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BBC News: Asia Pane Crash #RIP #RespectOnline

Hello Bin Weevils

The Reason why I am doing this post what is not related to Bin Weevils but is very upsetting and Me and hf556 think that we need to share it out to the world as people need to pay respect to this horrific accident happened last night (early in the morning for asia). *If any of this stuff upsets you there is help online to make you understand better*

What happened this morning is that a plane lost control and sadly has killed 27 People in Asia.

At least 15 people have been pulled out alive, with 18 still missing.

Television footage showed some passengers wading clear of the sunken wreckage and a toddler being pulled out alive by rescuers. Shown in the video above, There is a baby who has been in the accident and as lucky alive but is really in danger!

I would like to thanks BBC News for posting this, this morning and I am sharing this hard work here today!

– TiNy Weevil

#RIP #RestInPeace #PrayForTheBest