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Meet And Greet Flam And Rum #2

Hello Bin Weevils!

Were you lucky enough to meet Flam and Rum yesterday? Sadly I was unable to attend because my internet decided it wasn’t going to work. I hope you all had a good time meeting them and that you grabbed some weevily selfies!

If you were unable to meet them or want to see them again, I’ve got some excellent news for you! They will be visiting the Binscape today at 11:00 and 17:00 at Rum’s Airport and Flum’s Fountain!

Meet Flam and Rum #2

– hf556


Meet Rum And Flam In The Binscape!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin-tastic news, two brand-new celebrities will be popping into the Bin today to meet up with you! These celebrities are no other than Rum and Flam!

They will be at The Hunt for Weevil X mission on party island today at 11:00 and 17:00 (UK time). The only thing is, which one is party island? Well.. you’ll have to find out for yourself!


Did you know? Rum and Flam’s favourite hobby is flying! Rum owns the newly-designed Rum’s Airport and Flam enjoys flying her mini plane, which you can see at Mulch Island!

– hf556

jellydisco21 Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Later on today, me or one of the Bin Weevil Company team members will be posting about Rums Airport update! So lets get started, I just got back from school and saw Jelldisco hanging around. I could not talk to her as she was passing by quickly and I quickly got a screenshot! Check below!

Jellydisco spotted!


Weevil wow, Jellydisco spotted! He is a very rare mod in Bin Weevils so there will be not many posts based on him!

– TiNy weevil


Posh Spotted At The Shopping Mall!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Ever since the new Shopping Mall arrived in the Binscape, I haven’t been able to stop hanging out at it, admiring the design! Yesterday when I weeviled there, I noticed there was a massive croud, then one Weevil jumped right up and shouted “Posh is here!” in capital letters.

I looked around and sure enough, I sure Posh standing in the corner. I’ve never seen Posh in the Binscape, so it was nice to finally meet her! I’ve snapped a picture for you to look at.

Posh at Mall

I really like how Bin Weevils have started bringing the Bin celebrities on more, such as Big Weevil, Clott, Tink and I’m sure you do to!

Here at Bin Weevil Company, we would love to know who YOUR favourite Bin celebrity is! In the right-hand corner of our site, you’ll notice we have a poll, you can simply choose your favourite celebrity, then click vote! We’ve looked at the results, and so far we can see Scribbles if your favourite celebrity, with a total number of 2,082 votes!

– hf556

Calling All Bin Tycoons! Meet Scribbles At The Club Fling VIP Room!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Firstly, Bin Weevil Company would like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. However, we can now confirm we’ll be bringing you the top Bin news daily, once again!

Bin Tycoons, you’re in for a weevily treat this Tuesday evening.. your favourite Bin reporter, the one and only Scribbles, will be heading over to the Club Fling VIP room this evening at 5pm (UK time), to meet his weevily fans!

Meet Scribbles At Club Fling VIP Room

I (hf556) will be there grabbing some awesome pictures to share with you, in case you’re not able to pop along. Please remember that only Bin Tycoons are able to access the VIP room at Club Fling.

– hf556

Did You Meet Tink And Clott Yesterday?

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, I had a fab time meeting up with my buddies Tink and Clott yesterday on Bin Weevils! In case you didn’t already know, every Thursday throughout January, Bin celebs will be coming on to hang with their weevily pals!

Who did you meet up with in the Binscape? Let us know in the comments section! In the mean time, why not check out these pictures we snapped?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weren’t able to pop along? No worries – your favourite Bin celebrities will be making an appearance in the Binscape on Thursday the 15th, I wonder which will make an appearance? Scribbles? Posh? Big Weevil?

Have a happy Friday everyone and stay tuned to Bin Weevil Company for the latest news and gossip.

– hf556

Tiny Weevils BW Exclusive #1: New Staff Badges

Hello Bin Weevils!

I have been sneaking around the Bin with my fellow buddy’s and I decided to check out Monty, Glamm and Mudd’s profiles, when I saw a little update to them. Firstly Monty has changed his shape, so he looks like Scribbles. Can you spot the update in the pictures below?








You guessed it, Monty, Glamm and Mudd have now got a staff badge but, it’s not any old staff badge, it’s what I like to call the Bin Weevils Magazine staff badge. Me and hf556, the blog owner, both love this! Well done to the Bin Weevils teamfor creating these! Also when you click them, another message comes up.


Weevily wow, they must be all so busy, if they wanted a message to come up saying if you see them, the team member is working on another magazine! Check back soon, for more exclusive news!

– Tiny Weevil 

Bin Weevil Company Halloween Was An Absolute Success!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Where do I start? I can’t believe how such a great turn-out our in-game Halloween party was! We had a load of staff members from Bin Weevils HQ and it was just Bin-tastic!

We had an exclusive appearance from MONTY, for the first time, who hasn’t been online in months and his companions, Mudd and Glamm also made an appearance, I would like to thank the Bin Weevils Magazine team for sending them over!

Not to mention we had a great appearance from big weevil, MagicPurpleBee and even the brand-new staff member, jellydisco21!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy looking through all 47 pictures I took of our Halloween party and make sure to comment below, letting us know what you thought of it!

– hf556

GLAMM Spotted and MagicPurpleBee Spotted

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today, I have spotted to amazing, awesome, Bin Weevils HQ staff, so that’s why I am doing this post. I am doing this post because some people missed them both, so I just want to share some pictures I snapped.

Spotting Glamm:

As many of you know, GLAMM is back! GLAMM used to be part of the Egmont team but sadly they departed from Bin Weevils Ltd. But can you guess what has happened/ who has came back, which has made many people happy? GLAMM has returned, as hf556 posted the other day!


This picture was took at my very own nest, I am so pleased that I got a cracking photo! GLAMM will be back in the Binscape soon and we’ll try our best to post it on here!


This evening Dana aka MagicPurpleBee was wondering around the new Halloween area. Dana spent some time chatting to us about new features coming this Halloween, including an all-new Halloween map!


Dana has changed her look to a spooky ghost look, we will put this onto the Bin Weevils Team page soon.


Giving a Warm welcome to “jellydisco21”

Oh wow! This afternoon we got some gossip from MagicPurpleBee, she was talking about a brand new worker at the Bin Weevils HQ! Dana was touring this new staff member around the Bin and she even said his/her Weevil is jellydisco21.. Here at Bin Weevil Company we want to give you a warm welcome to this new staff member!

– Tiny Weevil


Hello Bin Weevils!

A few months ago, when Bin Weevils left their magazine publishers, Egmont, and moved to Kennedy Publishing, you’re favourite Bin Celebrities, Monty, Glamm and Mudd left.

Recently, Kennedy Publishing sent out a survey to quite a few Weevils who had got in-touch with them in regards to the recent issues, and I believe quite a few people got back to them, saying they would like characters such as Monty, Glamm and Mudd back.

Bin Weevil Company are now proud to announce that they have made a Bin-tastic return!

– hf556