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Bin Weevils Mulch Codes For The Mystery Code Machine!

Hey Weevils, Tabet here!

I bet you need a little top-up of Mulch! You want that nest item, but you just don’t have enough Mulch to buy it? Mad at the computer because you don’t have Mulch?

Lucky you, I’ve been doing some research and providing the information from our secret codes page, you can earn 7000 Mulch by entering these codes at Lab’s Lab:


  • 63
  • 685
  • MULCHMAG1120
  • SEA2012
  • WW150MULCH13
  • 291840645570
  • 167HOLIDAY1
  • 25432
  • 3ORANGE14
  • HALL13

I also hear that my pal, the Nest Inspector, is planning something awesome for you for the 100th issue of Best Nest and I can assure you it’s awesome!

You’re probably aware that I’m now the Nest and Garden expert and I need your help in a few days… stay tuned!

– Tabet :)


Mystery Code For Smyths Toy Shop Wallpaper + Information About Tabet!

Bin Weevils Code For Smyths Toy Shop Wallpaper


I’m Tabet and if you don’t already know me, I’m the gardening expert, over here at Bin Weevil Company and I run the gardens help page, have you visited it yet?

Do you all have a green thumb? Haha, not literally, because that would just be strange, imagine a green thumb…

Yep, you’re wondering why I’m writing a post here and why I’ve stuck an image of the Smyths Toy Wallpaper at the top of the post, aren’t you all? Let me explain… I now really like designing nests, but I still have my green thumb!

This means.. I am now the official garden and nest expert here on Bin Weevil Company and I’ll be bringing you all the latest wacky codes on the awesome (agree with me, it’s awesome?) game of Bin Weevils.

To claim your free Smyths Toy Store wallpaper on Bin Weevils, weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine, and I don’t need to explain where it is, because that just takes up time…, and enter the following code.. wait, any guesses on what it is? No? Okay, here’s the code you need to enter to get the wallpaper?

!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SMYTHS2012 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<!

I’m sure you’re well aware you can get more codes (you know something surprising, they’re all unique..) on our secret codes page.

Your Gardening AND Nest Exert, Tabet xD

Bin Weevil Company Guest Blogger #1 – Firexlxlxl!

Guest Blogger Review

Before Bin Weevils removed Ink’s Orange Peel and replaced it with Flum’s Fountain, Ink’s Orange Peel was one of my favourite places. When it came back a few weeks ago, I was really happy!

When I went to the Bin Pet Paradise and saw the portal, I clicked on it strait away! When I saw it, for some reason, it felt like it was a brand new room, although I remember it when I first saw it back in 2011. They was a few changes like that it only leads backs to the Bin Weevils Paradise.

There was a lot of people there and it was like a party! I chatted to some of my friends and played some of the games which are there.

My favourite part of Ink’s Orange Peel, is that you can play a lot of the multiplayer player games there without leaving the room!

– Firexlxlxl

Exciting Bin Weevil Company News: Guest Blogger Reviews!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Tink here once again.. I haven’t spoken to you all in a while, so I thought I’d pop in and let you know some exclusive news… you can now become a guest blogger on Bin Weevil Company, how great is that?

My weevily pal, Scribbles, has been taking in reviews from Weevils and featuring some of them on the What’s New Blog. I quite liked this idea, so I’ve got permission from Scribbles to be able to do it on this blog, I’m excited!

Guest Blogger BWC2

We’re sure a lot of Weevils will like this, because you’ve all been asking to join Bin Weevil Company and post on here, so this way, you can get your post featured on here, how Bin-tastic is that?

Your task is to write a review about Ink’s Orange Peel returning to the Binscape, and two lucky Weevils will get their posts featured on here, so what are you waiting for? Scroll down for details on how to enter.

Please share this on social networking sites, and with friends and family, the more entries, the better! The team here at Bin Weevil Company look forward to receiving your entries and reading them all. Good luck!

Send in Guest Blogger Review

What are you still doing reading this post? You should be working on your Guest Blogger review! In case you can’t view the image above, you have to send in your Guest Blogger review to

Click the following link to read Firexlxlxl’s Review –

– Tink

Tink’s Takeover – Daily Prank #6 Part 2 And Bin Tycoon Membership Winner

Hey Guys!

Tink here, how are you all enjoying this bank holiday weekend? I was amazed at how many Weevils attended Bin Weevil Company’s Tink’s Takeover Party yesterday, I attended the party with my best Bin Buddy, Clott!

To view the party pictures just scroll down to the posts underneath this, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how many Weevils attended it, a massive thanks to my friends, James and Unicron7022 who joined in with the party!

Win Bin Tycoon WINNER and Daily Prank

So… what did Clott do yesterday? When we were last with Clott, he was rushing over to SWS HQ to meet Gam, to find out what had happened at Gong’s Pipenest.

Clott walked into the SWS HQ and Big Weevil was sitting there with Gam, “Ahh, Clott!” said Gam, as soon as he saw Clott, “I need to tell you something very important…” But Clott was in too much of a hurry to hear what Gam said.

“Gam, Gong’s Pipenest! It’s… been destroyed! Please, what’s happened?” said Clott, worryingly. Suddenly, the Castle Gam doors locked. Big Weevil then suddenly grew 4x the size he normally is.. what was going on? Had the Bin been taken over?

Suddenly, Scribbles came into SWS HQ and Dosh was with him. “Clott, what’s going on? What prank have you been up to? they both said. Clott, looking quite astonished, said “But… I haven’t done anything… what’s going on, please?”

Then out of nowhere, everyone appeared, every Bin Weevil you could possibly think of! “Clott, you’ve been pranked!” they all said. Well Clott, you should of seen this coming.

– Tink

Tink’s Takeover – Daily Prank #6 Part 1

Hey Guys!

Tink here… it’s Friday! Did you know? Friday is my favourite day of the week and if you don’t already know, today marks the start of the long awaited half term! To celebrate, why not not turn green.. stay tuned for a post from hf556 about this!

How are you all this fine day? The sun is shining and I might weevil over to Mulch Island later to get an ice cream with Gam, it’s his birthday today! But firstly, it’s time for the Daily Prank.. what will Clott get up to this time?


Clott was busy delivering some new nest items to Nestco, when he noticed there was a piece of paper on the top of one of the boxes. On the piece of paper, it said, “are you a master pranker? If you are, visit Gong’s Pipenest at 5pm!”

Clott was weevily excited, he wondered what was going to happen at Gong’s Pipenest. Excitedly, Clott weeviled over to Gong’s Pipenest and what he saw… was not good… Haggle Hut was all burnt down and there was spooky music playing!

Clott went over to Haggle Hut and there was a note in the same shape of the one he found at Nestco and it said, “Clott… you’re next, be ready!” Without a  doubt, Clott rushed over to the SWS HQ to find Gam…

What do you think will happen next to Clott? Leave your thoughts below! The prank will be continued on Sunday, May 25th…

– Tink

Tink’s Takeover – Daily Prank #5 And 20 Dosh Coins Winner

Hey Guys!

Tink here, apologizes for not posting the Daily Prank yesterday, I was just having so much fun showing off my weevily striped legs at Flum’s Fountain! I’ve also been trying out some Bin-tastic different colours for my Weevil!

It’s Thursday and I’m sure you’re all well aware what that means… it’s time for me to announce the winner of our 20 Dosh competition. If you haven’t got in your entry yet… you’re too late to enter. Well done Doshy-Dude, please check your email for the Dosh codes, why not weevil on over to Nestco and spend them?

Bin Weevils - Win 20 Dosh WINNER + Daily Prank

Rigg was working hard on painting Weevil Post because it had all white paint splattered on it, after one of Clott’s previous pranks, but let’s not go into detail about that. “Rigg” said Clott, “would you like me to help you?”

Rigg was very tired and he wanted all the help he could get, so he agreed for Clott to help him. After about ten minutes of painting, Rigg needed to go for a lunch break and Clott was already rubbing his hands together… not good.

Clott was rushing around everywhere, he even popped into Nestco for a few minutes.. what was he getting? This didn’t seem good. When Rigg came back from his lunch break, Clott was busy painting Weevil Post, but something was different.

Rigg started painting but the strange thing was.. all the paint just dripped off onto the ground. In the end, Rigg had to stop because the ground was like a winter wonderland, full of white paint. “Clott… what’s going on?” asked Rigg. “Haha!” relied Clott, “I sprayed the wall with super-water! Nothing will stick to it.”

– Tink

Tink’s Takeover – Daily Prank #4

Hey Guys!

Tink here, what do you think of the brand new, Bin-tasitc which was released yesterday? I think it’s absolutely fantastic, the Bin Weevils Team worked hard on it! Scroll down to find the post which hf556 did about it.

I’ve also been told that there’s another update coming today and it might have something to do with Flum’s Fountain, I’m weevily excited! Today’s prank takes place at Dirt Valley… I wonder what mischief Clott is going to get up to…


Clott was going over for a race at Dirt Valley with some of his Bin Buddies, when Rott was asking some Weevils to race him. You could tell Clott was thinking-up one of his pranks and this isn’t good, it never is…

I suppose this plan of Clott’s was quite clever, he attached a little mechanic piece onto his racing kart and put a stuffed Clott figure into the racing kart. Rott is quite chilish, so he hardly noticed it wasn’t the real Clott in the racing kart.

The race started and little did Rott know that Clott was controlling the racing kart. Within seconds, Clott finished the race and Rott was speachless! “Wow, well done, you’re the BEST racer I’ve seen!” said Rott, still quite speechless.

Rott went into the Track Builder room and he was surpsied to see Clott in there, because Clott had just finished the race. “Clott… how? You raced so fast!” said Rott in amazement. “Rott, you’ve been pranked!” said Clott.

– Tink

Tink’s Takeover – Daily Prank #3

Hey Guys!

Tink here and guess what… Tink is up to more mischief. But before I start on this, I’d just like to let you know that on Thursday, I’ll be announcing the 20th Dosh winner, so if you haven’t entered, make sure you enter now! Click HERE for details on how to enter.

Today’s prank starts at Rum’s Airport and I can tell you now.. it delays all the flights to Mulch Island. Oh and did I ask. did you have a great weekend? I sure did! Gam and Colin were helping me with flying lessons.


Clott was on his way to catch a V.I.P flight to Mulch Island when he got one of his ideas.. and trust me… that’s definitely not good! Clott was up to no good again… but you’ll never guess what he had in mind!

“Rum, would you like me to take over so you can have a break?” asked Clott. Rum was half asleep, so without thinking, Rum said yes to Clott. Clott was rubbing his hands, he was up to something…

Bunty, Scribbles, Nest Inspector and Gam walked into Rum’s Airport and were surprised to see Clott sitting at the desk. Gam walked up to Clott and said, “Clott, when does our flight..” but before Gam could finish his sentence Clott replied “Flights are all canceled! Mulch Island is out of bounds!”

The travelers who were looking forward to their trip to Mulch Island, but now the flight was canceled, they were quite upset. As they were all walking out the door of Rum’s Airport, Clott shouted, “Haha, guys I’m just joking with you, the flight is still on!”


Tink’s Takeover – Daily Prank #3

Hey Guys!

Tink here, did you all have a weevily Saturday? I sure did, I was helping Flem re-paint his Library because it was getting a bit dull. I was asking Flem about the mysterious door that was inside his Library, but he said no comment. I wonder what’s in it?

Do you want to be a Bin Tycoon Member, or maybe you need some extra Dosh Coins to buy that nest item that you really want? That’s not a problem! Click HERE to read how to enter our competition to win Bin Tycoon Membership and Dosh Coins.


Tink and Clott were at Club Fling and they were quite thirsty, so they went over to the Smoothie Shack, to get a nice, refreshing smoothie. But Clott was already plotting something… what could it be?

Flam came over and asked Tink, “What would you like to drink?” Tink pointed to the strawberry smoothie and Flam went and got a cup and put it in the machine, but no strawberry smoothie came out… what had happened?

The smoothie machine was acting all strange, so Flam decided to call Rigg, the Bin’s best fixer. Rigg turned up within seconds and looked at the machine. He couldn’t find anything wrong with it and then suddenly…

Clott bounced out of the machine! “Haha, I’ve been drinking the smoothie, there’s nothing wrong with the machine!” Rigg and Flam didn’t find that funny though, and poor Tink never got his smoothie in the end.

– Tink