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Guest Blogger: Alison2005!

Hello Bin Weevils!


If you would like to read Alison2005’s interesting Guest Blogger Review on the return of the missed Ink’s Orange peel, feel free to click here.

You can enter the mystic portal over at Bin Pets Paradise to return to the wonderful and missed Ink’s Orange Peel. It has been rumoured that the portal could take you to other old places, I wonder what they could be…

– Eddzy


Send In Your Guest Blogger Reviews of Ink’s Orange Peel!


Hello Bin Weevils!

Since Scribbles asked people to send in their Bin Weevils fan sites, they have been a lot more social and they’re asking Weevils to write a review on the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog, as a guest blogger. This is because someone suggested to them that they should allow other Weevils to write on the What’s New Blog.

A massive congratulations to lilly-rose5969 & emmen18 who were this weeks winners of the guest blogger, they both reviewed the brand new hi-tech nest items. But the big question is… do you want to be the next guest blogger?


So, if you would like to be the next guest blogger on the What’s New Blog, you’d better start writing it and when you’ve done that, send in your entry to and keep your antennas crossed!

Remember that you can include a picture in your review, maybe it could be a picture of how to time travel back to Ink’s Orange Peel? I’ve sent in my review and I’m hoping that I may be a guest blogger on the What’s New Blog!

– hf556

Guest Bloggers: lilly-rose5969 & emmen18!

Hello Bin Weevils!


If you would like to read lilly-rose5969 and emmen18’s interesting Guest Blogger Reviews on the Hi-Tech nest items, feel free to click here.

You can collect your gadget-like Hi-Tech items over at Nestco today, be sure to keep saving up your Dosh!

– Eddzy

Did You Attend Gam’s Party at Flum’s Fountain?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, what a Bin-tastic party I attended today at Flum’s Fountain, all Bin’s were absolutely packed at Flum’s Fountain! Did you come along and attend Gam’s party? A lot of the Bin Weevils Team members came!

It was like a green parade at Flum’s Fountain, my screen was full of green Weevils! I’ve taken a few pictures for you, so why not take a while to have a look through them? Feel free to share them, just make sure you include credit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I definetly had a weevily great time at Gam’s Party and I’m sure you all did also! Let’s hope Bin Weevils throw another party again, that would be Bin-tastic! Do you have any pictures of the party? If so, why not share them in the comments section below?

We also had a special appearance from the Bin Weevil, Gam! Yes, you heard correctly, Gam made an appearance! And guess what… Gam is a higher level that normal Weevils can get to.. even higher than Scribbles!


Thank you to Eddzy for supplying the image above! Did you know? Bin Weevil Company are having our own party on Bin Weevils tomorrow and it would be highly appreciated if you could pop-along to it! Click HERE for the party details.

– hf556

Scribbles Asks: Mystery Crates Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Scribbles was busy looking for the next scoop with Doodle but as he approached the bush, over it he could see the Nest Inspector standing next to a pile of Mystery Crates that were in different crates and sizes!

Those crates were labelled with the word, Nestco which probably means that it is something to do with another big nest item that is arriving to that very shop soon.


What he was rather curious about was not only what is hiding inside those crates but also why the Nest Inspector didn’t tell anyone about them.

After, the two mischiefs named Tink and Clott arrived to help move the crates in direction to the Shopping Mall which Nestco is located in. Scribbles went running after then until suddenly something shiny caught his eye…


This strange gadget seems like a radio dish that is part of some sort of control system according to Zing, an expert of all the weird and wonderful gadgets that are found and also used around the Binscape.

What do you think this could be and could it have fallen out of a crate? Leave your weevily thoughts in the comments area below and tell us what you think.

– Eddzy

Tink, Clott, James, Scribbles and Much More Spotted

Hello Bin Weevils,

Its been a really great day for the Bin Weevils team and guess what, I met every single Bin Weevils team member you could think of. We had a really egg-citing day today because 2 very rare people called Tink and Clott made there first ever appearance in 2 years. Here are some pictures.


This is when Tink made a funny surprise behind my back. I was so jumping around the room since its my first time ever seeing them both.


Getting a little bit more crowded, Clott appeared what was the greatest thing of my life since he is my best Bin Weevils team member.


An hour before, Scribbles, Bipolarise, Roots and Gene made a surprise come back to all players since they tricked us coming into the Bin. James also visited the Bin as you can see from the above image.

– Tiny-Weevil

Bin Weevil Company Easter Egg Hunt – Coming Soon!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here at Bin Weevil Company, we’re definitely getting into the Easter spirit! We’ve already uploaded a brand new Easter header, which you’ll probably have already noticed and soon we’ll have an Easter background!

Each day at 5pm, the Easter Egg will be removed and a new one will be put on the site (on a random page) at 12pm the next day. Each Easter Egg has a letter written on it, so make sure to write it down!


Wow, looks like Scribbles is well aware that we are hosting our very own Easter Egg hunt! As mentioned in Scribbles note above, on the 12 April, we will hide an Easter Egg on one of the pages on this site!

Stay tuned for many more Easter events coming to Bin Weevil Company, we’re definitely getting into the Easter spirit! The Easter party should also be arriving on Bin Weevils very soon and we’ll be one of the first to report about it!

– hf556

Bin Mystery: Scribbles’ Major Scoop!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


The story so far… Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Readers sent in their theories about where Scribbles had gone, but then Tink & Clott found some more clues that pointed to Lab’s Lab! When Tink & Clott headed back to the mainland, they were surprised to discover that Scribbles was back with a Bin-tastic tale to tell!


Tink & Clott listened as Scribbles continued his tale…

“It was almost nightfall,” Scribbles was saying. “But just as I realised that I’d finally reached the secret location in Slosh’s maps, I suddenly heard a noise just ahead of me. I froze and hid behind some bushes. What if it was… the WEB?”

“I peered through the leaves, and to my relief, I saw that it was Lab working in the clearing! His supplies, notes, maps and books were spread out all around him. There was a small hole in the ground where he’d dug down to find a wooden chest, and now the chest was glowing with eerie light! I knew at once that he must have found the Gems.”

“Scribbles!” gasped Tink. “What happened next?”


“Well,” said Scribbles, “it wasn’t just the wooden chest that was glowing. There was another glow over to the right. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but then it came into focus. An astonishing machine, shining so brightly that I had to look away.  It was the Time Machine, and Lab was about to use it!”

“Lab picked up the wooden chest with the Gems inside and bundled it under his arm, and I could see him tinkering with something around the back of the contraption. I watched him for a few minutes until he climbed inside. The Time Machine started to rattle and shake… it let out a high whistle, like a tea kettle.  And then – in a puff of smoke – it vanished!”

“No way!” breathed Clott. “WHOA!”


“I walked into the clearing and looked around. There was nothing there except Lab’s toolbox and some of his papers.  I couldn’t believe my own eyes!”

“I sat down on the ground and started picking up the notebooks that Lab had left behind, wondering if he would ever be back to collect them. Would he disappear forever just like Great-Uncle Slosh?”

“I’d barely picked up the last piece of paper when there was a loud POP! behind me. Lab’s Time Machine had reappeared, and Lab bounded out, grinning wildly.  “I did it!  I did it!” he shouted.  “I’ve really been to the PAST!  And I have pictures to prove it…”

The exclusive pictures of Lab’s journey to the past will be published in Issue #25 of Bin Weevils Magazine, in stores NEXT WEEK!

– hf556

Bin Mystery: The Reporter Returns!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


The story so far… Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Readers sent in their theories about where Scribbles had gone, but then Tink & Clott found some more clues that pointed to Lab’s Lab!


And then… Tink and Clott were on their way to Lab’s Lab to follow up on their latest lead, when they noticed a crowd gathering around Flem Manor.  “It’s Scribbles!” someone shouted. “Scribbles is BACK!”

“No way!” shouted Clott. The two pals broke into a run and pushed their way past the crowd into the Editor’s Office. Sure enough, there was Scribbles, safe and sound!

“Scribbles!” gasped Tink, hugging his long-lost friend. “Where in the Bin have you been?”

“It’s a long story,” said Scribbles. “We’d better discuss it over a Bin Burger!”


A short time later, the buddies were chowing down on some delicious food, and Scribbles began his tale.

“It all started with a theory,” Scribbles explained. “Long ago, before his disappearance, Great-Uncle Slosh was working on a Time Machine. And more recently, our very own barmy brainbox, Lab, was working on a similar invention.”

“I learned that Lab had been doing some research. He was reading all of Great-Uncle Slosh’s books. So I went to Flem Manor Library and checked out the same books!”

“The most intriguing thing I found in one of the books was a map. It seemed to point to a location in the islands. So, being the super sleuth I am, I decided to investigate by going there myself! Could the map really lead me to the Gems of Power described in Slosh’s book?”


With some help from my friends, I reached the secret location. It was quite a trek through the jungle to find it, and for a long time I thought I was lost. But then I finally came upon the exact spot…and to my surprise, somebody else was already there!”

The story continues next week…

What do you think Scribbles found at the secret location? Who do you think was already there?

– hf556

What do you think about the Whole ‘Scribbles Missing’ Thing?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Over a month ago, Bin Weevils introduced a new thing called ‘Scribbles Missing’. Instead of us getting our normal Weevil Weekly, Tink and Clott are on a quest to find Scribbles.

We have had no Weevil Weekly for over a month now, and this whole ‘Scribbles Missing’ thing doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere at-all!


Tink and Clott recently  discovered Lab’s toolbox at an island at Mulch Island.

Please click HERE to view all the ‘Scribbles Missing’ posts from the What’s New Blog.

I would like to know what you think about this whole ‘Scribbles Missing’ thing! Do you want your normal Weevil Weekly Round-Up back or do you like the ‘Scribbles Missing’ thing?

I personally just want the normal Weevil Weekly back! I’m really not sure where this whole ‘Scribbles Missing’ thing is going and lots of players are leaving Bin Weevils!

– hf556