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Bin Weevils Mulch Codes For The Mystery Code Machine!

Hey Weevils, Tabet here!

I bet you need a little top-up of Mulch! You want that nest item, but you just don’t have enough Mulch to buy it? Mad at the computer because you don’t have Mulch?

Lucky you, I’ve been doing some research and providing the information from our secret codes page, you can earn 7000 Mulch by entering these codes at Lab’s Lab:


  • 63
  • 685
  • MULCHMAG1120
  • SEA2012
  • WW150MULCH13
  • 291840645570
  • 167HOLIDAY1
  • 25432
  • 3ORANGE14
  • HALL13

I also hear that my pal, the Nest Inspector, is planning something awesome for you for the 100th issue of Best Nest and I can assure you it’s awesome!

You’re probably aware that I’m now the Nest and Garden expert and I need your help in a few days… stay tuned!

– Tabet :)