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Bin Mystery: Scribbles’ Major Scoop!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


The story so far… Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Readers sent in their theories about where Scribbles had gone, but then Tink & Clott found some more clues that pointed to Lab’s Lab! When Tink & Clott headed back to the mainland, they were surprised to discover that Scribbles was back with a Bin-tastic tale to tell!


Tink & Clott listened as Scribbles continued his tale…

“It was almost nightfall,” Scribbles was saying. “But just as I realised that I’d finally reached the secret location in Slosh’s maps, I suddenly heard a noise just ahead of me. I froze and hid behind some bushes. What if it was… the WEB?”

“I peered through the leaves, and to my relief, I saw that it was Lab working in the clearing! His supplies, notes, maps and books were spread out all around him. There was a small hole in the ground where he’d dug down to find a wooden chest, and now the chest was glowing with eerie light! I knew at once that he must have found the Gems.”

“Scribbles!” gasped Tink. “What happened next?”


“Well,” said Scribbles, “it wasn’t just the wooden chest that was glowing. There was another glow over to the right. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but then it came into focus. An astonishing machine, shining so brightly that I had to look away.  It was the Time Machine, and Lab was about to use it!”

“Lab picked up the wooden chest with the Gems inside and bundled it under his arm, and I could see him tinkering with something around the back of the contraption. I watched him for a few minutes until he climbed inside. The Time Machine started to rattle and shake… it let out a high whistle, like a tea kettle.  And then – in a puff of smoke – it vanished!”

“No way!” breathed Clott. “WHOA!”


“I walked into the clearing and looked around. There was nothing there except Lab’s toolbox and some of his papers.  I couldn’t believe my own eyes!”

“I sat down on the ground and started picking up the notebooks that Lab had left behind, wondering if he would ever be back to collect them. Would he disappear forever just like Great-Uncle Slosh?”

“I’d barely picked up the last piece of paper when there was a loud POP! behind me. Lab’s Time Machine had reappeared, and Lab bounded out, grinning wildly.  “I did it!  I did it!” he shouted.  “I’ve really been to the PAST!  And I have pictures to prove it…”

The exclusive pictures of Lab’s journey to the past will be published in Issue #25 of Bin Weevils Magazine, in stores NEXT WEEK!

– hf556


Bin Mystery: The Reporter Returns!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


The story so far… Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Readers sent in their theories about where Scribbles had gone, but then Tink & Clott found some more clues that pointed to Lab’s Lab!


And then… Tink and Clott were on their way to Lab’s Lab to follow up on their latest lead, when they noticed a crowd gathering around Flem Manor.  “It’s Scribbles!” someone shouted. “Scribbles is BACK!”

“No way!” shouted Clott. The two pals broke into a run and pushed their way past the crowd into the Editor’s Office. Sure enough, there was Scribbles, safe and sound!

“Scribbles!” gasped Tink, hugging his long-lost friend. “Where in the Bin have you been?”

“It’s a long story,” said Scribbles. “We’d better discuss it over a Bin Burger!”


A short time later, the buddies were chowing down on some delicious food, and Scribbles began his tale.

“It all started with a theory,” Scribbles explained. “Long ago, before his disappearance, Great-Uncle Slosh was working on a Time Machine. And more recently, our very own barmy brainbox, Lab, was working on a similar invention.”

“I learned that Lab had been doing some research. He was reading all of Great-Uncle Slosh’s books. So I went to Flem Manor Library and checked out the same books!”

“The most intriguing thing I found in one of the books was a map. It seemed to point to a location in the islands. So, being the super sleuth I am, I decided to investigate by going there myself! Could the map really lead me to the Gems of Power described in Slosh’s book?”


With some help from my friends, I reached the secret location. It was quite a trek through the jungle to find it, and for a long time I thought I was lost. But then I finally came upon the exact spot…and to my surprise, somebody else was already there!”

The story continues next week…

What do you think Scribbles found at the secret location? Who do you think was already there?

– hf556

Bin Mystery: A Discovery in the Jungle!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the What’s New Blog:


The story so far… Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Last week, What’s New Blog readers sent in their theories about what might have happened to Scribbles. Tink and Clott are still on the case, searching for clues in the jungle!


Tink and Clott started searching near the place where Blem last saw Scribbles. It wasn’t long before they came to a clearing in the overgrown jungle and spotted their first clue – a pencil!

“This must belong to Scribbles!” gasped Tink.  “But look, there’s something else over there!”

“It’s a toolbox,” said Clott. “And it has Lab’s name on it!  If Lab was here, maybe he saw Scribbles!”

“Let’s go!” shouted Tink. “We’ve got to get back to Lab’s Lab!”

The story continues next week…

– hf556

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NEW: Club Fling VIP room *Guide*

- Weevily wow the new Club Fling/VIP party is out now

– Weevily wow the new Club Fling/VIP party is out now read more of this post to find out more about the new VIP PARTY at the club fling

Hello Bin Weevils!

After a long wait the ALL-NEW Club Fling VIP room is now open and there is a really wicked new move. Below I will be telling you what is going on in the new Club Fling VIP room and what you can do there!

The brand new VIP Stage

Weevily wow, do you want to get your weevily legs on the all new stage at the Club Fling VIP room? You can make all new songs and track and even play the wicked drums. Look below at the people playing the instruments.


Get your all-new Disco Fever super antenna Now

A new shiny super antenna is out now. Claim your disco-fever super  antenna today but you need to be a tycoon. Hurry up though because this super antenna is not out for long (when it ends if you have got one then you will sill have it).

Press the 'Click me' to claim your purple super antenna

Press ‘click me’ at the Shopping Mall to claim your disco-fever super antenna!

Brand new Move

Wow, did you know you can now turn into a disco ball for free if you’re a Bin Tycoon?
Special more
Click this little box to claim your special move and then you will have to go to the actions menu and select the disco ball.
Wow, I am shining bright for a bit I didn’t even know Bin Weevils could shine that bright.
Second part of the VIP Room

Now onto the main bit of our guide. In the second part of the VIP room you can finally get your own popcorn. You can also play the all new Smoothie Shack game and relax and  Below I will be showing you the room.

This is awesome comment below if you think it is awesome to.

This is awesome comment below if you think it is awesome to.

New Shoothie Shack Game

As you may know the Smoothie Shack game has been forgotten in the bin BUT now it has had a good makeover and now everyone is playing it. If you go to the  second part of the VIP room and see the play now button you can play the game and here is what it looks like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Change the Club Fling VIP room Theme

Did you know  sit in the disco seat at the Club Fling VIP room, you can change the wicked theme. Lots of different themes you can make it I can tell you it is awesome. To change it you have to do this in the picture.


I hope you learnt a little bit more about the makeover. If you need more help please just contact me or comment and I will see what I can do.

– tinybws

Times Spotted at the New Club Fling!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was at the new Club Fling, sitting on the VIP stage, when I suddenly saw a Bin Weevil, that I recognised, it was times!


Stay tuned, for a post all about the new Club Fling, which should be coming soon!

– hf556

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Roots Spotted at the VIP Club Fling Room!

Hello Bin Weevils!

As you might know the grand opening of the new makeover is finally here. While I was passing through checking it out it was the first time I have saw Roots having fun. Bin Weevil Mods don’t really do as much but roots was really giddy today!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the first time ever, I saw Roots. I’m sure the team are on the look for more Bin Weevils Team members. We are sure to keep you updated.

– Tiny-Weevil

Scribbles Asks: Rigg’s Secret Project!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Im back from my illness now.

This post is from the What’s New Blog 25/01/14


It’s Dance Fever Month and Rigg has been hard at work on some renovations for Club Fling! The Bin’s top builder is hard to track down, especially now that he’s so busy – but I caught up with him while he was on a sandwich break and got the goss!

Scribbles: Hi, Rigg! So, the news is finally out that you’ve been working on secret plans for Fling’s dance club. I know it’s still all under wraps, but what can you tell us?

Rigg: I can’t reveal too much, because Fling wants it to stay a surprise!  But I can tell you that visitors who like to be in the limelight will be in for a big treat!

Scribbles: Sounds exciting! Anything else you can give us? What about the grand opening party?

Rigg: Slam and Fling are taking care of the opening party, and I will tell you this: They’ve got a new special move in store for every guest who attends!  I’ve had a peek at the move and it is…very shiny!


Scribbles: Shiny? A shiny special move? Does this have anything to do with what’s in that Mysterious Crate in the Shopping Mall?

Rigg: Nope! That’s yet another surprise – a nest item delivery for Fling that Tink and Clott dropped in the wrong place!  It’s a bit too heavy to drag it all the way to Club Fling, and the helicopter is off on SWS duty right now – so we’ve decided to leave the crate in the Mall. It’s going to crack open soon…the nest item inside is so powerful that it can’t be contained for much longer!

Scribbles: I can’t wait!  Thanks, Rigg! Good luck!

What kind of nest item do you think is in the Mysterious Crate?  And what’s this about a shiny special move? Any ideas?

– TiNy-weevil

Weevil Weekly Round-Up #220

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Happy Friday! Scribbles here, with lots of exciting news to report! Luckily, it just happens to be time for my Weevil Weekly Round-Up post and I’ll have all the juicy stories for you right here.

Write me your comments all week long for a chance to be featured in the next Weevil Weekly Round-Up, and I’ll send you a shiny gold Scribbles Trophy for your nest if I choose your comment.  You can leave your thoughts on all What’s New Blog posts that ask for your comments!


Have you checked out the brand new dance tracks that Gong added to GymPet this week? Looks like Gong has major plans for Bin Pet fitness this year! There’s even an EXPERT level track, so if your Bin Pet’s dancing skills are tip-top, you’re going to love this new challenge.

Pick up your Bin Pet and head over to Bin Pets Paradise now and start working your way up those leaderboards!


Woo hoo! Dance Fever is coming to the Bin! Each week, Bin Tycoons will collect a  brand new dance-themed nest item to build a Dance Fever room right in their  nest!  But it looks like there’s more to this than meets the  eye…because our busy builder, Rigg, was spotted entering Club Fling  with an armload of plans…

What are Rigg and Fling up to  inside Club Fling? Leave me your theories in the comments at the bottom  of this post, and I’ll try to get an interview with both of them soon to  get the scoop!


It’s the final weekend to stock up on high-level nest items from the Shopping Mall. The  Level-Free Shopping Spree ends soon, but for a limited time, the levels in the shops have disappeared. You can get any item RIGHT NOW no matter what level you’re at, so don’t miss out!

Pssst! Are you a fashionista who would prefer some deals on looking good? Word has it that Hem has a special sale coming up at Hem’s Hats next week! Brim-tastic!


Meet me in the Binscape and you could see your picture in this space!  If you see me wandering around, don’t be shy, say hello and I might even visit your nest! (I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.)


Last week, I asked my readers about their nest decorating tips! Here are a few of my favourites:

flamingfire75: A nest needs to be eye-catching. Try setting a scene like Dosh’s Palace for a great effect.


QueenHipster: A great way to customise your nest is to add pictures of yourself and your buddies, so your nest becomes really personal!

MissPink96: Have a unique sense of style and items that reflect your own personality! Use your favourite colours on the walls to brighten them up.

hrrya487: What makes a great room is spotlights! They highlight trophies and pictures and they light up the room!

lilly-rose5969: Add a trophy to a room that may be related to that trophy (eg. putting the doughnut trophy into the kitchen!)

Thanks, guys! Those are some Bin-tastic tips! I’m sure the Nest Inspector would approve. Stay tuned for some nest tips from the Nest Inspector himself coming up next week.

Keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured.

– hf556

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NEW Song: Slam’s Jam!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog:


Busy Slam is always on the go – when she’s not planning the next big party in the Bin, she’s spinning her favourite tunes from the DJ booth and keeping everyone on the dance floor entertained.  We’re so glad she found time to record her own track for the Bin Tunes album – a Bin-tastic rap that’s guaranteed to get your feet moving! 

Slam’s tune is the last track to be released as a sneak peek…and you know what that means. The album is almost here! If you can’t wait to get your feelers on Bin Tunes, you can now bop around to a clip of every single track inside Club Fling.

Don’t forget to pick up all your collectible music stickers! The first time you listen to each track, you’ll unlock a FREE Bin Tunes nest item!


DID YOU KNOW? Slam’s planning a Bin-tastic party when the album comes out!  We’re so proud to feature lyrics from our fans on the album (plus a music video directed by four lucky fans coming soon!) and we want to throw a party for EVERYBODY to celebrate.  Stay tuned for details…

Check out the full track listing on Our second single, So Much Better With Two, is on the way!

Let us know what you think about the new track, Slam’s Jam, in the comments below!

– hf556

Bin Tunes: Slam’s turning up the jam!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog:


Weevily wow, the excitement is building! The final song from the Bin Tunes Album is about to be unleashed into Club Fling on Monday, and it’s the jam master herself who’s behind it – DJ Slam! After all her hard work mixing the beats for the entire album, Slam’s laid down a track of her own with a brilliant rap. She’s on fire!


Lucky Scribbles grabbed a few minutes with the busy DJ and got the scoop on her superstar activities. He even got to hear a sneak peek of the track, and he tells us it’s her best work yet. You’ll get to hear it for yourself inside Club Fling on Monday, so don’t forget to tune in!


Check out the Bin Tunes track listing at, and keep an eye out for the winners of the Bin Tunes Animate It Music Video Competition to be announced soon! Bin Tunes is YOUR album, and four of our lucky fans are about to help direct the next Bin Weevils Music Video.   Plus, you can hear some weevily wicked lyrics written by our fans on the album!

– hf556