Bin Weevil Company Ask: The Safari At Bin Pets Paradise

Hello Bin Weevils!


Wahey Weevils, Scribbles here – with my next edition of Bin Weevil Company Ask! Today, I’m going to be speaking about the Safari, located at Bin Pets Paradise. When the area first came out, many were buzzing about the Safari – we were brainstorming loads of ideas about what could be there.

Back in February, Tiny-Weevil did a post on here asking what you thought about the Safari. Yep, February. You can read that post by clicking here.

Here at Bin Weevil Company, we’re actually quite surprised in regards to what actually is at the Safari. It’s currently being used as a location to place promo parties, such as Littlest Pet Shop, which has nothing to do with a Safari.

So we would just like to know.. do you think Bin Weevils will continue to use the Safari as a place to locate promo parties or will sometime next year a Safari actually arrive there?

– Scribbles


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  1. I believe Bin Weevils is going downhill and if you compare BW with other games, you’ll see.

    – There’s too much promotion. I say get rid of the advertising on the login page. Maybe we could login from the homepage by clicking the ‘login’ page and a pop-up will appear and we can login in or create a new weevil there.

    – There’s too much ‘coming soon’ stuff.

    – Little games and some areas are boring.

    – Bin Weevils’ graphic have gone downhill.

    – There is not enough parties.

    – Certain BW staff are rude and mean.

    I hate BW being social. All I wanted is them to post news and comps and connect with parents on Twitter and Facebook. It’s way too far and I fear BW is going too social than CP.

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  2. I think the Safari is another let down. Last year, Bin Weevils rushed Bin Pets Paradise and I was absolutely disappointed with it because actually I suggested the name to them, and the idea. It was half finished and they’ve even forgot about the Bin Pet Temple. Typical BW.

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  3. In my opinion, they’re going to keep using this as a place to locate promotional parties. I would also say it confuses players, because I expect loads were looking forward to what the safari was going to be, not a promotional area.

    They did this with the Bin Pet Temple also – it was meant to be ‘The Bin Pet Mysteries” but they changed it to the time portal..


  4. I think they will use the Safari for the parties, but I think they should use it as an actual Safari place. Yes, you’re right, Littlest Pet Shop is absolutely nothing to do with Safari, and at the beginning of the year it said Safari was coming soon. Well, it opened about 6 months later, which isn’t that soon, and it isn’t even a Safari sort of place. I don’t see the point of it being called Safari if it isn’t a Safari.
    It is the same with the Bin Pet Temple thing near Pet Style, it was supposed to be a temple, and not a time portal. Maybe they could movie the portal to another place in the Bin, then the Bin Pet Temple thing can actually be a temple. Safari should be like this as well, where the Littlest Per Shops goes to another place, and the Safari is there so we can do Safari-ish stuff.


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