Puzzle Answers


Hello Bin Weevils!

In my opinion, puzzles are a great way to test your minds strategy and see how well you can complete it. However, I appreciate it’s not nice to strain your brain at stuff like puzzles and it can get a bit frustrating.

That’s why, here at Bin Weevil Company, we take pride in helping you solve tough puzzles.

Wordsearch And Crossword Place

To enter the Wordsearch and Crossword area, you will have to Weevil over to Flem Manor, go inside it and click the first door on the left. You will then be taken to the room which is in the image above.

Crossword AnswerWordsearch Answer

  1. i did them all without answers


  2. I’d recommend you contact help@binweevils.com, they’ll be able to assist you further.


  3. I love Bin Weevils but I think it needs some updates.Such as I think that there needs to be more ways to get mulch and dosh,the reason that i think this is because I would like to get a plaza but because i can barely get any mulch,I cant get a plaza even if i play lots of games,I don’t spend a lot of mulch and i just think its really annoying. .I also think that we should have more time on the daily brain strain because otherwise its annoying because we don’t get much xp or mulch. I think that there should be more places to go and it needs more games like Sinks Ships or Rum’s Luggage Rummage. What i’m not so sure about is why everything is so so so soooooooooo
    Anyway, I still absolutely love it if you could just make a few of my changes I would be so thankful!
    So that you all definately know that i love bin weevils…


    Kind regards

    (One of the new Bin Tycoons)


    • We love it too, Hope you have a nice time being a Bin Tycoon, Its really fun and great. Thanks for your long comment.


  4. Hi I’m new to this website


  5. can we have crossword answers.


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