Best Nest Issues #118, #119 review AND #120 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Wait, I missed THREE releases of Best Nest? Yes, that’s right. I put off doing the first, didn’t hear about the second and this third one completely got me out of nowhere, so last week’s double review will have to have its title of “No seriously, how have I still got my job edition” taken from it and placed onto this one where I now have to write about 3 amazing issues of Best Nest but just to make things easier on myself, I’m going to be writing a review on each issue from today, to January 1st.

By this I mean I will write about one issue of Best Nest today (30th) I will then edit this post and write about #119 tomorrow (31st) then the final one will be done on New Year’s day. So if you really want to see all three reviews, keep checking back on this post over the next three days. I will say now though, don’t bother checking early in the day because it usually doesn’t occur to me these have to be done until later on in the evening.

Now that opening novel paragraph is over with; let’s begin!

Issue #118

Weevily wow! Look at all these super nests this week that I am also not late on doing and really haven’t over-used this joke by now where I pretend I’m not late but really I’m fooling no one…

Now let’s look at these nests that have a Christmas theme, probably because it’s going to be Christmas in about 2 weeks!


“WHAT? WHERE’S THE CHRISTMAS!!!??” I hear you furiously yelling. Well, to be honest, there’s only SO much I can write about Christmas themed nests before I’m literally saying the same, boring things including:

  • “There’s lots of red and green”
  • “They’ve mixed alot of Christmas-y themes”
  • “The walls are nice… so is the floor and the ceiling so it’s all nice”

No, I’ve chosen something else. Fallen-Hearted has created a room that is very, well, pink whilst I really have no clue how to talk about this room without re-using the same recycled words, I will try. Fallen-Hearted has managed to combine pink with other similar colours, by this I mean colours that are bright but don’t stand out that manage to blend well and not draw attention away, such examples include the lights, the plant lights, the light coming from the window and the ice-cream cones.


Did you know?: This image is titled BestNest30.png because it is the 30th picture ever used in these reviews.
Now you know the behind the scenes of the creating of these!

When I stumbled upon this nest room in Best Nest I immediately knew I just had to review it, I have no idea, just something about the green disco balls caught my attention, the green Christmas trees, the green in general. That and how it’s been blended in with a winter theme even though there’s obvious traces of St. Patrick’s day themed items I feel they’ve been combined well to create a room that I feel could be used in almost any seasonal event.

Issue #119

(generic ‘wow I’m not late even though I obviously am’ joke goes here)


LetsHaveSomeTea has mixed Club Fling with a winter wonderland and it looks awesome. This is exactly how Club Fling should look around this time, but unfortunately. Doesn’t. LetShaveSomeTea has combined these two themes that don’t seem like they would go together incredibly well. LetShavesOMeTea is a master of theme combining as evidenced by this clever use of two completely different colour schemes.


There, have some Christmas.

I had a hard time trying to find a second nest room to display here… not because I found them so amazing or because I found them so awful but because I noticed a bunch of spooky coincidences in this issue then realised that a coincidence wasn’t a reason for talking about a room, so here’s yellow3449’s Christmas room because I’m sure that if I didn’t put one in, this might have been my last ever post… I’ll leave you to figure out what I’m implying…


yellow3449 has done a Christmas thing and is making sure no one opens their presents early by setting up the newest in Weevil security systems with a CCTV camera, how secure! Obviously a traditional Christmas tree is too ancient so yellow3449 has opted for a much more modern and classy, Tink’s Tree however, yellow3449 has so many weevily friends that they couldn’t fit the presents under the tree!

ISSUE #120

Well guess what, I was late about something that was late. Aren’t I the greatest.
This time I felt like making this a giant joke review by rotating all the images by a few degrees just to make them look *slightly* off just because I felt like it, but WordPress doesn’t support diagonal images so it has to be 100% serious…
I’ll be honest, I legitimately tried to mess with these images but WordPress kept reverting them to normal D:<
So, let’s just get on with it.


Here we have a Christmas room (No, really?) by sweetee7749 this room is green. This room is red. This room is Christmas-y it also has a window, I like windows. It has two doors, a fireplace and presents. There’s a bear and some nutcrackers that resemble all your favourite bin celebrities oh and sweetee7749 saved the bin from the big freeze as evidenced by the trophy hidden in the corner.



hear we have a chrissmas rooom buy me were i worked verry hard on it as u can c ive got a xmas tree and presents bcoz i hav a lot of bin buddys and tink and clot and fling are their to sellibrate with me and we got a fire place and MERRY BOXING DAY WEEEVILS!!!!!1111!1!!

And for the record, that image took me 1 minute and 24 seconds on MS paint.

– Meep805


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  1. LOL I like the picture at the end where you ‘put a lot of effort into it’


    • Yes, thank you :)
      I hope it isn’t a bad thing I’m actually somewhat proud of creating it xD

      My reasoning for creating it was because I honestly couldn’t be bothered to do a review that day and I’m not gonna bother fixing that. Next week (if I manage to be on time that is) will be back to proper reviews though… unless of course you would rather see more “amazing” and “top quality” MS Paint pictures, however I doubt hf556 would agree with me filling up these reviews with such masterpieces :p


  2. Hey this was cool! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ugh, I feel this is one of my worst ones yet. Not only is it to do with the fact that I’ve missed three and have to write three but I’ve begun to notice that I keep writing the same, mundane, recycled gibberish over and over again on a constant loop of me just pulling stuff out from anywhere possible.

    The lack of feedback from anyone telling me how they find my writing style etc makes me feel as if barely anyone reads these and as such I’ve started to not care about what I type as there’s no way for me to gauge what people like and don’t like so I just have to go with whatever I can think of. I’m not asking for people to write a comment on my performance every single time because that’s just stupid. However, being told how I’m doing in the eyes of other people occasionally is always a huge help to me.

    This is how I begin to feel like no one reads these posts so I can just talk about nonsense and it won’t matter at all which results in me writing awful stuff that I cringe about when reading back but don’t bother to change because no one’s telling me it’s bad or it’s good and besides, once these posts have gone passed the third page or something, no one’s gonna see it again so there’s no need.


    • I for one actually like reading your posts and the humour you use, such as the room by Fallen-Hearted being Christmasy. As well as that, I also know people who wait for your Best Nest Review each week and that certain user is eager to show you the nest room he’s working on..

      Liked by 1 person

      • I guess it’s good to know people actually wait for me to publish these reviews.
        As for this nest room that a certain someone is eager to show me, tell him to go ahead, if he wants me to review it or something just let me know :)


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