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Bin Pet Guest Blogger – thevamps2230!

Helllo Bin Weevils!


Snuffles’ favourite place in the Binscape is Gym Pet.  She likes it there because she loves keeping fit and healthy and likes to work out. She also likes it because she loves sport and she would do sport all of the time if she could!

Snuffles’ favourite items would have to be her drum kit, her golden VIP pack, her food bowl, her bed because she loves to sleep and her golden scratching post. In her VIP pack there is a hut that covers her bed and sits on the wall,  a golden mouse toy and juggling balls. All of the items in the VIP pack are golden.

If I were to make a new kind of Bin Pet food, the ingredients in it would be blended chocolate bars with caramel, vanilla ice cream and blueberry flavouring. Snuffles likes chocolate, caramel, vanilla ice cream and blueberry flavouring too!

I hope you liked learning about my bin pet Snuffles!

Guest-Blogger-thevamps2230_02– Tiny-Weevil


Triple XP Weekend – Last Chance!

Hello Bin Weevils!

To kick off the post, I’d like to say a thank you to hf556 for inviting me to re-join Bin Weevil Company. I’m so happy to be back, writing posts!

If you didn’t know already, all Bin Tycoon items sold at Nestco now reward you triple the XP when bought! This is to mark the Bin Tycoon 7 Day Special, but hurry though because it ends tomorrow! Get shopping!!


With this special offer, we are sure that you will level up soon! Make sure you leave a comment below on how many levels you’ve went up, with the Triple XP Weekend offer.

Do you want more codes? For even more XP? Head over to our secret codes page!

– Eddzy

Welcome Tiny-Weevil Back To Bin Weevil Company

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow! Guess who’s back on Bin Weevil Company? That’s right, Tiny-Weevil (me) has returned after a long break! I have been away, because I have been quite busy on games, which I have now moved on from and no longer play, so I decided to come back to blogging! I met up with hf556 and he said I could join this blog once again!

TiNy Weevil

If you are new to Bin Weevil Company and you don’t know much about me, then where have you been! I am Tiny-Weevil aka Achelous and I’m an ex Bin Weevil Company author.. or shall I say returning Bin Weevil Company author! I shall be posting daily I hope you all remember me, goodbye for now.

– Tiny Weevil

My NEW Graphics + Graphics Competition Winner!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Editable here and lately, I have made some graphics. These graphics are A* grade and I have worked very hard on these so please don’t copy them!

racecarTransparent header for Dosh Mania 2 Ltd. Click here to go to Dosh mania to see the transparent header on an actual background. As you can see, I’ve added a earth cartoon picture and placed it in the middle then from Universal Edits, I changed the Weevils’ body and added stroke and a shadow blur.

racecarPeople think this graphic was a hack. It’s actually an edit but I changed the colour of the legs to look like it’s super legs. You can’t get super legs in a weevil changer! (Idea from the doctor999)


Transparent weevil with no body parts (from Universal Edits) I think this was a good graphic to do as I added a special feather hat graphic and light blue and dark blue super legs. Secondly, I transparented my second graphic and added gold weevil legs.

oie_0vrJL2Xxf4wQNext, I done a Dosh Mania after (template from Universal Edits). This graphic is HD and as you can see, I’m added a my weevil head with a red outline. Then I added the Dosh Mania 2 Ltd which is “We post…You Read” which is kinda interesting.


The Bin-scape Weather Forecast & BW Christmas Tree!

Hello Bin Weevils!

There’s allot of snow in the Bin-scape lately, over the map and all over some places but the Bin is going to stop snowing soon but Gams has a hypothesis!

He’s prediction is that a heat wave is coming to the Bin-scape on the 5th of January when everybody goes back  (I go back on the 6th) and I agree with Gam because the Advent Calendar stops on the 5th of January and there will possibly won’t be snow on the 5th on Bin Weevils! Don’t you agree?

oie_SdbyMRF5jhiHAnd during the Holidays, stay tuned to Bin Weevils Company for more Bin-tastic news about Mulch, XP and Dosh Codes, even nest items! If you are a Bin-tycoon, you have until January 5th to collect all your Christmas awards. If you have missed them and it has went past January 5th, then your Advent Calendar will disappear  ready for next year!

Bin Weevils’ Christmas Tree

Bin Weevils explained a post ages ago about they that want decorations for there Christmas tree and boy, they had allot of decorations been handed into them! Lot’s of Weevils designed there Christmas tree decorations to trim up there Christmas tree and Bin Weevils HQ had allot, there Christmas tree looks fantastic!

Bin Weevils Team would like to say thanks to everyone who handed in this years decorations and who made them? Did you make a decoration for this years HQ tree? Comment below!

oie_ZMVi49lgYCsIWe hope you enjoyed Bin Weevil’ Company Christmas Post! It’s nearly Christmas day…are you excited? Comment below with your thoughts!




The Bin Big Freeze Mission Sneak Peek: Bing Has A Visitor. . .

Merry Christmas Weevils!


What could be coming? Who could be at the door? Comment below and check back tomorrow to see if your right!

– Tiny Weevil 

The Christmas Shop Has Arrived!

Merry Christmas Weevils!

Wow, I seriously cannot believe how quick this year has gone.. it’s almost Christmas and before you know it, we’ll be in 2015! To celebrate, the yearly Christmas shop, has once again made it’s return to Bin Weevils!

BW Christmas Shop

There’s a load of fabulous nest items to choose from, to create your very own snow-tastic (get it?) Christmas themed nest room! Stay tuned for a post from me, showcasing some of my very own Christmas nest rooms! As always, you can send in your nest rooms for us to feature on our nest rooms page, click here to visit it and details on how to send them in!

In my opinion, the Christmas items are really awesome and to my surprise, they’re not as expensive as I thought they would be. The Bin Weevils advent calender is also out now, stay tuned for a post about that!

Yours Weevily,

– hf556

We’re going Quad bike Krazee in the new Clarks Adventure game!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Head to the Clarks Adventures area at Slam’s Party Box and play the last of the Clarks games; Krazee Quads!

Win on all 3 tracks to earn the 3 stars I’m sure you’re wanting. Take your talents and tricks to 2-player mode and face off against your friends on the same keyboard!

This was the last game of the Clarks Adventure. As soon as you complete the key and earn 3 stars on every game, you will get access to The Festival. Here you will get access to exclusive prizes!

The Festival is coming soon so stay tuned, my friends!

– Eddzy

Highlights: The Bin Weevils Show on Fun Kids

on air

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin-tastic show from the Bin Weevils this week on Fun Kids! We’ve been listening in and are going to cover as much as we can, that happened on the show, on here.

Songs… songs… one of the most popular things to listen to on the Bin Weevils Show. Here’s a list of the songs that were played. Why not play them yourself and see if you like them?

















How would you like 500 BONUS MULCH in your weevily-pocket? Fun Kids has announced a code for you to enter at the Mystery Code Machine to get that! Enter the code below to get your bonus Mulch:


Hurry though! This code only lasts this weekend and will expire soon so get entering!


The Weevil Horoscope will reveal ALL

This week’s starsign is; BEEBRA

However in the Bin, we call it DUST BUNNY

It’s the sign of well… the dusty bunny. Haha!


Oh, Clott… his jokes always make me giggle! Check out some of the jokes he shared with us this week, I’m sure you’ll find these quite amusing.

  1. Yesterday, a book fell on my head. I’ve only got my ‘SHELF’ to blame!
  2. How do you kill a vegetarian vampire? – With a ‘STEAK’ to the heart!


Have you heard? Bin Weevils have been nominated for the BAFTA Kids Vote! They’ve already won it 3 times in-a-row, lets make it another year. Make sure you vote for Bin Weevils now! If you do, you’ll get a FREE certificate and a BAFTA nest item bundle! Bin-tastic!

If you would like to vote for Bin Weevils, click the image below.



What did you like the most about today’s show? Make sure you leave us a reply below and you could be featured!

Make sure you collect your FREE radio item from the Shopping Mall and have a listen to next week’s show!


– Eddzy

The Halloween Party Is Out Now!

Hello Bin Weevils!

lem Manor HaLLOWEEN

Looks like the Bin Weevils team have decided to give Flem Manor a spoooky makeover… visit it.. IF YOU DARE!

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate it, the yearly Halloween party has arrived on the weevily spooky world of Bin Weevils! Will you dare to enter it? Head over to Flem Manor now and be prepared for a scare!

Bin Weevils Halloween Party 2014

Once you enter the spooky Halloween party, you’ll clearly notice that Manic Manor has returned from last year. I find this good, as I really enjoyed playing it last year! As you can see also, coming soon is an awesome looking machine, called Spooky Science! I wait to find out what that is…

It is also seems maybe the vault in the wall may be going to open soon and contain another spooky location?

It’s becoming a Bin Weevils yearly tradition now, to have the Witches Cafe! It’s spook-tastic with all the latest spooky Halloween food that any Weevil could want to eat! Visit it by clicking the Witches Cafe sign inside the Halloween Party.

Witches Cafe BW

What is your opinion of the brand-new, spooky Halloween party on Bin Weevils?

I actually think this year’s Halloween party is a complete let-down. Last year, they released it about a week later than they have now and we had some awesome adverts on the loading screen, which got us weevily excited. They also did an event on the What’s New Blog, where Scribbles was missing and was captured by ghosts at Flem Manor.

This year, it has been completely rushed and they’ve put absolutely no care into making it.

– hf556