Best Nest Issue #113 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sorry about being one day late with this one. I’m really having to juggle a bunch of things right now, I was actually going to consider asking hf556 to fill in for me but I decided I’d (hopefully) be able to manage. So, without further ado, let’s begin!


Firstly we have shypost213’s Bunty room. Clearly shyposh213 must be a huge fan of the bin’s biggest source of weevily gossip, so much so that they’ve constructed this fantastic room. The bright colours used are mixed together really well, the colour pink has been mixed with yellow and purple which have been scattered around the room in various places.


Next up, we have DARKHORSE’s room. The colours and themes have been mixed perfectly. It’s simplistic and has been pulled off wonderfully. My only complaint is the amount of windows on the back wall. Having three as apposed to one ruins a small part of this room for me. The piano in the corner (someone please tell me where/how you get that, I want one D:) fills in the space very nicely by contrasting well with the colours this room uses.

That’s all for now, this review is not finished yet as I intend to add one or two more rooms, but I will certainly try to finish it up tomorrow or later. I thought it be better to leave you with an unfinished post rather than without any post at all!-

– Meep805


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  1. Hello again Meep, I remember commenting previously on how much I enjoy your very own review of the Nest Inspections. But I can’t resist just saying that you are getting better and better and I’m enjoying this so much every week. I nearly commented last week on Reeree’s busy floral room as it reminds me of a weevil I used to know called Lavender. The nest was busier than I had ever seen in any other weevils nest and so much so I couldn’t move. I made some comment like OMG and ran out, never to return again ha ha.

    But this weeks is Bin-Tastic really it is!!! Great room by Shypost213..such a delicate and warm atmosphere there. Though, I have to disagree sligtly re your comment on Darkhorse’s room..I actually love the three windows just as they are. It’s just like being at the back of a treasure ship and looking through into the vast ocean. If there was only one window, it might look a bit plain. I’m with you on the piano though….bet it playes music too.

    Can’t wait for more from you next week.

    Can I make a suggestion?? I know you are very busy and sometimes there is a delay in your review and even sometimes the nest inspector is even a day or so late, but………..would you consider doing two review posts a week??????? Even if you just did two rooms at a time it would be great?????????

    Thanks for great posts and long may they continue!!!!!!!!


    • Greetings,

      Yes, I remember you from that post and I always enjoy hearing from you, much thanks on the compliment on how I am getting better. In my introductory post I did state how it had been a long time since I wrote on a Binweevils blog and that I had forgotten a couple of things, great to know that I am making a noticeable improvement! I’m guessing one of the things that might contribute to why you think it’s becoming better and better is because I’m slowly slipping in a wider range of vocabulary, I tried to keep it plain and simple to start but I find that far too difficult to accomplish without changing the whole sentence, however, I do not plan to put in really complex words because I need to remember that the target audience of this, and many other blogs are young children (around the ages of 6-13) 13 year olds would (hopefully) have no trouble understanding; whereas younger children might struggle so I try to keep it balanced :)

      I am glad that the rooms I choose are reminding you of different things and bring back a variety of memories. Again, thanks for the compliment on the post, I was starting to become quite aware that most of the rooms I chose were different but I hadn’t chosen many rooms with vibrant colours so I decided to branch out. I’m really glad I did too because they’re all such joyful rooms!

      I am perfectly fine with your opinion on DARKHORSE’s room and am happy you approached it in a calm, collected manner. Please, do keep telling me what you really think, I need to hear what my readers think and I don’t mind people disagreeing with my opinions!

      As for your suggestion on doing two posts a week, I will have to ask hf556 about that as I feel it would not only make it awkward for people to find the right post they want but also it is very possible that no news will be released on Binweevils and that having two consecutive posts would be sort of flooding the page. I will certainly see what I can do though. As you know I am usually busy and writing one post at the moment is pretty taxing in terms of time I have available so two might just be too hectic for me right now (and for the foreseeable future) however, if there are ever gaps to which I can fill I might consider writing a second review on the same issue.

      Hopefully this has answered some of your questions and I look forward to hearing more suggestions/comments from you!


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