Tink’s Takeover Party 2014

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, where do I even start? This has to of been Bin Weevil Company’s most attended/popular party! We hope you enjoyed the party, the Bin Weevil Company team had a Bin-tastic time today!

Our special VIP arrived at the party. bringing his best Bin Buddy with him… You’ll never guess who the VIP was… it was Tink! The real Tink came to our Bin Weevils party when we asked him to! He also bought Clott along with him, weevily wow, it was definitely amazing!

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We had a great time partying with Tink and Clott in the Binscape! We also had an appearance from Unicron and James, wow! I’m sure the Bin Weevils team also enjoyed themselves at the party.

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The party was definitely popular, I think there must of been at lest more than 25 Weevils at the party! Thank you to everyone who turned up and stay tuned, as Bin Weevil Company will be having more parties in the future!

Do you have any pictures of the party? If so, please comment them below and we’ll be happy to have a look at them! Want to view Bin Weevil Company’s past parites? If so, just click the page named parties.

– hf556

  1. i missed the whole thing! and how does everyone know about the party
    PLEASE DO A 2016 PARTY!!


  2. Make sure you keep us informed with more parties like this! this one was fantastic!!!!!
    Don’t you agree?


  3. i was not there
    I SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. hi like it


  5. love it


  6. Hi I love this page


  7. Great page this party looks amazing! I wish I could go to the party :)


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