The End

Hello Bin Weevils!

As they say, all good things have to come to an end – what goes up.. must come down.

After an amazing two years, I’ve come to the decision to close Bin Weevil Company. All the content (e.g our posts and pages) will remain for people to view, but no comments will be approved.


Thanks everyone for the amazing time I’ve had running Bin Weevil Company, it’s been a pleasure.

– hf556

Bin Weevil Company Speaks on Paris Attacks

Hello Bin Weevils!

The world was shocked last night as it emerged that terror group ‘Islamic State’ used violence (guns and explosives) against innocent civilians in France, supposedly to get revenge for the recent drone strikes.

During the crisis, France declared a state of warning and closed their borders to prevent anyone entering/leaving. It’s now believed more than 100 have lost their lives and hundreds more injured.

Following this dreadful event, the French president François Hollande has declared three days of mourning to remember those affected by this heartbreaking event. In addition David Cameron has chaired a COBRA meeting and London is currently on high alert.

Bin Weevil Company ask that you stay safe and if you see/hear anything suspicious, do make sure you inform your local authority. We hope another catastrophe like this won’t happen again.

May all our thoughts and prayers be with the victims and their families.

– hf556

Goodbye from Meep805.

Hello Bin weevils!

Remember me? No? Me neither.
Apparently I wrote Best Nest reviews which people read but then I kinda stopped.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll be leaving for good because:

1) I haven’t done anything for the past 3 months

2) I have other interests now

3) I’m currently on the run and have decided to take refuge in ‘The Democratic Republic of the Congo’ until this all blows over which might be never and because of… reasons. As such, I cannot maintain working on this site. Hopefully you’ll all understand :)

I’ve have fun writing reviews for the site and it’s been a great few months, even if rather short-lived.
If for some unknown reason you want to keep in touch with me or something, I have a Twitter which is also, conveniently:


Meet And Greet Flam And Rum #2

Hello Bin Weevils!

Were you lucky enough to meet Flam and Rum yesterday? Sadly I was unable to attend because my internet decided it wasn’t going to work. I hope you all had a good time meeting them and that you grabbed some weevily selfies!

If you were unable to meet them or want to see them again, I’ve got some excellent news for you! They will be visiting the Binscape today at 11:00 and 17:00 at Rum’s Airport and Flum’s Fountain!

Meet Flam and Rum #2

– hf556

Happy Shrove Tuesday

Hello Bin Weevils!

The team at Bin Weevil Company would like to wish you a happy Shrove Tuesday, which represents the first day of Lent – many of you however will know it as Pancake Day!

I would like to know what’s your favourite topping on a pancake? Maybe it’s golden syrup or even chocolate! Let me know in the comments section below.


Psstt.. to celebrate, Bin Weevils have released a special code for Mulch and XP! Simply head on over to the Mystery Code Machine, located outside of Lab’s Lab, and enter this code: RBSPANCAKE.

– hf556

BRAND NEW Rum’s Airport 1/2

Hello Bin Weevils!

Ever since the extraordinary ‘what’s coming in January’ post on the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog, loads of you haven’t stopped buzzing about the new blingin’ Rum’s Airport which was announced! I too couldn’t wait for it to be released!

I’m now weevily excited to announce the new Rum’s Airport has arrived in style!

New Rum's

As you can see, the Bin Weevils team haven’t only given Rum’s Airport a Bin-tastic update, they’ve also updated the outside of it (which I call Rum’s Cove) an absolutely superb update! In my honest opinion, I absolutely love what Bin Weevils have done. I think the whole area looks more fresh and the mix of the colours create a really vibrant theme. The Rum’s Airport sign stands out rapidly also.

Some people may disagree with me and say the new update wasn’t needed – they may also say Bin Weevils haven’t needed to update the areas, and I respect your opinion. However sometimes it’s good for a change and I’m sure you can all agree having the same thing for ages can become boring.

As you can see, Bin Weevils graphics have rapidly improved since the previous Rum’s Cove:

Old Rum's Cove

Stay tuned for a part two about the brand-new inside of Rum’s Airport!

– hf556

Meet Rum And Flam In The Binscape!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin-tastic news, two brand-new celebrities will be popping into the Bin today to meet up with you! These celebrities are no other than Rum and Flam!

They will be at The Hunt for Weevil X mission on party island today at 11:00 and 17:00 (UK time). The only thing is, which one is party island? Well.. you’ll have to find out for yourself!


Did you know? Rum and Flam’s favourite hobby is flying! Rum owns the newly-designed Rum’s Airport and Flam enjoys flying her mini plane, which you can see at Mulch Island!

– hf556

The New and Updated Bin Weevils Team Page!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Myself and hf556 the blog owner have been updating a few pages on here, The main page we focused on is the Bin Weevils team page! All through the night and this morning we was updating it and guess what, It has mods who have not even logged in yet! Wow! Go check it out now under Bin Weevils!




Do you like the page, Why not give us information on how you like it below! Have we missed any mods out, Comment below and we shall add them in the up coming weeks!

Water Park Coming Soon To The Binscape!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, don’t I have some exciting news I’m bursting to share with you!

I would like to thank Jjs63 (also known as discount) for notifying me that yesterday he was lucky enough to have Bin Weevils staff member Tombalol visit his nest! Not only that.. Tombalol also let a little secret slip.


As you can see, it seems as if a water park will be coming to the Binscape.. I suspect it may be like the slime pool, which was previously located at Tycoon Island. We would like to know what you think the water park will be, so get commenting!

– hf556

Weekend Puzzle Challenge Answer 14.02.15

Hello Bin Weevils!

To celebrate the new Rum’s Airport game (which I’ll be posting about later), the Bin Weevils team have done a Weekend Puzzle Challenge in theme of it!

To claim some bonus Mulch and XP, simply weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine, which is located outside of Lab’s Lab, and enter the code below.

If you're unable to view this image, the answer is RUMMAGE10.

If you’re unable to view this image, the answer is RUMMAGE10.

Do you want more codes? For even more Mulch, XP, nest items and Dosh coins, head over to our secret codes page!

– hf556