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The Shopping Mall Outside Area Is Move Vibrant!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, I was heading on down to the Shopping Mall to buy the brand-new Nestige nest items, when I suddenly noticed it had been updated! It seems as if the Bin’s top builder Rigg, has been working extra hard all week long to construct this for us!

In my opinion, I absolutely love what Rigg’s done – the Shopping Mall is now much more vibrant, brighter and of course more environmental friendly!

Brand New Shopping Mall

One of the key features in the new Shopping Mall, is the background – I love the idea of being able to see the rest of the Bin areas in the background (for instance, you can see Dosh’s Palace) rather than a plain wall, which we can all admit is pretty boring.

It actually (in my opinion) looks like a shopping plaza in a posh place such as New York, with the big Shopping Mall sign on the building and in general, the orange and yellow colours on it. As well as that, I think the magazines stand looks great, I’m sure you’ll all agree with me Bin Weevils’ graphics are getting better and better by the minute.

However, many are concerned that Bin Weevils isn’t a “bin” of such anymore – I completely disagree, because bin’s don’t have to be dirty! You imagine a bin as a dirty, grimy place, but actually that’s not the case and Bin Weevils are trying to prove that, by adding grass, flowers and trees around the Binscape to encourage us to support the environment we live in.

– hf556


New Update To The Outside Of The Shopping Mall!

Hello Bin Weevils!

New Shopping Mall

Weevily wow, the brand-new Shopping Mall has arrived and it looks absolutely Bin-tastic! It’s more bright now and much more attractive – a very well done Bin Weevils!

A few people were worried that when Bin Weevils started updating places, they would take all the slime away to make it look posh. However, as you can see from the image above, the designers at Bin Weevils have added slime to it, but just upgraded the graphics/quality of it, to make it look more environmental friendly.

We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to leave a comment below!

– hf556

The Bin Weevils Radio Show – Airing Soon!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Fun Kids Radio have teamed up with Bin Weevils to broadcast the all-new Bin Weevils Radio Show for everyone and all.

Be sure to tune in and listen on Saturday & Sunday at 10:00am exactly and will be broadcasting all summer long on the same date and time. There’s fun, excitement and loads of juicy gossip to hear whilst you are listening!


Did you know? The Bin Weevils Radio Show station will be opening very, very soon inside the Shopping Mall – make sure you head on over there and have a listen!

That reminds me, why not go on over to the Fun Kids Radio website and have a listen to what’s on at the moment? I’m sure a tune or two will certainly cheer you up this evening!

– Eddzy

Nest Inspector and Scribbles visited the Binscape!

Hello Bin Weevils!

To celebrate the release of the brand new Hi-Tech nest items, the Nest Inspector took a visit to the Binscape to meet everyone over at the Shopping Mall! I have to say that there was so many people there, it just kept getting busier as more people found out.


Everyone had a long chat with the Nest Inspector himself and it looked like he was really enjoying meeting everyone. It’s great when famous people log in to meet everyone on a Friday, it really kicks off your weekend with piles of excitement!

There was a variety of requests for Scribbles to come on and meet everyone, so the Nest Inspection actually got Scribbles himself to log in to meet everyone! He also bought Doodle with him to meet everyone, it is always best to take your Bin Pet out for a stroll around the Binscape!


As more people began to come running in, we all decided to head on over to Flum’s Fountain where there is a wider space! Eventually, the fun had ended and the Nest Inspector went off to inspect more nests, whilst Scribbles went looking for another scoop that will get you all excited!

Stay tuned for a Hi-Tech issue of Best Nest coming soon to the Weevil Post that will be packed with all sorts of gadget-looking nest rooms. The new items are really bringing all the items to the twenty-first century where everything has upgraded!

– Eddzy

The Great Egg Hunt Has Arrived in the Binscape!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s been a few days now since Bin Weevils revealed the Great Egg Hunt via the advertising screen which you see when you log in or go to places. I am happy to reveal… The Great Egg Hunt has arrived!

To start the hunt, you will need to weevil on over to the Shopping Mall and click the board. Once you click the board inside the Shopping Mall, each egg gives you a clue as to where the eggs are hidden.

Great Egg Hunt Board

I think Bin Weevils have done an amazing job for Easter this year! Weevily wow Bin Tycoons, if you complete the Great Egg Hunt, you’ll receive a special move and some Bin-tastic items!

If some of you are struggling with the hunt, don’t worry, we’ve supplied the hunt answers below! Remember: Why not have a go at solving the hunt before you use our useful hunt answers? *** SPOILER ALERT ***

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope the hunt locations above help you if you’re stuck on the hunt! Once collected all the eggs, as mentioned above, you can get some awesome items! Stay tuned for a post about the special move. The whole team here at Bin Weevil Company hope you have a Bin-tastic Easter Holidays!

– hf556

The Bin-tastic Easter Shop has Opened!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Not long until Easter now and the Bin Weevils team have bought back the Easter Shop, which returns each year! It’s packed full of Bin-tastic Easter nest items for your nest, the Nest Inspector will sure be looking out for the best Easter nest rooms!

The new Easter shop is egg-citing! I’m sure nearly all Bin Weevils will have some Bin-tastic Easter themed nest rooms to show to the Nest Inspector! Remember: the Nest Inspector will put the best ones into Best Nest!


Well, what are you waiting for? Weevil right on over to the Shopping Mall and enter the Easter Shop to get some Easter nest rooms for your nest! Stay tuned for a post, showcasing mine (hf556) and Eddzy’s Easter themed nest room!

Psst… some of the nest items cost two much Dosh? You can enter our 10 Dosh competition, by emailing your Bin Weevils username to! I look forward to receiving your entry.

– hf556

Bin Mystery: A Discovery in the Jungle!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the What’s New Blog:


The story so far… Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Last week, What’s New Blog readers sent in their theories about what might have happened to Scribbles. Tink and Clott are still on the case, searching for clues in the jungle!


Tink and Clott started searching near the place where Blem last saw Scribbles. It wasn’t long before they came to a clearing in the overgrown jungle and spotted their first clue – a pencil!

“This must belong to Scribbles!” gasped Tink.  “But look, there’s something else over there!”

“It’s a toolbox,” said Clott. “And it has Lab’s name on it!  If Lab was here, maybe he saw Scribbles!”

“Let’s go!” shouted Tink. “We’ve got to get back to Lab’s Lab!”

The story continues next week…

– hf556

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Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade has Arrived in the Binscape at Flem Manor!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade has finally opened in the Binscape! Most of you thought it was going to be at Club Fling, but it’s arrived at Flem Manor!

The new Pop-Up Arcade is awesome, you can even play games from the Summer Fair in it! I hope this most explains a bit more to you about the Pop-Up Arcade!

Pop-Up Aracde

The Bin Weevils team have worked really hard on Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade! Here’s a list of the Bin-tastic games that you can play in Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade:

  • Wink’s Pirate Gauntlet
  • Rigg’s Builder
  • Gam’s Cannon
  • Duck Soaker

Two of the games (Gam’s Cannon and Duck Soaker) were also at the Summer Fair! You can check out your Bin Buddies’ score on the games, by clicking the big green sign on the left wall!

I think new games will be coming every week, because it you can vote for your favourite game and it says the least favourite game will get replaced!


I voted for Duck Soaker, because it was my favourite game at the Summer Fair and it still is. I’m keeping my antennas crossed, that the Summer Fair will return this year!

There is a new icon on the Bin Weevils Map, advertising Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade. Here’s a picture of it and a picture of Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade:


I hope this post has helped you with Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade, and if you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to comment them!

Please comments your thoughts about Ram’s Pop-Up Arcade and you might get featured in our Weekly Round-Up post!

– hf556

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Wato8, Gubbins and Times Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was at Flum’s Fountain, with some of my bin buddies, when a moderator suddenly arrived, probably looking for people wearing Pirate hats!


Gubbins was at Flum’s Fountain for about five minutes, then she went offline. I decided to look around the Binscape to see if any other moderators was on, when I met Wato8!


Wato8 has been playing Bin Weevils since 2009. Wow, that’s a long time! I had a look around Wato8’s nest, then he went offline.

I was at the Shopping Mall, to get some new nest items for my Pirate room, when Times, James (the producer of Bin Weevils Ltd) appeared!


If I spot anymore moderators around the Binscape, I will be sure to let you all know!

– hf556

Nest Inspector Asks: Nest Item Themes!

Hello Bin Weevils,

As you may know yesterday the Shopping Mall has just had an update without us even knowing about it.

There has been a lot of updates in Nestco and you can even get your own themed room in the new bundles at Nestco.


As you may know the Nest Inspector is always looking for winning themed nest rooms to go in Best Nest, but today, he is asking something to us that is, have you got a great idea for a new nest item theme?


Did you know? If you make a really good theme room and get gold you may get a chance to get  into Best Nest, which comes out every Tuesday.


To kit out a top nest you will need to make your nest gold-awarding with whatever theme you want. Comment here if you have an idea for a great themed room.

– Tiny Weevil