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Brand New Update To The Bin Pet Shop!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

I was off to the Bin Pet Shop to browse some of the newest Bin Pet nest items until suddenly I spotted something rather different inside the shop! Bin Weevils have recently updated the Bin Pet Shop, with a tube giving you access to the Shopping Mall! You can find the tube below Dott’s desk, click it and you will arrive inside the Shopping Mall.


Did you know? Bin Weevils moved the Bin Pet Shop inside Bin Pets Paradise and there was no way to get to the Shopping Mall! Don’t worry you can now get to the Shopping Mall through the tube!

– Eddzy


Bin Pets Paradise has Arrived in the Binscape!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

For the last two weeks, you have been buzzing about something new coming to the Bin very soon, that’s right, Bin Pets Paradise is now open for you to go and explore! There is so much to explore there and in this post you can learn about everything you need to know about Bin Pets Paradise! I am so happy that it’s now open seeming as it’s been weeks since it was first revealed to be coming to the Binscape!


Let’s head off to the Bin Pets Paradise and take a look, explore all of this brand new features and what’s there! There’s so much to see, so keep reading this post to learn more about this brand new area!


Have you been wanting to change your Bin Pet’s colour ever since the Bin Pet Changer at last year’s Winter Wonderland? Then, your luck has begun because the brand new Bin Pet changer is available inside the Pet Style building, awesome!


When you click on the building it will come up with a screen with two icons on it, click the icon on the right to change your Bin Pet’s look, it couldn’t be easier! Coming soon, all new Pet Studio to take pictures of your Bin Pet, find out more about this, on this post!


Have you seen a pathway with a stone bricked wall around it leading to a giant stadium with a Bin Pet on it? My weevily friends, stay tuned with Bin Weevils all year long for the release of Bin Pet Mysteries very soon, click it and it’ll come up with a screen explaining that it is coming soon!


Bin Weevils have added a small box with a few gifts to celebrate the opening on the Bin Pets Paradise, check out the brand new VIP Gift Set inside the Bin Pet Shop now! It contains a few golden Bin Pet nest items for your nest so you can treat your Bin Pet with a few nest items and you won’t need to spend a penny at all!


When I clicked it another screen came up with the three Bin Pet nest items, which are a giant Royal Bin Pet Hut, a golden mouse and red and gold play balls! These are awesome free nest items and I am so happy to have them, why not collect some more golden Bin Pet nest items, from inside the Bin Pet Shop?


Have you seen the Bin Pet Shop inside the Shopping Mall? It has transformed into a giant Bin Pet, saying to visit the Bin Pets Paradise, isn’t that awesome! You can find the Bin Pet Shop at Bin Pets Paradise!


We are off to the second half of the Bin Pets Paradise, containing two awesome new buildings! Doesn’t it look like a paradise for your Bin Pets? It’s so beautiful, thank you ever so much Bin Weevils, my Bin Pet is absolutely amazed to see such a fantastic area to relax and chill!


Lets head off to Gym Pet, the place to be for your Bin Pet to train like never before! I’m so glad to see a building like this because my Bin Pet, dash does need some special training! Just enter the giant building at the far front of this half of the Bin Pets Paradise to get started!


Inside you can get the chance to do all sorts of things to your Bin Pets, why not have a go at Tutorial, Crusin’, Bin Pet Jammin’, coconuts or ever rock ‘n’ roll Pets? On tutorial your Bin Pet to dance in directions you are telling him or her to go! Use your arrow keys to follow what arrows are on the screen and make your Bin Pet move and dance!


Something brand new is coming to Bin Pets Paradise next year, 2014! That’s right, the Safrai area is coming next year, it’s not long seeming as we are coming up to Christmas! Information for this area is top secret and will be revealed some time soon, keep your eyes peeled!


Now back to the subject about the Pet Studio inside Pet Style, this is coming to the Bin very soon so keep your eyes peeled! I have found out what you can do inside the studio coming soon and here’s what could happen, you will see a picture below, just keep scrolling to view some more text!


Have you noticed something different about your Bin Weevils player cards lately? You have noticed right because Bin Weevils have updated our player cards with a tiny Bin Pet icon! Click it to find more information about your Bin Pet, this makes it much more easier for other players to know the name of your Bin Pet even though your Bin Pet isn’t around!


If you click on the image with the shadow of an Bin Pet image, it is revealed that inside the Pet Studio, you can take pictures of your Bin Pet and add it to the picture with the fainted Bin Pet image!

– Eddzy

The Christmas Shop is NOW OPEN!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Ready to trim up your nest with some holiday cheer?  Bing’s Christmas Shop is open now at the Shopping Mall and it’s packed with all you need to make your nest rooms merry and bright.

Also check out the featured items at Bin Mart and Nestco – the shopkeepers have all selected their most festive items. Plus, mini Christmas items are now in stock at the Bin Pet Shop, so your pet can join in the fun too!


PSSST! Keep an eye out for Best Nest Magazine tomorrow, when the Nest Inspector’s first HOLIDAY edition of the season will arrive at Weevil Post!

– hf556

KalEi Spotted in the Shopping Mall!

Hey Weevils!

I was on my way to the new Bin Pet Shop, when I saw KalEi, a proud member of the Bin Weevils team!


I wonder what KalEi is doing on Bin Weevils? Maybe another update is just round the Bin corner…

– hf556

Maybee Spotted and the Outside of the Bin Pet Shop has Changed!

Hey Weevils!

I was on my way to the Bin Pets Shop, when Maybee was outside the Shopping Mall, by Rayman Legends!


I then entered the Shopping Mall, and noticed two different things! The Bafta Voting Booth had gone, and the outside of the Bin Pet Shop has changed!

Shopping Mall - Bin Outside Shop

Maybee has also now changed his colour, he is the same shape, but now pink, with no Super Antenna.

– hf556

Bin Pet Paradise on the Map, the Bin Pet Shop and Profiles Have Been Updates and Maybee is Spotted!

Hey Weevils!

Gosh, what a long title! Bin Weevils has just re-opened again, after it’s maintenance, and when I clicked the map, Bin Pet Paradise was on it!

Paradise Soon

I then went over to the Bin Pets Shop, because I had a feeling in me, that it had been given an update.

Bin Pet Shop Updat

I had a shock when I entered, it was all bright and colourful, nothing like the old and dull one. There is also now a shop, just for Bin Pet nest items!

Bin Pet Shop Inside

While I was , there a Bin Weevil there, who was saying “The new Bin Pet profile is wicked!” I rushed to my Bin Pet, and surely enough, it was!

Bin Pet Profile Updated

The new update to the Bin Pet Profile is awesome! The old one was getting boring. If you click the options icon, you will be presented with this:

Profile Bin Pet Updat

After playing juggling with my Bin Pet, I went back to the new Bin Pet Shop, and Scribbles was there on his other Bin Weevil, Maybee!

Maybee at Bin Pet Shop

I also have some Bin-tastic news! Our Bin Pets page has just had a brilliant update, which helps with the new Bin Pet profile! Click here to go to it.

* We have only just realised that the green and white Bin Weevil that is standing in the background is drewbian, a team member!

– hf556

Weevil Weekly Round-Up #212

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Hiya! It’s Scribbles here with your Weevil Weekly Round-Up post!  Every Friday, I’ll be blogging all the best news from the Binscape, with some help from my amazing new team of reporters  – YOU!

If your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-Up I’ll send you a blingin’ Scribbles Trophy for your nest! Be sure to comment on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking.


This morning I caught up with Dott, determined to get the goss on the big Bin Pet secret! Dott was in a mad rush, sweeping and cleaning in the Bin Pet Shop and even packing some things up!  I could only get in a few quickfire questions before she shooed me out the door, but here’s what I found out.

Scribbles: Dott! All the pets are going mad with excitement. What’s going on?

Dott: Big changes, Scribbz! First of all, I’ve designed a new way for Bin Pets to learn how to juggle and unlock their new tricks! I’ll be ready to show it to everyone very soon.

Scribbles: Wow! Like a new pet training program?

Dott: You could say that! But the trainer is YOU! Every Bin Weevil has the potential to be a top trainer.

Scribbles: I heard that Rigg is building something new for pets, too. My Bin Pet, Doodle, found some interesting plans!

Dott: Yes, I think your pet got the news! What a nosy one! Haha!  [To see the plans, check out Issue #21 of Bin Weevils Mag!]

Scribbles: And what about your shop? How come you’re putting all this stuff in boxes? What’s that tape over there on the wall?

Dott: Shhh! Too many questions. You’ll see soon. I have to get back to work!


Last week, news broke that Lab and Trigg’s Teleporter Pad was finally available for sale. There were only a few prototypes available before stocks ran out…but now Lab has finally delivered some more of this super-high-tech item to Nestco!

Supplies are still limited, but all elite agents will want to bag this item. Just a single click will transport you directly from your nest into the heart of SWS HQ, ready to report for duty!


To celebrate the launch of my weekly round-up post, I thought it was time for a FREE CODE! Who doesn’t love a free nest item?

Pop over to the Mystery Code Machine at Lab’s Lab and redeem the code WWDOODLE for a poster of Doodle and 50 Mulch! (Hurry, this code can only be used until Monday, Nov 18th!)


My team of reporters is double-size this week, because they’ve enlisted the help of their Bin Pets to sniff out the scoop. Check out what these readers had to say! nicole2442: I think the Bin Pets are trying to do something magical like opening up a circus!

jazzgirl452: I think it must be something to do with the fountain if lots of pets are going there. And maybe if lots of Bin Pets are jumping about then something exciting must be happening!

dora413: Maybe all the Bin Pets are coming together and planning a special Christmas surprise, and they’re just so excited they are bursting for Christmas to come!

pombear1727: I think it would be good to go searching around Mulch Island for what the Bin Pets are so excited about. After all, the Temple on Mulch Island is where Weevil X kidnapped Lady Wawa to!

floatyblue: My pet has lately been really eager to learn more tricks and I think it might be something to do with a juggling Bin Pet picture from Mulch Island!

Have a weevily weekend, and stay tuned for the big reveal NEXT WEEK… Don’t forget to keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your chance to be in the Weevil Weekly limelight!


– hf556

Did You Know? Bin Pet Training!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Bin Pets are so cute and clever, aren’t they? Not only do they like to mimic you, they also copy each other! When two Bin Pets meet, they might wave and twirl around or even do a little dance.  They love to play together and show off their juggling skills.

If you haven’t got a Bin Pet yet, weevil on over to the Shopping Mall and pay a visit to the Bin Pet Shop to find your perfect little companion!


PSST! This month is all about Bin Pets! Stay tuned to find out what other secrets Scribbles can uncover!

– hf556