Bin Weevils Staff: Maybee Spotted

Hello Bin Weevils,

Today, Maybee was at Flum’s Fountain and soon went over to Rums Airport. She was chatting to us about What is happening to slams and what she said is that its only coming for party’s at this moment of time! Maybee was also chatting about future stuff like Updated Player cards!



Maybee is a Lovely Bin Weevils Player. To learn more about Maybee, Head over to the Bin Weevils Team page ASAP

Thanks for reading!

– TiNy Weevil

P.S: We are sorry for the lack of posting, Best Nest Reviews will be back on Catch up tomorrow by me then Meep shall be back next week. Hf556 is also busy and shall be posting this wekend



jellydisco21 Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Later on today, me or one of the Bin Weevil Company team members will be posting about Rums Airport update! So lets get started, I just got back from school and saw Jelldisco hanging around. I could not talk to her as she was passing by quickly and I quickly got a screenshot! Check below!

Jellydisco spotted!


Weevil wow, Jellydisco spotted! He is a very rare mod in Bin Weevils so there will be not many posts based on him!

– TiNy weevil


Bin Weevils Staff: Plazas Open!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Amazing news, Today Bin Weevils staff opened the plazas to there nest. I got a good sneak peak firstly on my own when I was going to my buds plaza but I changed my mind and saw MagicPurpleBee’s nest open! Awesome!

Dana open


About 10 minutes later, someone spotted that Drewbian opened his plaza, I got quite shocked myself because they have never done this before but now they are starting to do this!



Thanks for reading this update post about Moderators nest being open,

– TiNy Weevil

Bin Weevils Celebrities: Meet Bunty

Hello Bin Weevils,

On the 16th February 2015 (Monday), Bunty is making her first appearance in the bin! Bunty is a awesome character who is becoming a celeb and is bringing her bin pet, Cupcake! Bunty will be on at 4:00 (16:00).



The party locations are Bin Pet Paradise, Nest Street and Flums Fountain! Here at Bin Weevil company we will be posting pictures of her! Thanks for reading!



– TiNy Weevil

Bin Weevil Company Exclusive #7

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Bin Weevils Radio show was on this morning and Unicron7022 (a Bin Weevils staff member) was listening to it at the Shopping Mall! A few days back, Tombalol said he would like to update Gong’s Pipenest. Today, I asked Unicron7022 is Tombalol updating Gong’s Pipenest and he said yes, he is!


So back to what I said before, Unicron said that tombalol is updating it and below I am sharing what he said, Bin Weevil Company will be sure the first to post the new gongs when it comes out!


Tom updates

Thank you for reading a Bin Weevil Company Exclusive post written by…

– TiNy Weevil

Have You Checked Out Waffle Island?

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’ve recently been experiencing different online games, such as Roblox, Fantage and one that has stood out to me the most is a game called Waffle Island, where your character is a waffle! You can add items to your waffle, such as glasses, a party hat and much, much more!

There’s quite a few fun-filled locations to visit and games, such as coin challenge to play! The community is friendly and there’ll always be someone there to welcome you along.

Here I am having a friendly chat with an experienced Waffle Island player, named James!

Here I am having a friendly chat with an experienced Waffle Island player, named James!

Because the game's currently in beta, you can claim an exclusive beta testing hat!

Because the game’s currently in beta, you can claim an exclusive beta testing hat

So what are you waiting for? Click here to visit Waffle Island and create a free account, I’m sure you’ll have a waffle-tastic time there, just like me and my buddies are!


– hf556

BBC News: Asia Pane Crash #RIP #RespectOnline

Hello Bin Weevils

The Reason why I am doing this post what is not related to Bin Weevils but is very upsetting and Me and hf556 think that we need to share it out to the world as people need to pay respect to this horrific accident happened last night (early in the morning for asia). *If any of this stuff upsets you there is help online to make you understand better*

What happened this morning is that a plane lost control and sadly has killed 27 People in Asia.

At least 15 people have been pulled out alive, with 18 still missing.

Television footage showed some passengers wading clear of the sunken wreckage and a toddler being pulled out alive by rescuers. Shown in the video above, There is a baby who has been in the accident and as lucky alive but is really in danger!

I would like to thanks BBC News for posting this, this morning and I am sharing this hard work here today!

– TiNy Weevil

#RIP #RestInPeace #PrayForTheBest

February Highlights: Bin Weevil Company Exclusive #6

Hello Bin Weevils,

Wow, We are already in the second month of 2015! Its now February and this has got to be my best month on Bin Weevils because its my Bin Pets birthday on the 6th February and its just an exciting month! In today’s post I will be posting the Highlights as well as the new Rums Airport sneak peak.



Moving on to the Second part of the post. I usually do this post in a separate one called Bin Weevil Company exclusive but as its related to this post I just thought I write it to you! Here at Bin Weevil Company we would like to ask you how much you like the New Rums Airport. Here is a picture below!



Send us a comment below of what you like about the new Rums Airport, I am sure we will be posting it when its out!

Introducing Weevil Ideas!

Hello Bin Weevils!

A few weeks back, you may remember me hinting something about Weevil Ideas in one of my previous posts. Now I’m here to explain to you what it’s all about and mainly, what is Weevil Ideas?

Weevil Ideas, owned by Infinite Galaxies, is the leading company to submit Bin Weevils ideas to. However, we need you – if you have a suggestion for Bin Weevils, such as you’ve noticed something that should be changed or maybe you would like a feature, you can comment it on our new Weevil Ideas page (coming soon) and every two months, we put all your ideas onto a list and email it directly to Bin Weevils.

Here's the list we sent off to Bin Weevils in January! We wouldn't of had any of these ideas if YOU hadn't of suggested them to us/

Here’s the list we sent off to Bin Weevils in January! We wouldn’t of had any of these ideas if YOU hadn’t of suggested them to us.

– hf556

Bin Pet Guest Blogger – thevamps2230!

Helllo Bin Weevils!


Snuffles’ favourite place in the Binscape is Gym Pet.  She likes it there because she loves keeping fit and healthy and likes to work out. She also likes it because she loves sport and she would do sport all of the time if she could!

Snuffles’ favourite items would have to be her drum kit, her golden VIP pack, her food bowl, her bed because she loves to sleep and her golden scratching post. In her VIP pack there is a hut that covers her bed and sits on the wall,  a golden mouse toy and juggling balls. All of the items in the VIP pack are golden.

If I were to make a new kind of Bin Pet food, the ingredients in it would be blended chocolate bars with caramel, vanilla ice cream and blueberry flavouring. Snuffles likes chocolate, caramel, vanilla ice cream and blueberry flavouring too!

I hope you liked learning about my bin pet Snuffles!

Guest-Blogger-thevamps2230_02– Tiny-Weevil