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Bin Mystery: Following the Trail

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the Friday post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog


Scribbles was last spotted at the Club Fling VIP party before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then got Flam to give him a lift to Mulch Island! But where did he go next?

Tink and Clott asked Flam to fly them to the island too, and drop them off at the exact spot where she left Scribbles. “This part of Mulch Island is dangerous territory, but we’re SWS agents,” said Tink. “It’s our duty to investigate!”

When the three of them landed on the beach, Tink and Clott looked around cautiously.

“Look! There’s a boat over there! It could be the WEB!” warned Tink in a whisper. “Stay alert, everyone!”


“Stay alert for what?” said a voice from nearby, making all three of them jump. It was Blem, sitting on a large rock and calmly casting a fishing line into the sea.  “That’s just my little old boat, nothing to worry about!”

“You gave us a fright, Blem!” squealed Clott. “Yikes! We’re looking for Scribbles. He’s missing!”

“Scribbles the reporter?” said Blem. “I’ve seen him. He needed a ride to the next island over, so I took him there in the boat.  I think he was searching for something…”


What or who do you think Scribbles was searching for? Where has he gone? Draw a picture of what you think happened next, scan your drawing, and email your competition entry to by Friday, February 28th!

Don’t forget to include your Bin Weevils username. Please ask a parent’s permission to enter the competition and attach a scan of your drawing to the email. You can also include a story about what’s in your drawing. Good luck!

– hf556

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