Meet and Greet Posh and Dosh: Great Turnout (2)

Hello Bin Weevils,

Did you meet Posh and Dosh yesterday Morning, I did. That’s right, Dosh and Posh came on yesterday morning for the Bin Weevils Radio show and its was like a big massive meet and greet. If you did not know already, Dosh is quite new and came on the other weekend and because it was so good, he came back on this weekend. I have a few images below.



This is an image of Dosh, sadly his player card did not show up. Therefore its just his normal one on this picture. Dosh is level 65 and in the picture, He has a top hat on.



Moving on, This is Posh. Luckily her special profile was showing at the time. Posh is very posh. If you didn’t know there was 2 posh’s there. There are one in each corner aha! Thanks for reading this post about the meet and greet great turnout.

– TiNy-weevil

Bin Weevils Chat Filter – Update

Hello Bin Weevils!

Many people now have been using Bin Weevils as a ‘dating’ website. This is awful and disruptive to other children/teenagers enjoying the game as a fun virtual world. I have seen many weevils go up to others and say: ‘Can I be your “Low? Now, people are using the word ‘low’ as an alternative word for ‘love’. The word ‘low’ has now been banned from the chat filter and results in a ban. As you may know people use words like ‘beach’ and ‘shirt’. These are alternatives for inappropriate words.  They have also been banned from the Bin Weevils Chat filter. This makes the game more friendly so we can play happier! So luckily, we can all stay safe and enjoy the Bincredible virtual world.

Thanks for reading,


Bin Weevil Company Tiny Weevil: 100 Post’s in a year!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Wow, I have came so far with Bin Weevil Company after a year and a bit blogging here! This post is not Bin Weevils related, Its Bin Weevil Company related as its for my 100 post. I am going to be talking about my blogging life here. Things you will find will be, The highest view post: staff I have worked with here, What’s to come in the future. Please enjoy!



So, I started here blogging in January 2014. This marked my one year of blogging on Bin Weevils. I was currently author here with Eddzy and Hf556 and I replaced dav999 after he moved on. This blog then carried on until November time. Yoshi6601 joined and Meep805 joined who have sadly left now so they were not here that long. Then in the early stages of 2015 Bin Weevil Company dropped and everyone stopped blogging on it. Myself and hf556 wanted to bring it back so we did a grand opening in a friday in March. I am now carrying on forever and out hopefully.

Next, I want to talk about my highest viewed post. I don’t know how it happened and I find it very strange that its one of my highest viewed posts on Bin Weevil Company with nearly 300 views. The post is called New: Club Fling VIP Rooom *Guide* (You can view it here ) it might actually be the highest viewed post of mine because, back Last year, We just used to copy from the blog. At that date we started to mix it up abit and that’s what got us the views.



In the next part of the post, I am going to be writing about the current day and who works here now. So, in March I was set a difficult challenge of being Co owner of Bin Weevil Company, I have now settled in here and its becoming amazing. I now work with here, Hf556 Buzzy56 and AmirKhan. I am expected to carry on my posts hopefully until later on this year where stuff could happen but no promises yet. Thanks for reading this amazing 100 post on Bin Weevil Company, its been amazing working with hf556 for the past year and a bit. Hopefully I will get along with the new authors too.

– TiNy-weevil

SuperAwesome Team member Spotted: Bipolarise

Hello Bin Weevils,

At lunch time today, myself, Tum103 and iDroid spotted Bipolarise at Gongs pipenest. He did not say anything but I thought I share the news that he was spotted yet again. The reason why we are naming the title SuperAwesome instead of Bin Weevils, is because technically his job title comes from a company called GoSuperAwesome who we told you about last year. Here is an image below.



If we see anymore staff but the community team because they come on everyday, we will sure post it up on here. Thanks for viewing this post.

– TiNy-weevil

Meet and Greet Large-posh and Buzzy56: Great Turnout!

Hello Bin Weevils,

On the 13/04/2015 Buzzy56, TiNy-weevil and hf556 hosted a Meet and Greet type of thing and a load of you Bin Weevil Company fans came. We was even lucky enough to have Swathe the new Bin Weevils Community team member come and you should of seen our faces! We was really shocked. Down below we have loads of images of the great turnout and we would like to thanks all of you BWC Fans for coming!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We would like to thank, Swathe the Bin Weevils team member who is green on the photos for coming. You made the Meet and Greet 100% better. Thanks for everyone who came. Stay tuned for hopefully another Meet and Greet to come in the future time of Bin Weevil Company.

– TiNy-weevil

Buzzy56 wins ‘Springtime Poetry’ GUEST BLOGGER!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today, (for me) I am back at school. So, after my day at school: I get home and check out the What’s New Blog and notice the front page post was… ‘Guest Blogger: More Springtime Poetry by buzzy56 & scampy56′. I was so exited and I straight away ran to my nest and checked out my Scribbles trophy! Take a look here:

sc <– Here it is!

I’m very happy I have won a competition (finally) on Bin Weevils!

Thank you for reading this post!


Reminder: Meet and Greet Large posh and Buzzy56

Hello Bin Weevils,

If you didn’t know already, There is a special meet and greet today hosted by the Co owner and the Author of this blog. TiNy-weevil better known as Large-posh or Samabahawk and Buzzy will be online this afternoon for a special meet and greet (Photos will be taken)



Date: Monday 13th April 2015

Time: 16:30 pm (4:30 pm) and 18:30 pm 

Bin: The top server what is available

Where: Castle Gam

There could be staff members again like last time, but we are not 100% sure. We will try and persuade staff to come so you can enjoy this too. This will be posted on the parties page under ‘Meet and Greet Tiny and Buzzy’

Thank you for reading, Hopefully you can make it.

– TiNy-weevil and Buzzy56

Bin Weevils Celebs Spotted: Brother and Sister Meet and Greet

Hello Bin Weevils,

This morning during the Bin Weevils Radio show, Dosh made his first appearance in the bin with Posh. This is the third time Posh has came into the bin but today was Dosh’s first ever time coming into the bin. It was a great Meet and Greet Properly the best one I have ever been too. Here are images of Posh in the bin. (Under will be Dosh)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, its time for Dosh. Dosh made his appearance in the bin and it turned out 100% amazing! This will be going onto the History page and also the Bin Weevils Team page so make sure you stay tuned for a new page with that again, Photos are below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The special code is the first slide. Make sure to enter it for some Dosh and Mulch from Dosh himself. Thanks for reading!

– TiNy-weevil

Bin Tycoon Exclusive – Seed Pack!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Lucky for Bin Tycoons, there is 3 awesome NEW codes for you to enter to receive some wicked Garden Items! Let’s have a look at the awesome new Garden Items…

The code…




The code…




The code…




So, as you can see, Bin Tycoons unlock some weevily awesome codes! These codes are valid until the 1st of May 2015. The Pot o’ Gold can also be purchased in the Garden Shop. Again….BIN TYCOON ONLY!

Become a Bin Tycoon Member, TODAY!


Goodbye Gubbins! Bin Weevils Database worker Leaves!

Hello Bin Weevils,

I bring you said news today. One of the BEST workers at 55 pixels who used to work on the database called Gubbins has left Bin Weevils. This is no prank. Gubbins was a purple weevil and was the MOST perfect moderator you will ever ever meet but sadly she leaves Bin Weevils at this date.

gubbins 2


This was the players profile.

How do you know Gubbins left?

TiNy-weevil, was with Unicron7022 today and MagicPurpleBee on twitter. Both of them confirmed that gubbins has left Bin Weevils for good and there Weevil wont carry on. We are really shocked and devastated to here this. Here is the proof


We are now trying to look for the new Gubbins. We will keep you informed. Thank you Unicron7022 and MagicPurpleBee for telling me this. I am really upset and a tear was brought to my eye to see one of the Best moderators leave.


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