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February Highlights: Bin Weevil Company Exclusive #6

Hello Bin Weevils,

Wow, We are already in the second month of 2015! Its now February and this has got to be my best month on Bin Weevils because its my Bin Pets birthday on the 6th February and its just an exciting month! In today’s post I will be posting the Highlights as well as the new Rums Airport sneak peak.



Moving on to the Second part of the post. I usually do this post in a separate one called Bin Weevil Company exclusive but as its related to this post I just thought I write it to you! Here at Bin Weevil Company we would like to ask you how much you like the New Rums Airport. Here is a picture below!



Send us a comment below of what you like about the new Rums Airport, I am sure we will be posting it when its out!