(Slightly late) Best Nest Issue #111 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sorry about this being about 2-3 days late, I’ve been really busy lately and completely forgot to write this post so I’ll write it now… late at night when I struggle to think straight.

Anyway, this edition of Best Nest is the spookiest by far…


Here we have shushu123’s ‘sspooooky and sccaaaaary’ room, which for a self proclaimed title is very much true. It appears that shushu123 has created a haunted house, complete with broken windows, creaky floorboards and a whole load of cobwebs and other undead creatures. There isn’t really an particular colour scheme to this room (Maybe grey and brown) however I like the use of the wallpaper, I find this one to be very tricky to use effectively because it doesn’t take up the whole wall, however, shushu123 has successfully used it to their advantage by making the wall a background instead of determining the theme of the whole room.


Next we have tomtom4572’s creepy cave where it is clear many witches have been before, complete with such things as cauldrons, broomsticks, jars of strange things and tentacles. In the back of the cavern you can see a bookshelf that is clearly filled with spell books and hexes (curses). The witches that once inhabited this place have moved on long ago as we can see spiders and bats have begun to roam the area.

There we go, that’s the end of these spooky nests for this year, I had fun looking through these fantastic nests and can’t wait for next year to see a whole new batch of them!

P.S I am incredibly sorry for the two day wait between Best Nest being released and this review being written but as I said, I’ve been really busy lately, hopefully I will be able to continue as normal next week and can get back into a regular cycle however, I can’t promise anything but, do not panic if you don’t see a review for 2-3 days, hf will kindly fill in for me so you won’t be left waiting too long for the next review!

P.P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.

– Meep805


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  1. Though this post was from a while ago, I can’t resist commenting, btw i’m a she… lol!-shushu123


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