My NEW Graphics + Graphics Competition Winner!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Editable here and lately, I have made some graphics. These graphics are A* grade and I have worked very hard on these so please don’t copy them!

racecarTransparent header for Dosh Mania 2 Ltd. Click here to go to Dosh mania to see the transparent header on an actual background. As you can see, I’ve added a earth cartoon picture and placed it in the middle then from Universal Edits, I changed the Weevils’ body and added stroke and a shadow blur.

racecarPeople think this graphic was a hack. It’s actually an edit but I changed the colour of the legs to look like it’s super legs. You can’t get super legs in a weevil changer! (Idea from the doctor999)


Transparent weevil with no body parts (from Universal Edits) I think this was a good graphic to do as I added a special feather hat graphic and light blue and dark blue super legs. Secondly, I transparented my second graphic and added gold weevil legs.

oie_0vrJL2Xxf4wQNext, I done a Dosh Mania after (template from Universal Edits). This graphic is HD and as you can see, I’m added a my weevil head with a red outline. Then I added the Dosh Mania 2 Ltd which is “We post…You Read” which is kinda interesting.



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  1. Cool…
    so who won, ’cause the title says ‘competition winner’


  2. Wow, them graphics are fab!


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