The Bin-scape Weather Forecast & BW Christmas Tree!

Hello Bin Weevils!

There’s allot of snow in the Bin-scape lately, over the map and all over some places but the Bin is going to stop snowing soon but Gams has a hypothesis!

He’s prediction is that a heat wave is coming to the Bin-scape on the 5th of January when everybody goes back  (I go back on the 6th) and I agree with Gam because the Advent Calendar stops on the 5th of January and there will possibly won’t be snow on the 5th on Bin Weevils! Don’t you agree?

oie_SdbyMRF5jhiHAnd during the Holidays, stay tuned to Bin Weevils Company for more Bin-tastic news about Mulch, XP and Dosh Codes, even nest items! If you are a Bin-tycoon, you have until January 5th to collect all your Christmas awards. If you have missed them and it has went past January 5th, then your Advent Calendar will disappear  ready for next year!

Bin Weevils’ Christmas Tree

Bin Weevils explained a post ages ago about they that want decorations for there Christmas tree and boy, they had allot of decorations been handed into them! Lot’s of Weevils designed there Christmas tree decorations to trim up there Christmas tree and Bin Weevils HQ had allot, there Christmas tree looks fantastic!

Bin Weevils Team would like to say thanks to everyone who handed in this years decorations and who made them? Did you make a decoration for this years HQ tree? Comment below!

oie_ZMVi49lgYCsIWe hope you enjoyed Bin Weevil’ Company Christmas Post! It’s nearly Christmas day…are you excited? Comment below with your thoughts!





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