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BRAND NEW Rum’s Airport 1/2

Hello Bin Weevils!

Ever since the extraordinary ‘what’s coming in January’ post on the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog, loads of you haven’t stopped buzzing about the new blingin’ Rum’s Airport which was announced! I too couldn’t wait for it to be released!

I’m now weevily excited to announce the new Rum’s Airport has arrived in style!

New Rum's

As you can see, the Bin Weevils team haven’t only given Rum’s Airport a Bin-tastic update, they’ve also updated the outside of it (which I call Rum’s Cove) an absolutely superb update! In my honest opinion, I absolutely love what Bin Weevils have done. I think the whole area looks more fresh and the mix of the colours create a really vibrant theme. The Rum’s Airport sign stands out rapidly also.

Some people may disagree with me and say the new update wasn’t needed – they may also say Bin Weevils haven’t needed to update the areas, and I respect your opinion. However sometimes it’s good for a change and I’m sure you can all agree having the same thing for ages can become boring.

As you can see, Bin Weevils graphics have rapidly improved since the previous Rum’s Cove:

Old Rum's Cove

Stay tuned for a part two about the brand-new inside of Rum’s Airport!

– hf556


Bin Weevils Staff: Maybee Spotted

Hello Bin Weevils,

Today, Maybee was at Flum’s Fountain and soon went over to Rums Airport. She was chatting to us about What is happening to slams and what she said is that its only coming for party’s at this moment of time! Maybee was also chatting about future stuff like Updated Player cards!



Maybee is a Lovely Bin Weevils Player. To learn more about Maybee, Head over to the Bin Weevils Team page ASAP

Thanks for reading!

– TiNy Weevil

P.S: We are sorry for the lack of posting, Best Nest Reviews will be back on Catch up tomorrow by me then Meep shall be back next week. Hf556 is also busy and shall be posting this wekend


jellydisco21 Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Later on today, me or one of the Bin Weevil Company team members will be posting about Rums Airport update! So lets get started, I just got back from school and saw Jelldisco hanging around. I could not talk to her as she was passing by quickly and I quickly got a screenshot! Check below!

Jellydisco spotted!


Weevil wow, Jellydisco spotted! He is a very rare mod in Bin Weevils so there will be not many posts based on him!

– TiNy weevil


February Highlights: Bin Weevil Company Exclusive #6

Hello Bin Weevils,

Wow, We are already in the second month of 2015! Its now February and this has got to be my best month on Bin Weevils because its my Bin Pets birthday on the 6th February and its just an exciting month! In today’s post I will be posting the Highlights as well as the new Rums Airport sneak peak.



Moving on to the Second part of the post. I usually do this post in a separate one called Bin Weevil Company exclusive but as its related to this post I just thought I write it to you! Here at Bin Weevil Company we would like to ask you how much you like the New Rums Airport. Here is a picture below!



Send us a comment below of what you like about the new Rums Airport, I am sure we will be posting it when its out!

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 Free Nest Item!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Head to the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 area to pick up a brand new ‘Steve the Monkey’ nest item!

You can fly to the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 area from Rum’s Airport or why not click one of the four ‘foodimals’ now hanging around the Binscape to go straight there!

– hf556

Rum’s Airport Problems!

Hey Weevils!

When the amazing Teksta Space Jump released at Rum’s Airport their were some mistakes left behind at Rum’s Airport!


Please comment yours thoughts about this error. Do you think Bin Weevils will fix this or what?

– Eddzy