Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s a brand new day and that means it’s time for me to release yet another amazing (definitely not being full of myself) post on the blog to inform you guys on the location of today’s door on the Bin Weevils Advent Calendar.

Keep on reading weevils…

Advent Calendar Day 5

Today’s door is located on the very top right of the calendar, and in Flam’s bauble trail from her aeroplane. When you click on today’s door a Weevil Tastic animation will happen and the door will open to reveal a brand new nest item!

Today’s nest item is a Gam Nutcracker, much like the Posh one that we received a couple of days ago. We think this nest item looks Bin Tastic, and Gam should be sure to love it. If you’re unable to unlock today’s door, there is an image below.

Gam Nutcracker

If you seem to be having regular issues finding the doors, or if you’re just plain lazy (lolz), keep checking back to Bin Weevil Company every day for the location of the door.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

~ Yoshi6601


About yoshi6601

Hello, I'm yoshi6601! I write my Bin Tastic Bin Weevils Blog, The Weevily Gang daily with all of the daily news that goes on in the Bin Scape. If you'd like to find me in the Bin, I generally hang out wherever there is a new update / mods or at Flem Manor, Flum's Fountain or Nest Street.

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