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Mystery Code For Smyths Toy Shop Wallpaper + Information About Tabet!

Bin Weevils Code For Smyths Toy Shop Wallpaper


I’m Tabet and if you don’t already know me, I’m the gardening expert, over here at Bin Weevil Company and I run the gardens help page, have you visited it yet?

Do you all have a green thumb? Haha, not literally, because that would just be strange, imagine a green thumb…

Yep, you’re wondering why I’m writing a post here and why I’ve stuck an image of the Smyths Toy Wallpaper at the top of the post, aren’t you all? Let me explain… I now really like designing nests, but I still have my green thumb!

This means.. I am now the official garden and nest expert here on Bin Weevil Company and I’ll be bringing you all the latest wacky codes on the awesome (agree with me, it’s awesome?) game of Bin Weevils.

To claim your free Smyths Toy Store wallpaper on Bin Weevils, weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine, and I don’t need to explain where it is, because that just takes up time…, and enter the following code.. wait, any guesses on what it is? No? Okay, here’s the code you need to enter to get the wallpaper?

!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SMYTHS2012 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<!

I’m sure you’re well aware you can get more codes (you know something surprising, they’re all unique..) on our secret codes page.

Your Gardening AND Nest Exert, Tabet xD