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Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Gardens are one of the most useful features to help you level up and to make it look pretty with a vibrant range of plants. Here, we have tips for your Bin Garden, questions answered by Tabet and so much more!

Planting in your Bin Garden

You should try to place all your plants as close to the edge as possible – that way, you can fit more in!


Bin Garden Tips

Tip 1: Choose carefully what plants you buy! Some plants will give you lots of Mulch and others will give you lots of XP.

Tip 2: Buy plants that take the same amount of time to grow. You wouldn’t want a Red Rose and a Blue Tulip as there’s a long time difference between them!

Tip 3: Take down your fence before you plant as there will be more space. You can put it back up afterwards.

Tip 4: Don’t plant randomly in your Bin Garden – this will cause you to loose space. Instead plant in rows.

Tip 4. Each time you plant a plant, you will earn one XP – therefore, if you plant 50 plants, you will earn 50 bonus XP!

Tip 5. As soon as you’ve harvested your plants, plant another batch. If you plant Red Roses, you should be able to harvest at least seven times a day!

Tip 6. Don’t let your plants die. If you let your plants die, you won’t get any Mulch or XP at all. So make a timer for the duration of how long the plant will take to grow. Obviously if it takes six hours, there’s no point, but if you plant something that takes two hours, you could do a timer for that.

Tip 7: If your a Bin Tycoon, why not expand your Bin Garden? The bigger it is, the more plants you will be able to plant and harvest, and the more Mulch and XP you will be able to earn!


This is from the Bin Weevils Magazine. Weevils used to be able to invite Mudd to view their gardens and the best ones would be featured!

Your Bin Garden Questions Answered by Tabet

Question: “I’m rich in Bin Weevils, so I don’t care about the Mulch I get. Which plants should I choose if I want to have a pretty Bin Garden”

Answer: “If you want a really pretty Bin Garden, I would recommend Dancing Daisies or Foxgloves. They’re just so pretty! Don’t you agree?”

foxgloces garden

Question: “I’ve just created a Bin Weevil. What plants will allow me to get lots of Mulch fast?”

Answer: “I’m glad you came to me with that question! I’d recommend Red Roses because if you can get on the computer every two hours and harvest, you’d be rolling in Mulch!”

red roses garden

Question: “I don’t usually get to log onto Bin Weevils. What plants should won’t die?”

Answer: “There’s many trees and statues along the bottom shelf at the garden shop – they never die!”


Growing Plants in Your Bin Garden

Bin Gardens are the best way to earn Mulch and XP. When you very first create a Bin Weevil and enter your Bin Garden, you will find a speedy seed in your my stuff box.

Speedy Seeds are extremely rare plants – they only take 12 minutes to grow! You have to be level 12 to buy a Speedy Seed from the garden shop.

Speedy Seed - Tabet

When your Speedy Seed to grow, you can click it and select harvest – simple! If you don’t want to harvest your Speedy Seed straight away and your on level eight, you can buy a Watering Can from Tab’s Garden Shop, for only 95 Mulch!



After harvesting your speedy seed, why not buy more plants?  Simply click the ‘buy seeds’ sign! We recommend red roses if you’re just starting off.


about bin gardens.PNG

Expanding your Bin Garden



If you wish to expand your Bin Garden, head over to the ‘Garden Plots’ shop inside the Shopping Mall!

Note that this feature is only for Bin Tycoons and when your membership expires, your garden will be reset to it’s default size – don’t worry though, any expansions you bought will return when you renew your membership!

Play Bin Weevils Now Image For Pages 2013


Want to play Bin Weevils now?

Click this picture to go straight to the Bin Weevils login page!

Bin Weevils will open in a new-tab so you can switch between here and Bin Weevils easily!

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