schemes.


There, have some Christmas.

I had a hard time trying to find a second nest room to display here… not because I found them so amazing or because I found them so awful but because I noticed a bunch of spooky coincidences in this issue then realised that a coincidence wasn’t a reason for talking about a room, so here’s yellow3449’s Christmas room because I’m sure that if I didn’t put one in, this might have been my last ever post… I’ll leave you to figure out what I’m implying…


yellow3449 has done a Christmas thing and is making sure no one opens their presents early by setting up the newest in Weevil security systems with a CCTV camera, how secure! Obviously a traditional Christmas tree is too ancient so yellow3449 has opted for a much more modern and classy, Tink’s Tree however, yellow3449 has so many weevily friends that they couldn’t fit the presents under the tree!

ISSUE #120

Well guess what, I was late about something that was late. Aren’t I the greatest.
This time I felt like making this a giant joke review by rotating all the images by a few degrees just to make them look *slightly* off just because I felt like it, but WordPress doesn’t support diagonal images so it has to be 100% serious…
I’ll be honest, I legitimately tried to mess with these images but WordPress kept reverting them to normal D:<
So, let’s just get on with it.


Here we have a Christmas room (No, really?) by sweetee7749 this room is green. This room is red. This room is Christmas-y it also has a window, I like windows. It has two doors, a fireplace and presents. There’s a bear and some nutcrackers that resemble all your favourite bin celebrities oh and sweetee7749 saved the bin from the big freeze as evidenced by the trophy hidden in the corner.



hear we have a chrissmas rooom buy me were i worked verry hard on it as u can c ive got a xmas tree and presents bcoz i hav a lot of bin buddys and tink and clot and fling are their to sellibrate with me and we got a fire place and MERRY BOXING DAY WEEEVILS!!!!!1111!1!!

And for the record, that image took me 1 minute and 24 seconds on MS paint.

– Meep805

Best Nest Issues #116 & #117 review!

Hello Bin weevils and welcome to this super exciting: ‘no seriously, how have I still got my job’
edition of Best Nest review where I have forgotten to do a review of these editions for a whole two weeks! WOW!
So before I “forget” let’s get on with this double Best Nest review, the first, and probably not the last, of its kind.

ISSUE #116

Welcome to the super legitimate Best Nest review Issue #116 with me meep805 who is 100% NOT late by about a fortnight so without further ado let’s look at these December-y nests that are all sort of Christmas themed.


First up is megmegmog’s… erm, Xmas living room room. Here we can see all the classic Christmas colours including: green and red. There’s large amounts of trees and tinsel, the fireplace in the background stands out from the rest of the room because it is purple, it’s great when everything doesn’t fade into the background of everything else and you have parts that really catch your eye.


We move onto dumdawg’s room. No, he doesn’t get special privileges to appear in these reviews because he works on the blog, we’ve been over this… hopefully. This room caught my eye as soon as I clicked on the Best Nest stand, opened up issue #116, clicked on the front cover and opened up the first page. The way he’s used the ice cave theme with a whole load of blue and cyan coloured items has created an absolutely beautiful room. As much as the sea theme items might look ‘out of place’ I think they’ve been placed in this room rather well. The room looks like it’s filled with amazing stuff but doesn’t look as if it’s been crammed into one small space.

ISSUE #117 

Hello Bin weevils!

Weevily wow, can you believe it, a whole week’s passed since we last looked at those amazing Christmas nests. Such a shame I’m starting this review super early so that another whole week will have to pass before we get a look at some of the newer nests. Oh well!


Here we have Benzie’s Christmas room. This one is similar to megmegmog’s (from last week) in that it uses red and green a lot. This room looks like a cosy cabin that’s all dressed up and ready for Christmas. The nutcrackers that resemble different iconic characters from the bin have all been placed excellently.


Finally we have blossom7207’s Christmas kitchen. This room proves you don’t need to make a room that’s completely Xmas themed and that taking an existing room and giving it a new coat of paint works just as well. Several things have been mixed into this room that fit with the kitchen and Christmas them, including plates of food and hot drinks.

Well thanks for reading this week’s Best Nest review! Don’t forget to-

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.


Best Nest Issue #115 review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sorry for my absence last week and sorry for my almost absence this week (I didn’t think I’d be able to write this one this week) so, before I give up on writing this one, let’s begin:


First up, we have fridayschild’s Japanese room. This one caught my eye because of the amount of colourful plant-life such as the yellow and orange/red(?) flowers along with the bonsai Tink’s Tree. This one really does have the feel of historic Japanese lifestyles (Well, except for robo-plant over there)


zinc1981 has their room featured because of one simple factor… the piano.
“Why the piano?” I hear you cry!
Well, my readers, t’is just how zinc1981 is ominously facing it as if they were playing it. I feel this adds a really dark tone to this whole room… even though it uses the most joyous things like Binpets, Disco lights and Best Nest trophies. Infact, I enjoy this room so much that it has inspired me to make something like this only with more atmosphere (now if someone would just tell me how to acquire that piano…)
As for the actual rooms itself it is incredibly vibrant and clearly zinc1981’s binpet must feel right at home with the leisure to dance, look out the window and talk with Burple

This here is my work in progress room inspired by zinc1981. My greatest fear when creating this was moving away from the dark and creepy theme and more into the Halloween-y and scary theme but I think I managed to escape that.

This here is my work in progress room inspired by zinc1981. My greatest fear when creating this was moving away from the dark and creepy theme and more into the Halloween-y and scary theme but I think I managed to escape that.

– Meep805

Best Nest Issue #113 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sorry about being one day late with this one. I’m really having to juggle a bunch of things right now, I was actually going to consider asking hf556 to fill in for me but I decided I’d (hopefully) be able to manage. So, without further ado, let’s begin!


Firstly we have shypost213’s Bunty room. Clearly shyposh213 must be a huge fan of the bin’s biggest source of weevily gossip, so much so that they’ve constructed this fantastic room. The bright colours used are mixed together really well, the colour pink has been mixed with yellow and purple which have been scattered around the room in various places.


Next up, we have DARKHORSE’s room. The colours and themes have been mixed perfectly. It’s simplistic and has been pulled off wonderfully. My only complaint is the amount of windows on the back wall. Having three as apposed to one ruins a small part of this room for me. The piano in the corner (someone please tell me where/how you get that, I want one D:) fills in the space very nicely by contrasting well with the colours this room uses.

That’s all for now, this review is not finished yet as I intend to add one or two more rooms, but I will certainly try to finish it up tomorrow or later. I thought it be better to leave you with an unfinished post rather than without any post at all!-

– Meep805

Best Nest Issue #112 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Bonfire night tonight and remembering to stay safe! Now, let’s begin with a round of non-Halloween themed nests (maybe with one exception though…)


Here we have xPro_CallumYNWA’s (yeah, make it as awkward as possible for me to copy your name accuarately) pirate ship room with a load of loot from other ships, plenty of golden stuff like candles and chandeliers to safes and treasure chests. What kind of ship doesn’t have a pirate ship bed to remind you that ‘You are a pirate!’ not only that but there is a barrel of weapons within close range in case any landlubbers climb aboard.

BestNest19 Just because Halloween has ended doesn’t mean we can’t have a display of spooky nests. Here is seems someone has breached one of Flem’s secret vaults and discovered a wealth of treasures and discarded oddities, however, it seems this vault has been left for the passing of time to take care of… or more rather, for it to have not taken care of.


Finally we have reeree5’s floral room. This room uses a large amount of vibrant (bright) colours consisting of pinks, purples, reds and yellows. There’s a huge variety of themes being mixed together as well to form a generally nice looking room. The pictures on the back wall add a, sort of, homely feel to the entire room.

That concludes this weeks review of Best Nest, have fun on Bonfire night and make sure to stay safe by following Tink’s safety tips! Which have been posted both, on the ‘What’s new blog’ and on this very site!

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.


(Slightly late) Best Nest Issue #111 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sorry about this being about 2-3 days late, I’ve been really busy lately and completely forgot to write this post so I’ll write it now… late at night when I struggle to think straight.

Anyway, this edition of Best Nest is the spookiest by far…


Here we have shushu123’s ‘sspooooky and sccaaaaary’ room, which for a self proclaimed title is very much true. It appears that shushu123 has created a haunted house, complete with broken windows, creaky floorboards and a whole load of cobwebs and other undead creatures. There isn’t really an particular colour scheme to this room (Maybe grey and brown) however I like the use of the wallpaper, I find this one to be very tricky to use effectively because it doesn’t take up the whole wall, however, shushu123 has successfully used it to their advantage by making the wall a background instead of determining the theme of the whole room.


Next we have tomtom4572’s creepy cave where it is clear many witches have been before, complete with such things as cauldrons, broomsticks, jars of strange things and tentacles. In the back of the cavern you can see a bookshelf that is clearly filled with spell books and hexes (curses). The witches that once inhabited this place have moved on long ago as we can see spiders and bats have begun to roam the area.

There we go, that’s the end of these spooky nests for this year, I had fun looking through these fantastic nests and can’t wait for next year to see a whole new batch of them!

P.S I am incredibly sorry for the two day wait between Best Nest being released and this review being written but as I said, I’ve been really busy lately, hopefully I will be able to continue as normal next week and can get back into a regular cycle however, I can’t promise anything but, do not panic if you don’t see a review for 2-3 days, hf will kindly fill in for me so you won’t be left waiting too long for the next review!

P.P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.

– Meep805

Best Nest Issue #110 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s starting to get closer to Halloween and as such there’s even more scary rooms throughout every page of Best Nest so continue reading if you dare…


I simply couldn’t resist not featuring this one, not when it has a Harry Potter references all over the place and to be honest, this does look like a room in Hogwarts with all the cauldrons, scrolls, jars and most importantly, floating candles. It even seems as if Ashby is busy practicing a bit of magic themselves.


Next up we have a dark and dusty, spider-filled castle. It seems as if this has been left for the passing of time to take care of. Or more rather to not take care of. This room shows off the new cobweb table and chair items very well since it mixes them with other cobweb themed items, including things like the spiders, the broomsticks and the chandelier to name a few. However, I feel this room will quickly lose its spider problem if someone lit the candle next to the cobweb chair.


“What’s this? A third room instead of the usual two?”
That’s right, this issue was filled with so many great designs I could only narrow it down to a top 3 (This post is in no particular order by the way). Fade’s room has been featured because of its simplicity and how he’s stuck to two recurring colours, which in this case, are orange and black and this has worked very well and has resulted in a sleek, modern room. The arrangement of the candles and sweet jars is also very nice. It also seems that Fade has caught the attention of the NEST_INSPECTOR thrice (Three times) before

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.

– Meep805

Best Nest Issue #109 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s starting to get closer to that time of the year, Halloween, again, and as the month of October goes on, the nests keep getting more and more terrifying.


Manda2013’s room looks like an ancient catacomb (an underground graveyard/cemetery) with all the cracks in the walls and floors, along with the plant life that has started to take over. The inhabitants of this catacomb appear to have become restless and as such, have started to roam around, searching for their next weevily victim. The colour green is used quite a lot in this room and is used in a way that adds more atmosphere to it, especially since it lights up all the bats and spiders hanging on the ceiling.


Next we have Tiggee’s room. This one really stood out to me because of the simplicity of it, it’s not cluttered with stuff and it has quite a nice ambient feel to it. The amount of candles really adds a spookiness feel to the whole room, I’m not sure why, but it’s definitely there. I think of this room as a castle with a moon lit window behind the throne.


Along with this amazing issue of Best Nest we got a sneak peek at the new Nest Halls, stay tuned for more information on them!

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.