What’s Your Tinks Blocks’ and Labs’ Lab Score+ SWS mission!

Hello Bin Weevils,

I was just very curious today on what your Tinks’ Blocks’ and Labs’ Lab score was! Currently – I have been playing Labs Lab and Tinks Blocks for a while now and I have got very good at it, and my score, I think is the highest in the whole Bin-scape! Even the Bin Weevils team couldn’t get my score!

oie_Q6orfjhablYmYour score can be anything in Bin Weevils! Just comment below with your score on Bin Weevils! The Bin Weevil Company team would love to hear what your score is!

Bin Weevils have also updates there games’ in the Bin! The update is that they have increased the limit of Mulch and XP so if you want to level up, play these games in the Bin and try to win! Pool, Konnect Mulch, Squares and Flip Mulch!

Also, as quickly reported on the Whats’ New Blog, the SWS mission, the Big Bin’s Freeze has now been released for everyone to have a go at! You don’t longer need to get a Bin Tycoon for this SWS mission, it’s free!



So what are you waiting for? – Log into Bin Weevils now and receive the fun the new mission gives you on Bin Weevils! Defeat the THUG’s – and so much more!




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