Bin Pets


Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to Bin Weevil Company’s very own Bin Pets page! Bin Pets are so adorable and cute, but you can sometimes find it hard to look after them – that’s why we have this Bin-tastic Bin Pet guide!

When you first get your Bin Pet, be sure to place your Bin Pet’s pet bowl and bed in your nest room of your choice. A Bin Pet needs a perfect room, so make sure your Bin Pet’s room is special and is packed full of Bin Pet toys and items from the Bin Pet Shop, inside Bin Pets Paradise.


Here is chip8967’s Bin Pet, best!

When you first start to teach your Bin Pet tricks, make sure your Bin Pet is not tired or hungry when you start to play. Pets love to learn new tricks, but if they’re not feeling up to it, they can  get quite grumpy! It’s best to wait until your Bin Pet is well fed, well rested and has high energy.


Your Bin Pet’s profile is where you choose different commands for your Bin Pet, and you can see your Bin Pet’s fitness, heath, and food level. Your Bin Pet should become use to the commands if you keep practicing them, believe it or not they will become use to it! Your Bin Pet profile also holds information about your Bin Pet which others can see by clicking your Bin Pet.

How to get your Bin Pet to jump on your back

If you want to take your Bin Pet to somewhere like Flum’s Fountain, you’re going to need to get it to jump on your back. Firstly, you need to hover your mouse over your Bin Pet and a little yellow smile will appear above your Bin Pet. Next, you need to press the one key, which is on your keyboard and you will copy you and jump.

You need to press the one key about eight times with five second stops in between them. After you’ve done that, you need to go right up to your Bin Pet, click it, then select the jump command.

take bin pet walk

Teaching your Bin Pet to juggle

Before you can teach your Bin Pet to juggle, your Bin Pet needs to of learnt the fetch and throw action.

To teach your Bin Pet to juggle, you need to make it sit using the sit command, then make it stay by using the stay command. Next, you need to throw a ball at your Bin Pet and tell it to juggle, using the juggle command.


Looking for a great place for you and your Bin Pet to visit? Bin Pets Paradise is the Bin’s newest location for Bin Pets and is perfect for and your little one to rock around in, grab your Bin Pet and weevil on over to Bin Pets Paradise, do some workout in Gympet, shop at Pet Style and so much more!


It is Bin Weevil Company’s pleasure to thank Chip8967/Weevily Wonder for some of the content on our Bin Pet page!

  1. I can’t find my bin pet food bowl HELP!


  2. im trying to get my binpet to jump on my back, its fully energized and fully fed. i dont see why hes no jumping on, i hav tried everyhing


  3. i want to get a pet but i cant


  4. how do i change my pets bowl to a different color


  5. Heya hf556. I am A PET EXPERT. I want to give ya advice so you can put it on your page. For your pet to become a hopper, get her/his jump to level 4. For your pet to be walker say (example) Cloudy!! make sure she looks at you, then do the move about sit down in your moves bar. After that jump and keep repeating. Finally for you to get your pet to a runner simply take her to the treadmill lots. Also I want to be moderator. Reply to this soon plz.


  6. cool


  7. how do you get your binpets bowl back


  8. do u have to b a tycoon just to buy a hat and get a pet??????/


  9. I want a bin pet but I’m not a tycoon but pet for a day can only be used once is there a glitch where I can get it more than once


  10. i love binweevils when it was old


  11. hey i love bin weevil


  12. This site is really useful thank you so much! xxx


  13. i sold my bin pet bowl by accident. how do i get it back?!?!


  14. my bin pet is starving and I have tried and tried to give it food but he won’t take it. his bowl is full and he keeps saying he is hungry. as you can imagine I am growing to be more and more frustrated because he has food but will not eat it. do you have a possible solution?


  15. i had a bin pet bowl and bed and i haven’t been on bin weevils for a while but when i tried to feed my pet i saw that i did not have a bowl or bd am i able to get another one


  16. 2 or 1 years ago there used to be a glitch where you could go into the sand pit where the bin pets where


  17. will u please help me adopt a pet for a day


  18. thanks all of you im called professor75claw thnx


  19. can u give a tycoon code thts reusable so everyone can use it?


  20. why do you have to be a tycoon to have a binpet now a days and not just pay 5000 mulch for one can you put it back to that ever so please i like binweevils but it makes me sad i cant get one it would be a pleasure and many non-tycoon would appreciate it


  21. how can u get a bin pet for free


  22. how do i become a member


  23. I have seen that the safari has a notice on it saying Open 2014, it is 2014 now and it still isn’t open, could you tell me why it isn’t open and when it will be open. Please.:)


  24. Hf, I think you should update this page A Bin Pet costs 5000 Mulch now not 500 :)


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