Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils demolish allot of stuff such as Inks Orange Peel old times and Kips Scrapyard and as there back, Weevils have been wanting the Bank Of Dosh to be opened again and back up at Tycoon Island or possibly another place.

I had an idea for the Bank Of Dosh and I did hear that some Weevils have been suggesting this but we could have a Mulch and Dosh Transfer and even a Nest Items transfer. Other Virtual Worlds such as Animal Jam have a trading system where you can trade stuff, why can’t Bin Weevils do it?

And another point that I got to make out that if Bin Weevils use the Mulch and Dosh transfer, there will be allot of hacks going around on other accounts trading Mulch, Nest Items and Dosh.




Rigg: Dosh has a plan, and it’s a grand plan indeed! A few months ago, I was invited to Dosh Palace for a top secret meeting. When I arrived at Dosh’s Palace, I was let down a very long hallway then another then another until we reached a gigantic metal door. On the other side of the door, there were heaps and heaps of Mulch but what really caught my eye was a pile of shiny red and gold coins marked with the letter “D”. What could it be, I wondered?

Dosh said, “Rigg, I really need a classy establishment that will keep the Bin’s overflowing wealth in order and safe. I would like you to build THE BANK OF DOSH on Tycoon Island! This will be the first serving bank in the Bin so I’ll need it to look spectacular.

It’s taken me many months to draw up some blue prints that would please Dosh! But as of today, the construction has finally began on Tycoon Island. The old Bank has been destroyed and a new foundation is being dug! I know I will always say this, but this is going to be the best build yet!

Building up/summing up

So as that was posted, Rigg said “The construction has finally began and we knocked down the old Tycoon Island and the new foundation is being dug. So, that’s why Weevils’ were wondering, “where’s the Bank Of Dosh?”

Also, Rigg has been spending months doing blueprints that would please Dosh so that’s why Bin Weevils are taking a long time to build the Bank Of Dosh because they have got to figure stuff out.

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