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Hello Bin Weevils!

Welcome to Bin Weevil Company, your #1 Bin Weevils source for the best cheats, tips, secrets and more! We have a team of professional authors who work around the clock to keep you updated with what’s happening in the Binscape

We are a unique Bin Weevils fan site, and we can guarantee you won’t find our content or our style of writing on any other website to do with Bin Weevils. In many occasions, we are the first online website to do a detailed post on an update that’s arrived in-game.

Wow, Bin Weevils have been lucky enough to win the Bafta! Kids' Vote three years in a row!

Navigating Bin Weevil Company


The Bin Badges page explains the requirement for each Bin Badge and some extra information about them.


The Bin Weevils Celebrities page showcases all the in-game celebrities who have a weevil.


The Weevil Wheels Track Builder page explains how the track builder at Dirt Valley works.


The Bin Weevils Team page showcases the current staff members who work at Bin Weevils, as well as a description of their role and when their weevil was created.


The Old Bin Weevils team showcases the old Bin Weevils staff members who no-longer work there.


The Bin Bot Combinations page lists the combinations for all the different Bin Bots.


The Garden Help page includes everything you need to know about your Bin Garden, including the best way to plant and tips.


The Bin History page lists the date of every major change in Bin Weevils to help you know what’s happened in the past.


The Bin Pets page lists tips and information to help you train your Bin Pet. Who doesn’t love our cute and cuddly little friends?


The Bin Pets Paradise page explains everything you need to know about your Bin Pets favourite hangout!


The Your Bin Pets page is the place for you to comment about your Bin Pet for others to see – why not share a picture also?


The Weevil Slang page lists all the meanings of different abbreviations used on Bin Weevils – don’t worry, they’re not speaking an entirely different language!


The Glitches page lets you know how to perform the most trending glitches in the Binscape! Now you won’t be left asking yourself, “how are they doing that?”


The SWS Help page contains a video walkthrough for all the Secret Weevil Service missions. Note that the WEB are banished from viewing them.


The Secret Codes page lists all the different codes you can enter into the Mystery Code Machine, outside of Lab’s Lab. Who wouldn’t want bonus rewards?


The Puzzle Answer page contains all the answers for the wordsearches and crosswords inside Flem Manor.


The Nest Rooms page showcases all our weevily viewers best nest rooms! Why not submit yours and show it off to everyone?

Bin Weevil Company Authors

Throughout the years Bin Weevil Company has been running, we’ve had a number of authors, who all deserve to have a shoutout (in no specific order) for their spectacular work in making the site what it is today:

In the future, we may add some new authors to Bin Weevil Company to help keep the site updated – the process of how this will work is not yet clear.


Hello, I’m hf556 and I’m the founder and owner of Bin Weevil Company. I work hard to bring you all the latest Bin news. I’m happy to have a conversation with the blog viewers, just drop a comment below and I’ll reply to it. Have a weevily time in the Binscape and remember to visit Bin Weevil Company again!


Want to play Bin Weevils now?

Click this picture to go straight to the Bin Weevils login page!

Bin Weevils will open in a new-tab so you can switch between here and Bin Weevils easily!

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