Bin Weevil Company’s New Years Party!

Hello Bin Weevils!

About a week ago, hf556 planned to have a 2015 Party when New Years Day came out and boy, it has came. I would just like to say that Bin Weevil Company 2015 New Years Party was a success but in the party it’s self, there were no Bin Weevils Team members spotted which was a sigh.

BUT, in other news, lots’ of weevils came to the party and there were allot of fans that said enjoyed the party and I did enjoy it! However, there were some weevils that said they disliked the party.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you enjoy the party? I sure did!

There will be more parties coming soon so stay tuned for more posts on Bin Weevil Company, maybe there could be a party coming next year? xP



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  1. I’m in nearly all the pics! xD


  2. Absolutely, a great party – Please organise more!!!!!


  3. I came to the party and loved it! BWC should organise more events (not just parties) because their always a hit… P.S. I will be making a post on my blog about the spectacular party.


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