The End

Hello Bin Weevils!

As they say, all good things have to come to an end – what goes up.. must come down.

After an amazing two years, I’ve come to the decision to close Bin Weevil Company. All the content (e.g our posts and pages) will remain for people to view, but no comments will be approved.


Thanks everyone for the amazing time I’ve had running Bin Weevil Company, it’s been a pleasure.

– hf556

Bin Weevil Company Exclusive: New Bin Badges

Hello Bin Weevils!

Since the Bin Badges were released (over three years ago), there’s been speculation as to when the ‘coming soon’ badges will be released…

A few days ago, an unknown weevil was seen at Flum’s Fountain with an unobtainable level of 100:


Thanks to Dumdawg (aka chip8967) for the screenshot

After investigating the above weevil known as ‘BinBadges’, Bin Weevils staff member Swathe confirmed he was testing new Bin Badges:


While it’s unfortunate that level 100 won’t be arriving yet, we can now look forward to new Bin Badges, as well as Rigg’s Project 2016 which was revealed a few days ago.

– hf556

Scribbles Gets The Scoop: Project 2016

Hello Bin Weevils!


Scribbles here – you won’t believe the scoop I’ve got for you! I digged further into Rigg’s mysterious ‘Project 2016’ and discovered he was working with Zip, the Bin’s Top Racer.

Intrigued, I rushed over to Zip’s office, where I discovered an image hidden under a pile of Dirt Doughnuts which displayed a…… REVAMPED DIRT VALLEY! I managed to snap a picture with my Bin Camera before I heard Rigg and Zip’s voice:

new dirt valley.PNG

Unfortunately I was unable to find any information on a release date, however I did hear Rigg mentioning that it will be finished by the end of January…


Happy New Year

Hello Bin Weevils!


Bin Weevil Company would like to wish all our viewers a “Happy New Year” – we hope you have a great upcoming year.

In celebration of the New Year, head over to the Mystery Code Machine and enter the code below to receive your exclusive nest item!


– hf556

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 370,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 16 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

BREAKING NEWS: Project 2016

Hello Bin Weevils!


Unconfirmed reports of a mysterious ‘project 2016’ have been going around the Binscape for a while now, so we sent ace journalist Scribbles to investigate – here’s what he had to say:

“I was in my office coming up with some New Year resolutions, when hf556 informed me Rigg was up to something – I immediately knew this would be a scoop for Weevil Weekly, so I hurried along to Rigg’s Property Shop and while peeking through the window, I heard him speaking about a blueprint for Project 2016 – I managed to snap this picture with my Bin Camera before he spotted me!”


Let us know your ideas about Project 2016 in the comments section below! What’s Rigg really up to and who else is involved in the operation?


– hf556

Monday Puzzle – Win 1,000 Mulch!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Head on down to the Mystery Code Machine outside of Lab’s Lab and enter the code ‘291840645570S’ to earn 1,000 bonus Mulch!

– hf556

Merry Christmas from Bin Weevil Company!

Merry Christmas Bin Weevils!


Bin Weevil Company would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, we hope you have a great day and enjoy yourself!

In celebration of the big day, Bin Weevils have released two new and exclusive codes – head over to the Mystery Code Machine to and redeem the codes shown below.


Let us know what presents you received, which was your favourite and why in the comment section below!

– hf556

Best Nest Issue #171 Review

Merry Christmas Weevils!


Head on down to Weevil Post where the Nest Inspector has featured his top festive nest rooms in his Christmas-edition of Best Nest!

Sioux_Whisper Bin Weevils

‘Brilliant, fantastic, stunning’ were the words which entered my mind when I saw this nest room, it has to be my favourite festive room yet. I’m specifically fond of the colour scheme retained in this room of red and green which are vibrant and festive. Is it me or does all the candy make you hungry?

This room fully deserves a 10/10 and that’s the score it’s receiving, congratulations Sioux_Whisper!

– hf556

Get Into the Festive Spirit with Bin Weevil Company!


With Christmas four days away, Bin Weevil Company has been transformed into the ultimate festive place to raise the spirit of Christmas!

Let us know in the comments below why you’re most looking forward to Christmas in the comments section below and as always, keep weeviling!