Old Bin Weevils Team


Hello Bin Weevils!

This page showcases the old staff members who used to work at Bin Weevils. To view the current Bin Weevils staff members, head over to the Bin Weevils Team page.


This weevil is the head designer at Bin Weevils and according to unicron7022, Gene Simmons works the hardest and is always the first one to arrive at the HQ and the last one to leave.

Gene Simmons was created on the 16th October 2009 at 14:02.


This weevil moderates the magazines that Weevils publish and make sure no content is breaking the Bin Weevils rules.

Gubbins was created on 27th April 2011 at 11:45.

Picture 2

This weevil is a designer at Bin Weevils and works on the graphics – Nest Sreet, Gong’s Pipenest and the Shopping Mall are a few examples of his brilliant in-game artwork.

Tombalol was created on 19th July 2013 at 7:48.

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