Secret Codes


Hello Bin Weevils!

Secret codes are regularly released by the Bin Weevils team – sometimes by Weekend Puzzle Challenges or in celebration of events, such as Christmas and Easter! It can be a hassle to search through the entire Bin Weevils Blog for secret codes (it would take weeks!), so we’ve compiled all the secret codes into categories below.

After a period of time, most codes unfortunately do expire (unless they’re from a retail product, such as The Official Bin Weevils Guide) – we regularly verify the codes are still working, but if you discover an expired code, we’d be grateful if you could notify us in the comments section!

You can enter the secret codes in the Mystery Code Machine (circled in yellow) outside of Lab's Lab!

You can enter the secret codes in the Mystery Code Machine (circled in yellow) outside of Lab’s Lab or simply click the secret code icon under the chat bar!

Dosh Codes


Mulch Codes

63 – 1000 Mulch

685 – 1000 Mulch

SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch

JET398FRUIT2 – 250 Mulch 

PARTY – 500 Mulch

TYCOONPARTY – 1000 Mulch (Tycoon only)

Mulch and XP Codes

BWTEAM123 – 500 Mulch and 100 XP

Dosh, Mulch and XP Codes

EERIE12 – 2 Dosh, 500 Mulch and 200 XP

XP Codes

NESTY – 200 XP

Mulch and Nest Item Codes


Nest Item Codes

FAW275L9Z3P4 – Bin Pet Wallpaper

325645 – Ink’s Magnifying Glass Statue

986SLD3Z7J – Exploding Bell Jar

16STICKER1026 – Scribbles Wall Sticker

300TINK2PET4KEY – Dosh Jack-in-the-Box Nest

7GREEN1549FLING9 – Dosh’s Top Hat & Monocle Replica

SMK422A8T6Y – Filing Cabinet

TGZ638J9A4Q – Exploding Birthday Cake

321338 – Balloon Blower

TINK57BLUE3DOSH7 – Bunty’s Signed Celebrity Star

RUG18MANOR11KIP7  Bunty’s Backstage VIP Passes

DOSH2APPLE6RED8 – Posh’s Signed Celebrity Star Poster

475BOSH10356BLUE – Lady Wawa Poster

RIGG1016TONG905 – Posh Poster

GONG5HEM12POSH4 – Flip collectors Plaque

5DOTTROTT42WEB – Pirate Flag

923413 – Party Time Bin Pet House

172530334753 – Ink’s Wallpaper

8DRAGON – Gam & Baby Colin Picture

426NEST886 – Nest Inspector Fan Poster

BUGZ3R6D6 – Nest Inspector Mirror

4939123635 – Coat Stand

2SLAM6RAM10CLOTT – Lab’s Magic 8 Ball

TRIGG7324KEMBLUE – Lab’s Workstation

FLAM2840JAM4ROPE – Weevil X Poster

32WHIZZFIGG6PUNT – Flam’s Propeller

GO6COLIN2GLITTER – The Official Guide Wallpaper

CTD95YAG7H7 – Colin the Dragon window

71625126148156 – Pile of Dosh, Mulch Notes and  Coins

SWS4GSFS4WXSBA – Castle Gam Dungeon Door

WELCOME123 – Welcome Sign

MISSYOU123 – Tink and Clott Bed

40MUSHROOMS – SWS Bin Pet trophy

LSFS96ATBL7XTF – Laser WEB shield

RAENERASEIPSBEW – Boat Rucksack (From The SWS Handbook)

381414592592350 – Top Telescope (From The SWS Handbook)

156945293539 – Water Balloon Canon (From The SWS Handbook)

SLAMSJAM – Dance Podium

12POTION – Nest Inspector Holiday Picture (From Best Nest Sticker Book)

TINKNCLOTTROCK14 – Bin Weevils Album 2014 Wallpaper

MAGELTSACYORTSED – Weevil X Gun Floor Lamp

SNOWDAY423 – Mystery Gift (Bin Tycoon only)

HOLLYJOLLYMERRY – Pile of Christmas Presents

BUNNY8963 – Golden Bunny Bot Statue (Bin Tycoon Only)

716602450 – Pinata

FLUTTER5835 – Flutter Big Mirror (Bin Tycoon Only)

Bin Weevils Magazine Codes

LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Bin Weevils Magazine poster Issue #1

9BLUE10FLAG15KIP – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #2

DOSH3PINK6GREEN3 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #3

RIGGRED5HAM7PINK – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #4

DOSH24KEM10CROWN – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #5

519253133 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #6

473235 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #7

7SLIMEDIGG695KIP – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #8

12HOLLYGOSH3110 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #9

12151617 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #10

ZING8BOP6HEM6BED – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #11

CICERO24GLUM1118 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #12

3PINK7TUMDAB11 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #13

725273141 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #14

81626323640 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #15

31343840 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #16

5727333741 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #17

571727293133 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #18

PETS4NOSE723640 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #20

RUGBY313DOSH3 Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #21

FLING3GAM14BUNTY – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #22

BUNTY17GREEN1825 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #23

FLEM8SWORD31895 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #24

LAB93AC2 – Bin Weevils Magazine Poster Issue #25

Garden Codes

BEESCENT13 – Bee Scent Flower

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