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Pet Studio now Open! Design Your Bin Pets Picture!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

Yesterday, Eddzy posted about Bin Pet Paradise being open. Well, you may of noticed in one of the images, it said “Pet Studio – Coming Soon” Well, Pet Studio opened sometime, last night!

Pet Studio

When you enter Pet Studio, your Bin Pet will be on the right, and there will be categories on the left. I find the Bin Pets are quite cute, when they are close up.

Pet Studio - Inside

The categories are well, category. If you wanted to give your Bin Pet a hat, you would have to click the hat category. You do have the option to buy things for your Bin Pet, as well.

Pet Studio - Clothes

As you can see from above, I  have changed my Bin Pets design, I think it looks pretty awesome on him! If you are happy with your design, click the camera icon, and click the tick.

Bin Pet lol

You will then need to click the purple profile icon, and then, done! That will be your new Bin Pet picture! You can change it, anytime you want to.

– hf556