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Bin Weevil Company Speaks on Paris Attacks

Hello Bin Weevils!

The world was shocked last night as it emerged that terror group ‘Islamic State’ used violence (guns and explosives) against innocent civilians in France, supposedly to get revenge for the recent drone strikes.

During the crisis, France declared a state of warning and closed their borders to prevent anyone entering/leaving. It’s now believed more than 100 have lost their lives and hundreds more injured.

Following this dreadful event, the French president François Hollande has declared three days of mourning to remember those affected by this heartbreaking event. In addition David Cameron has chaired a COBRA meeting and London is currently on high alert.

Bin Weevil Company ask that you stay safe and if you see/hear anything suspicious, do make sure you inform your local authority. We hope another catastrophe like this won’t happen again.

May all our thoughts and prayers be with the victims and their families.

– hf556