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Dott Asks: Your Best GymPet Tips!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Saturday is the busiest day at GymPet! So many Bin Pets are ready to warm up and try to topple their high scores on all the games. Time to break a sweat!

Dott makes sure that all the pets at the Bin Pet Shop keep fit while they’re waiting for their new homes. She brings them all over to GymPet early on Saturday mornings for a workout, and they need your top tips!


Bin Pet owners, do you have any awesome advice about Aerobics, Weights or the Treadmill?

– tinybws


Scribbles Asks: GymPet Tips

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


My Bin Pet, Doodle, has been breaking a sweat at GymPet and getting super fit! He loves running on the treadmill, lifting weights and showing off his expert dance moves in the Aerobics room…but he’s always trying to get an even better score! Have you got any top tips to share?


How does your Bin Pet get a top score? What’s your pet’s favourite game? Tell me below!

– Eddzy

Weevil Weekly Round-Up #220

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Happy Friday! Scribbles here, with lots of exciting news to report! Luckily, it just happens to be time for my Weevil Weekly Round-Up post and I’ll have all the juicy stories for you right here.

Write me your comments all week long for a chance to be featured in the next Weevil Weekly Round-Up, and I’ll send you a shiny gold Scribbles Trophy for your nest if I choose your comment.  You can leave your thoughts on all What’s New Blog posts that ask for your comments!


Have you checked out the brand new dance tracks that Gong added to GymPet this week? Looks like Gong has major plans for Bin Pet fitness this year! There’s even an EXPERT level track, so if your Bin Pet’s dancing skills are tip-top, you’re going to love this new challenge.

Pick up your Bin Pet and head over to Bin Pets Paradise now and start working your way up those leaderboards!


Woo hoo! Dance Fever is coming to the Bin! Each week, Bin Tycoons will collect a  brand new dance-themed nest item to build a Dance Fever room right in their  nest!  But it looks like there’s more to this than meets the  eye…because our busy builder, Rigg, was spotted entering Club Fling  with an armload of plans…

What are Rigg and Fling up to  inside Club Fling? Leave me your theories in the comments at the bottom  of this post, and I’ll try to get an interview with both of them soon to  get the scoop!


It’s the final weekend to stock up on high-level nest items from the Shopping Mall. The  Level-Free Shopping Spree ends soon, but for a limited time, the levels in the shops have disappeared. You can get any item RIGHT NOW no matter what level you’re at, so don’t miss out!

Pssst! Are you a fashionista who would prefer some deals on looking good? Word has it that Hem has a special sale coming up at Hem’s Hats next week! Brim-tastic!


Meet me in the Binscape and you could see your picture in this space!  If you see me wandering around, don’t be shy, say hello and I might even visit your nest! (I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.)


Last week, I asked my readers about their nest decorating tips! Here are a few of my favourites:

flamingfire75: A nest needs to be eye-catching. Try setting a scene like Dosh’s Palace for a great effect.


QueenHipster: A great way to customise your nest is to add pictures of yourself and your buddies, so your nest becomes really personal!

MissPink96: Have a unique sense of style and items that reflect your own personality! Use your favourite colours on the walls to brighten them up.

hrrya487: What makes a great room is spotlights! They highlight trophies and pictures and they light up the room!

lilly-rose5969: Add a trophy to a room that may be related to that trophy (eg. putting the doughnut trophy into the kitchen!)

Thanks, guys! Those are some Bin-tastic tips! I’m sure the Nest Inspector would approve. Stay tuned for some nest tips from the Nest Inspector himself coming up next week.

Keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured.

– hf556

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NEW GymPet Aerobics Tracks!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Have you popped into GymPet lately to give your Bin Pet a workout?


Gong has added two brand-new tracks to the Aerobics room… including a double-difficult EXPERT level track! Is your pet fit enough to take on the challenge?

– Eddzy

New Tracks at GymPet!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was at GymPet, to see if the Christmas tracks had gone, when I saw two new tracks!

GymPet New Trakcs

Make sure to weevil over to GymPet and try out these new tracks! Do you want to review these new tracks for us? Comment below if you do!

– hf556

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Weevil Weekly Round-Up #218

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Hey, weevily pals! Hope you all had a Bin-tastic Christmas with your friends and family!

It’s sure been a mad week, but the Bin’s best reporter (that’s me, Scribbles!) managed to squeeze in a quick interview with Gong about the big opening of GymPet. Read on to find out what Gong had to say, then collect two FREE nest items as an extra gift from me to you!


Hey Gong! It must have been a busy holiday for you, with the grand opening of GymPet happening just before Christmas!

That’s right, Scribbles. But I just love the buzz of the holidays. I have even more energy than usual, which is a whole LOT!

Your super-fit Bin Pet helped you design some of the activities inside GymPet. How do you keep your pet so fit?

Well, I make sure to train him every day – playing fetch and dancing in the Aerobics room are his favourite workouts. I also make sure to feed him regularly so he gets all the vitamins he needs to stay strong!  And I give him lots of praise and encouragement. A happy Bin Pet will train much better!


Great tips, Gong! So, when you do your own fitness training, do you take your pet with you?

Yup, I sure do!  Bin Pets are copycats – they like to do everything you do. Try jumping up and down while your pet’s in front of you. Your pet will mimic your move!  When you stretch up on your toes and do a ‘stand up’ move, your pet will repeat that, too. This mimic training helps your pet unlock new types of movements!

Wow! I’ll have to try that with my pet, Doodle! So, what’s in the future for GymPet in 2014?

First up, I’m going to get some more music tracks for the Aerobics studio. I’ve had a lot of requests for different kinds of music from pets and owners, so I’ll try to get some wicked new tunes in there soon.

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the interview, Gong!

No problem. I’ll be seeing you and Doodle at GymPet!


Want a Bin-tastic winter poster for your nest? It’s just the thing to chase away the post-Christmas blues, and it’s FREE to collect for all my readers!

Pick up your poster at Lab’s Lab now by entering the code SCRIBSNOWY in the Mystery Code Machine.

Read on for a bonus puzzle to solve. If you can crack it, you’ll earn a code to claim a SECOND free item!


Next week, I’ll be back with your regular Weevil Weekly Round-Up including comments from YOU, the Fan Cam and an extra-special reveal about what’s coming up in the New Year!

Enjoy the holidays!


– Eddzy

GymPet has had a Massive Update!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

GymPet has just had an update! You now enter a room when you go into it, rather than just a screen. Here’s a picture:


In the left door, it’s really awesome! It’s a running machine, and your Bin Pet goes on it, and you have to jump over things, and duck under things.

In the next game, it’s very good for English and Spelling. You have to type the words that you see.

Don’t worry, the tracks haven’t gone. In the very first image, you should see a little door. You have to click that, to see the tracks.

– hf556