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Bin Weevils Staff: Maybee Spotted

Hello Bin Weevils,

Today, Maybee was at Flum’s Fountain and soon went over to Rums Airport. She was chatting to us about What is happening to slams and what she said is that its only coming for party’s at this moment of time! Maybee was also chatting about future stuff like Updated Player cards!



Maybee is a Lovely Bin Weevils Player. To learn more about Maybee, Head over to the Bin Weevils Team page ASAP

Thanks for reading!

– TiNy Weevil

P.S: We are sorry for the lack of posting, Best Nest Reviews will be back on Catch up tomorrow by me then Meep shall be back next week. Hf556 is also busy and shall be posting this wekend