Tiny Weevil Asks: New Map, New Places?

Hello Bin Weevils!

This morning at 9:00 AM, you’re probably already aware, that the Bafta Kids vote opened, and that obly means means oen thing…you can vote for Bin Weevils!

Every year, Bin Weevils upload a video for the Bafta Kids Vote, to go with their entry, this year, me and Dumdawg have been looking thought it, and we have spotted a new map, which Bin Weevils snuck into the video! We have also spotted that two paths, leading to a lake area, so it’s possible that that could this mean a new lake is coming into the Bin?

New Bin Weevils Map 2

The map has had a total re-vamp and it looks really awesome! At Rums Cove, on the map, they have added a runway to make it more realistic, and it’s Bin-tastic! They have also made a cycle between Riggs Moviemultiplex, Flem Manor, Club Fling and have put Flum’s Fountain in the middle, which looks so awesome!

Do you like the new map? Comment below! Remember, it’s not out in-game yet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could comment your opinions, as Scribbles will be doing a post with them all in!

– Tiny Weevil


About TiNyWeevilBW

Hello Bin Weevils and Viewers, I am TiNy-weevil aka tombahawk and I am a blogger for Bin Weevils and Roblox and I like to post information from around the world from time to time. I have been blogging now for nearly 3 years and it has been a great success. I do not join blogs anymore because I don't go on Bin Weevils as a main account anymore. I only work for DoshMania (Joint Owner) because they have a mascot what I use sometimes and Bin Weevil Company what I am co owner off. Questions and Answers (Q&A) Q: Do you have a Weevil? A: Yes and No. I used to have TiNy-weevil but I gave up on him. You can see me around the bin on a blog mascot or/and Large-posh. Q:Can you work on my blog? A: No Sorry. I do not work on anymore blogs. I am joint owner with jjs on Dosh Mania and Co owner on Bin Weevil Company. Q: Can I work on your blog? A: You are going to have to be experienced for dosh mania only and do the little information thing on the join us page. On Bin Weevil Company no one joins. Important Q: Do you have any buddies can you add me? Important A: I do have buddies and I cant add because I dont have a main weevil. I have outside of Bin Weevils friends called Dumdwag, hf556, Buzzy56 and more! I also have 'xat' friends.

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  1. It it going to be the real map or is it the company trying to make the website look better than it actually is?


  2. The map looks Great new back round 3D look on the buildings but whot would be great the bin has pats evryone for example nest Leeds to flume flume leads to Riggs Riggs leads to figs figs leads to club fling but it ends ther a path that leads to labs and lost other places


  3. Reblogged this on The weevily ultra blog and commented:
    Wow, doesn’t the map look bin-tastic?


  4. Reblogged this on A World Of Bin Weevils and commented:
    Hmm look at this new bin weevils map :)


  5. It does look nice, however this might just be them making the map look better than it is. If this was real and they released it, every time I’d want to go to the shopping mall I’d be going to Dirt Valley (I’m one of those players that does things the old way because I’m used to it)
    However, this could also be their attempt at trying to make the Bin look a lot more connected.


    • I suppose I’m a bit like you, when they swapped around the Mystery Code Machine with the Bin Bot machine, I kept clicking the Bin Bot Machine for the Mystery Code Machine!


  6. I think the map really freshens up the Binscape and I can’t wait for it to go live! xD


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