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Bin Weevils Staff: Plazas Open!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Amazing news, Today Bin Weevils staff opened the plazas to there nest. I got a good sneak peak firstly on my own when I was going to my buds plaza but I changed my mind and saw MagicPurpleBee’s nest open! Awesome!

Dana open


About 10 minutes later, someone spotted that Drewbian opened his plaza, I got quite shocked myself because they have never done this before but now they are starting to do this!



Thanks for reading this update post about Moderators nest being open,

– TiNy Weevil


Happy Birthday @drewbianBW From Bin Weevil Company!

Hello Bin Weevils!

If you do not already know, staff member at Bin Weevils, drewbian, celebrated his birthday yesterday and here at Bin Weevil Company, we want to say happy birthday!

Drewbian Message

We have some birthday messages that we would like to share with Drew:

Happy Birthday Drew – From Chip!

Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a fantastic birthday! Hope the Jelly Kingdom comes one day! – From Firexlxlxl

Happy birthday! I hope you’re cake has some jelly in! If not then we might have to steal some of Scribbles leftover slices! – From Spidy

I wish you a jelly-tastic birthday drew, have a good one – From Tiny-Weevil

– hf556

Gam, Drewbian and NEST_INSPECTOR spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils!

As you may know, it is the week of the Nest Inspector visiting the Binscape and inviting you to his nest. This afternoon for about 15 minutes he didn’t invite Weevils to his nest.

Wondering why? He was hanging out with a few other mods until just-a-nice-guy (drewbian’s other Weevil) said go to the cheese room. So we all rushed there and got some weevily pictures.

Gam Spotted 2014

This is when we found Gam. He was just chatting to drewbian until we all rushed in. He was speaking to us about some new missions and how he completes them (not shown on Bin Badges).


In the corener, Drewbian was soon spotted. Drewbian is known to be just-a-nice-guy aka JellyKing. Drewbian was just speaking us about another staff member coming. Guess who that mod was… the Nest Inspector!

Nest Inspector

The Nest Inspector stopped inviting people to his nest and took his spare time hanging out with us. Thank you Nest Inspector for taking your spare time with us.

– King-Tiny

Is This What We’ve Been Waiting For… Weevil Post Upstairs?

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s almost been a year now since the new Weevil Post arrived in the Binscape and since then, loads of Weevils have been buzzing about the upstairs of Weevil Post and I have some exciting news for you…

The upstairs of Weevil Post is coming soon, I think before the end of this month! Are you weevily excited? I definitely am! But where’s the proof that Weevil Post is coming very soon, how do you know we here at Bin Weevil Company aren’t making the whole thing up? Bin Weevils recently tweeted this:


We yet again get another sneak peek of the forthcoming upstairs of the Weevil Post but this time we get to see even more…

The floor is exactly the same as the floor in Weevil Post and unicron7022 and drewbian have been spotted at Weevil Post.. we think they’re working on the new Weevl Post!

When we get more information on this, we’ll be sure to be one of the first Bin Weevils fan sites to post about it! But for now, remember to fall in and flip out, have a weevily Thursday in the Binscape!

– hf556

Tombalol & Drewbian Spotted and Mulch Tastic having an Update!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I thought that I should go and collect today’s ticket from the Mulch Tastic machine, but as I was going to do that, I noticed that tombalol and drewbian were hanging out there.

It took some time for him to come out from Mulch Tastic but he eventually came out to reveal some secret information that was rather interesting. He told us that Mulch Tastic may be having an update in the future!


We will reveal more as we get it but now you know one of the team’s top secret plans that they may be currently working on.

Remember you can go and check out who else is a Bin Weevils Team member by clicking here.

– Eddzy

Bin Weevils Team Spotted at Weevil Post!

Hello Bin Weevils!

As we all know, the Weevil Post is a great place to hang out with your friends so a large variety of Bin Weevils Team members logged in this afternoon to meet and greet everyone! I have to say that this event was absolutely Bin-tastic and I really enjoyed meeting all the team members.

Shockingly, there was also a guest appearance of Big Weevil whom hasn’t been sighted for many years! He just randomly appeared in a large size, in his black hat and his red eyes that made a big entrance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before this event took place, Bipolarise was hanging out with everyone as happy as can be at Flum’s Fountain. I had invited him until suddenly and most surprising went to my actual nest, isn’t that Bin-tastic?

It was a pleasure to show him around my nest as he is a very kind Bin Weevils Team member! He really liked my nest rooms, especially my blue lounge that features my Hi-Tech television!


In another news, it has been announced by Bin Weevils that to celebrate Gam’s Birthday, we are all going to party at Flum’s Fountain on one particular day! You can find more details about this event taking a look at the screen shot of the tweet below:


Did you enjoy meeting these Bin Weevils Team members or are you attending the party on Friday evening? Please feel free to tell us below, all members of the Bin Weevil Company team really enjoyed today!

– Eddzy