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What do you think About the Safari?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today is Saturday one of the bustiest days in the Bin. In the post I will be asking what do you think is in the Safari, which is meant to be coming out this year.

What do you think is in the Safari?

I think it could be something to do with Bin Pets or maybe it could be something to do with a Bin Pet Safari. At the minute it could be something to do with the jungle and Bin Pets because its got a Bin Pet arch on the way in. Also it has loads of trees in the background so it may be something to do with the jungle like I said


Please do comment on this post, because we would like to hear what you think the Safari will be. We will be taking your comments in for the next week, so please hurry!

– tinybw


Gene Simmons Spotted at GymPet!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

Thanks again to our blog viewer, chip8967 for letting me know that Gene Simmons was at GymPet, in Bin Pets Paradise!

Gene Simmons

Sometime tomorrow, I will be doing a look inside… hf556’s nest! Yep, my nest. It will display all my rooms, and some of them have the Christmas spirit!

– hf556

James at Bin Pets Paradise!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

I was at Bin Pets Paradise, when james, the producer of Bin Weevils appeared there! I couldn’t believe it!


james if a very rare Bin Weevil to spot! He even has a Bin Pet, which he adopted in 2007!

– hf556

Pet Studio now Open! Design Your Bin Pets Picture!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

Yesterday, Eddzy posted about Bin Pet Paradise being open. Well, you may of noticed in one of the images, it said “Pet Studio – Coming Soon” Well, Pet Studio opened sometime, last night!

Pet Studio

When you enter Pet Studio, your Bin Pet will be on the right, and there will be categories on the left. I find the Bin Pets are quite cute, when they are close up.

Pet Studio - Inside

The categories are well, category. If you wanted to give your Bin Pet a hat, you would have to click the hat category. You do have the option to buy things for your Bin Pet, as well.

Pet Studio - Clothes

As you can see from above, I  have changed my Bin Pets design, I think it looks pretty awesome on him! If you are happy with your design, click the camera icon, and click the tick.

Bin Pet lol

You will then need to click the purple profile icon, and then, done! That will be your new Bin Pet picture! You can change it, anytime you want to.

– hf556

Scribbles at Bin Pets Paradise!

Hey Weevils!

I was at Bin Pets Paradise with my Bin Buddies and our Bin Pets, when Scribbles arrived with his Bin Pet, Doodle!


It’s really nice now, that Scribbles comes on Bin Weevils a lot now, to meet with his weevily fans!

– hf556

Bin Pets Paradise has Arrived in the Binscape!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

For the last two weeks, you have been buzzing about something new coming to the Bin very soon, that’s right, Bin Pets Paradise is now open for you to go and explore! There is so much to explore there and in this post you can learn about everything you need to know about Bin Pets Paradise! I am so happy that it’s now open seeming as it’s been weeks since it was first revealed to be coming to the Binscape!


Let’s head off to the Bin Pets Paradise and take a look, explore all of this brand new features and what’s there! There’s so much to see, so keep reading this post to learn more about this brand new area!


Have you been wanting to change your Bin Pet’s colour ever since the Bin Pet Changer at last year’s Winter Wonderland? Then, your luck has begun because the brand new Bin Pet changer is available inside the Pet Style building, awesome!


When you click on the building it will come up with a screen with two icons on it, click the icon on the right to change your Bin Pet’s look, it couldn’t be easier! Coming soon, all new Pet Studio to take pictures of your Bin Pet, find out more about this, on this post!


Have you seen a pathway with a stone bricked wall around it leading to a giant stadium with a Bin Pet on it? My weevily friends, stay tuned with Bin Weevils all year long for the release of Bin Pet Mysteries very soon, click it and it’ll come up with a screen explaining that it is coming soon!


Bin Weevils have added a small box with a few gifts to celebrate the opening on the Bin Pets Paradise, check out the brand new VIP Gift Set inside the Bin Pet Shop now! It contains a few golden Bin Pet nest items for your nest so you can treat your Bin Pet with a few nest items and you won’t need to spend a penny at all!


When I clicked it another screen came up with the three Bin Pet nest items, which are a giant Royal Bin Pet Hut, a golden mouse and red and gold play balls! These are awesome free nest items and I am so happy to have them, why not collect some more golden Bin Pet nest items, from inside the Bin Pet Shop?


Have you seen the Bin Pet Shop inside the Shopping Mall? It has transformed into a giant Bin Pet, saying to visit the Bin Pets Paradise, isn’t that awesome! You can find the Bin Pet Shop at Bin Pets Paradise!


We are off to the second half of the Bin Pets Paradise, containing two awesome new buildings! Doesn’t it look like a paradise for your Bin Pets? It’s so beautiful, thank you ever so much Bin Weevils, my Bin Pet is absolutely amazed to see such a fantastic area to relax and chill!


Lets head off to Gym Pet, the place to be for your Bin Pet to train like never before! I’m so glad to see a building like this because my Bin Pet, dash does need some special training! Just enter the giant building at the far front of this half of the Bin Pets Paradise to get started!


Inside you can get the chance to do all sorts of things to your Bin Pets, why not have a go at Tutorial, Crusin’, Bin Pet Jammin’, coconuts or ever rock ‘n’ roll Pets? On tutorial your Bin Pet to dance in directions you are telling him or her to go! Use your arrow keys to follow what arrows are on the screen and make your Bin Pet move and dance!


Something brand new is coming to Bin Pets Paradise next year, 2014! That’s right, the Safrai area is coming next year, it’s not long seeming as we are coming up to Christmas! Information for this area is top secret and will be revealed some time soon, keep your eyes peeled!


Now back to the subject about the Pet Studio inside Pet Style, this is coming to the Bin very soon so keep your eyes peeled! I have found out what you can do inside the studio coming soon and here’s what could happen, you will see a picture below, just keep scrolling to view some more text!


Have you noticed something different about your Bin Weevils player cards lately? You have noticed right because Bin Weevils have updated our player cards with a tiny Bin Pet icon! Click it to find more information about your Bin Pet, this makes it much more easier for other players to know the name of your Bin Pet even though your Bin Pet isn’t around!


If you click on the image with the shadow of an Bin Pet image, it is revealed that inside the Pet Studio, you can take pictures of your Bin Pet and add it to the picture with the fainted Bin Pet image!

– Eddzy

Maybee, Then Myke Online!

Hey Weevils!

We had Maybee online, at Dosh’s Palace and Flum’s Fountain, now myke has come online!


Do you get the feeling… that Bin Pet Paradise may be coming today? We’ll keep you updated all the way!

– hf556

Flum’s Fountain to Lead to Bin Pet Paradise?

Hey Weevils!

Have you ever wondered why there is a piece of grass at Flum’s Fountain, with no white concrete on it? Well, another path could be going to be there!

New Path.

I have a feeling, that Bin Pet Paradise has been planned, when Ink’s Orange Peel was in the Binscape!

– hf556

Bin Pet Paradise on the Map, the Bin Pet Shop and Profiles Have Been Updates and Maybee is Spotted!

Hey Weevils!

Gosh, what a long title! Bin Weevils has just re-opened again, after it’s maintenance, and when I clicked the map, Bin Pet Paradise was on it!

Paradise Soon

I then went over to the Bin Pets Shop, because I had a feeling in me, that it had been given an update.

Bin Pet Shop Updat

I had a shock when I entered, it was all bright and colourful, nothing like the old and dull one. There is also now a shop, just for Bin Pet nest items!

Bin Pet Shop Inside

While I was , there a Bin Weevil there, who was saying “The new Bin Pet profile is wicked!” I rushed to my Bin Pet, and surely enough, it was!

Bin Pet Profile Updated

The new update to the Bin Pet Profile is awesome! The old one was getting boring. If you click the options icon, you will be presented with this:

Profile Bin Pet Updat

After playing juggling with my Bin Pet, I went back to the new Bin Pet Shop, and Scribbles was there on his other Bin Weevil, Maybee!

Maybee at Bin Pet Shop

I also have some Bin-tastic news! Our Bin Pets page has just had a brilliant update, which helps with the new Bin Pet profile! Click here to go to it.

* We have only just realised that the green and white Bin Weevil that is standing in the background is drewbian, a team member!

– hf556

Bin Pet Paradise Coming Today?

Hey Weevils!

You don’t know how happy I am, while writing this post! I logged into Bin Weevils just now, and look what came up:


Do you know what this means? Bin Pet Paradise surely is on its way! As soon as the maintenance stops, I’ll be logging in!

– hf556