Best Nest Issue #110 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s starting to get closer to Halloween and as such there’s even more scary rooms throughout every page of Best Nest so continue reading if you dare…


I simply couldn’t resist not featuring this one, not when it has a Harry Potter references all over the place and to be honest, this does look like a room in Hogwarts with all the cauldrons, scrolls, jars and most importantly, floating candles. It even seems as if Ashby is busy practicing a bit of magic themselves.


Next up we have a dark and dusty, spider-filled castle. It seems as if this has been left for the passing of time to take care of. Or more rather to not take care of. This room shows off the new cobweb table and chair items very well since it mixes them with other cobweb themed items, including things like the spiders, the broomsticks and the chandelier to name a few. However, I feel this room will quickly lose its spider problem if someone lit the candle next to the cobweb chair.


“What’s this? A third room instead of the usual two?”
That’s right, this issue was filled with so many great designs I could only narrow it down to a top 3 (This post is in no particular order by the way). Fade’s room has been featured because of its simplicity and how he’s stuck to two recurring colours, which in this case, are orange and black and this has worked very well and has resulted in a sleek, modern room. The arrangement of the candles and sweet jars is also very nice. It also seems that Fade has caught the attention of the NEST_INSPECTOR thrice (Three times) before

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.

– Meep805


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  1. Great post, I enjoyed reading it!
    Just make sure you put Hello Bin Weevils and not Hello Binweevils.


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