Goodbye from Meep805.

Hello Bin weevils!

Remember me? No? Me neither.
Apparently I wrote Best Nest reviews which people read but then I kinda stopped.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll be leaving for good because:

1) I haven’t done anything for the past 3 months

2) I have other interests now

3) I’m currently on the run and have decided to take refuge in ‘The Democratic Republic of the Congo’ until this all blows over which might be never and because of… reasons. As such, I cannot maintain working on this site. Hopefully you’ll all understand :)

I’ve have fun writing reviews for the site and it’s been a great few months, even if rather short-lived.
If for some unknown reason you want to keep in touch with me or something, I have a Twitter which is also, conveniently:



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  1. Can I Join Now As There Are Only 2 People!?


  2. Goodbye Meep!


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