Bin Badges


Hello Bin Weevils!

This page was created to explain to viewers the basic function of Bin Badges, the history of them and how to obtain them. If you have any questions or concerns relating to them, feel free to drop me a comment.

Bin Badges were released in January 2013 – to view your Bin Badges, navigate to the bottom of the Bin Weevils screen and click the badge icon next to the smiley face.


There are currently 22 Bin Badges in-total, including the SWS ones – currently they are for (excluding the SWS badges):

  • Joining Bin Weevils
  • Becoming a Bin Tycoon
  • Adopting a Bin Pet
  • Changing your look 50 times
  • Playing for a whole year
  • Spending a certain amount of Mulch
  • Spending a certain amount of Dosh
  • Buying 1000 nest items
  • Collecting 100 hats
  • Buying 5000 seeds
  • Buying a certain amount of garden items
  • Earning 25000 from Lab’s Lab
  • Earning 15+ nest trophies
hf556 almost has all the gold Bin Badges!

hf556 almost has all the gold Bin Badges!

Since the release of Bin Badges in 2013, it’s been questioned many times when new categories are going to be released. Currently, the only two categories are ‘home’ and ‘SWS’. When do you think the new categories will be released?

bin badges binweevils2

Let us know what’s your favourite Bin Badge and why in the comments section below!

  1. My favourite badge is the bin pet badge.i can’t wait till the new badges are released.


  2. its 10 nest trophies not 15 and also its 10000 mulch from labs lab


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