The Hunt For Weevil X

Hey Weevils!

Here’s the walkthrough for The Hunt For Weevil X:

  1. can u help on weevil x ?


    • If you reply with your weevil name and password, I’d be happy to log onto your weevil and complete the mission for you. Don’t worry, I won’t approve your reply, meaning only I can see the password :)


  2. im not a tycoon so i cant do it


  3. I just saw 6 hackers. everyone was suprised about what he said. he was one of the trusting weevil and guess what he said?
    he said gow away fat face. and also he even admitted hacking into him. so if you don’t want your weevfil account to be hack i think about changing your password. 5 other trusting weevils got hacked too and one famous weevil. Scribbles.
    From Hayatollah7
    P.S. You xan email me with any problems

    Thank you


  4. not allowd on youtube!!!!!!!!!!


  5. i need your help on hangman but i do not want my acount to be hacked by you because i am scared you will disable my chat


  6. im still stuck on hangman


  7. lot of help from that youtube


  8. lot of help


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