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  1. Hello HF556,

    I had trouble when I tried to play Bin Weevils earlier today. It took ages to log in! At first I got a black and white screen which simply said ERROR, SERVER NOT AVAILABLE and I think it said error 553. Then, I got ecactly the same screen as you displayed in your blog, explaining there was maintenance going on…….guess what???? I had a glitch then happen…

    I was harvesting bubble mushrooms and at first, the plants went after I go the mulch…then….
    the plants stayed stayed where they were…I got the mulch and the plants remained in place.

    I tried to harvest them again, but they didn’t respond and just stayed there.

    Eventually, I had to come out of the site and log back in again to get a clear garden to plant again.

    What do you think had caused this problem?????

    Has Bin Weevils caught a virus??????


  2. hf556 reply to my emails! Its Binsy, reply to the ‘feedback’ email


  3. I think some new features are coming? Hopefully!

    Good theory there, too, hf556!


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