Best Nest review Issue #121

Hello Bin Weevils!

Recently a bunch of fans which I totally have a ton of! Have been asking for me to show you the behind the scenes of the making of these to show you just how much time and effort is put into making these reviews for you to read and- oh, sorry, I’m tired, better go to sleep then and delay this review a day longer… *yawn* (Meep from the future: The humorous irony is this is exactly what happened, except instead of 1 day it was 2)

I decided that since SO many of you were asking I thought “I wonder what’s for dinner toni- oh erm wrong thought”

“What better time than my first ever post in the new year”

So what you are about to see is: The Meepcave Planning Desk; Location Undisclosed


The Meepcave Planning Desk; Location Undisclosed

Please ignore the old newspaper articles and that shopping list in the top left… if Drew and Unicron would like to join all my fans (As you can see, I have a picture of my fans to remind me who I’m writing for :3) then that’s great don’t forget the post-it note that says “<3 Unicron7022 & Drewbian” Then I put Dosh coins under it to subliminally remind them to give me free Dosh. So this is where I work and spend my time making sure to get these reviews out ASAP! Hope you enjoy this week’s review! 


This week’s Best Nest featured pandabug8869’s forest room. This is a room that looks as if every corner has been filled with whatever pandabug8869 could find and to be honest… I’m okay with that. It’s a forest, you don’t exactly  expect them to be tidy now; unless you do, in which case, that’s just weird. I honestly can’t describe why I chose this one but I feel it’s something about how it looks like an overgrown, magical woodland.

(This is around the point where I got bored and called it a day… for about 3 days)


Here we have thepinkweevil02’s kitchen. The same as the previous room, I don’t know what I like specifically about this one, maybe it’s the amount of food on the table… *Goes into food related trance*
I can’t really comment on whether it all fits together or not because to me, it seems to be in the middle, the wallpaper and floor don’t match but at the same time, they kinda do. There’s a ton of different themes that have been piled into this room and none of them would go together in any normal circumstance, however, this time they seem to have all worked together well and created this amazing kitchen.

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.



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  1. I actually put a bit of time and effort into the ‘Daily Meep’ newspaper article, it’s actually a full article that explains absolutely nothing about why I’m late. That said I might write more of them in the future.
    Sorry for the terrible quality of the image, I made it as 1080p but WordPress only accepts 720 maximum so…


    • Infact, because the quality is so bad, I’ll write it all out here:


      Weevils from the Bin Scape have been debating the usefulness of supposed “Best Nest reviewer” Meep805 and how he is constantly late with each and every review he has done. A recent interview with site owner hf556 has shed some light on why he keeps Meep805, he says:
      I only keep him around because he provides the necessary money to afford my tea and biscuits… wait, are you writing this down?!”
      And that’s the last we saw of that reporter.

      A later interview with Meep805 failed to go through because he was late again so we gave up. Weevils all over the bin are threatening to start a riot over the lack of reviews and calling his “Super amazing bumper editions” ‘rip-offs’ and ‘a shameless excuse to avoid admitting the truth’

      One interview with a fan of Meep805’s and member of the riot told us:
      “He’s always late, and everytime he tries to make it seem like one giant joke! Well! Now weevils are starting to notice a pattern and it won’t be long before Meep805 will have to wake up and face the music.


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