NEW Unicorn Hat at Hem’s Hats!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Unicorn hat

After being shown off by Big Weevil and Scribbles at the Scribbles and Big Weevil Meet & Greet last night, the Bin has been buzzing about brand new Unicorn Hats. These are now on sale at Hem’s Hat’s for 140 Dosh – GEESE that’s a lot of Dosh!

The Unicorn hat looks awesome with a beautiful purple horn on top, with furry pink hair. Awww! It’s so cute. Looks nothing like unicorn7022 *ahem* unicron7022 though! To celebrate these new hat’s the Bin Weevils Team are hosting a Unicorn Flash Mob.


Just head down to Nest Street tomorrow from 5:00PM, and I’m sure it will be tons of fun. Be sure to either check Bin Weevil Company or The Weevily Gang if you can’t make it, as if any news comes up, we’ll be the first to go press.

~ Yoshi6601


About yoshi6601

Hello, I'm yoshi6601! I write my Bin Tastic Bin Weevils Blog, The Weevily Gang daily with all of the daily news that goes on in the Bin Scape. If you'd like to find me in the Bin, I generally hang out wherever there is a new update / mods or at Flem Manor, Flum's Fountain or Nest Street.

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  1. Hello Yoshi, I remember reading your post about the unicorn hats and as soon as I saw them I knew I would be saving up my Dosh to get one. Even better.. HF556 posted about the new way to earl dosh, which I’m doing every day. and……even, even better was the 20 dosh I got on day one on the advent calendar.

    But sadly I’ve just realised you have to e a Bin Tycoon to get a hat, which I’m not.

    Oh well, I will just keep saving my dosh until I see something else I like.

    One question.. when you did your post, did you know about having to be a bin tycoon to get one or have they made it so, since your post was sent??

    PS, thanks for the daily help around this years advent calendar!!!!


    • Hello Gorag.

      Great to hear that you liked and saw my post on the Unicorn Hats. I really enjoy writing posts for blogs such as this one, so it’s awesome to hear the feedback. At the time that I had posted this, I was unaware that it was Tycoon only, but I believe it was always this way. :)

      Also, thanks for enjoying my posts’ on the advent calendar, because as I said earlier it’s awesome to hear the feedback.


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