Best Nest Issue #109 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s starting to get closer to that time of the year, Halloween, again, and as the month of October goes on, the nests keep getting more and more terrifying.


Manda2013’s room looks like an ancient catacomb (an underground graveyard/cemetery) with all the cracks in the walls and floors, along with the plant life that has started to take over. The inhabitants of this catacomb appear to have become restless and as such, have started to roam around, searching for their next weevily victim. The colour green is used quite a lot in this room and is used in a way that adds more atmosphere to it, especially since it lights up all the bats and spiders hanging on the ceiling.


Next we have Tiggee’s room. This one really stood out to me because of the simplicity of it, it’s not cluttered with stuff and it has quite a nice ambient feel to it. The amount of candles really adds a spookiness feel to the whole room, I’m not sure why, but it’s definitely there. I think of this room as a castle with a moon lit window behind the throne.


Along with this amazing issue of Best Nest we got a sneak peek at the new Nest Halls, stay tuned for more information on them!

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.



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  1. Hello Cyph1e…

    I really enjoy reading your weekly posts commenting on the best nest review from the nest inspector. But I have a comment to make because last week you showed nests which were almost the same and I would have liked to see some different ones included. What made you do that? You showed different nests this week, which I enjoyed reading about and honestly..they are good nest to see.
    Also, why do you sign yourself off as Meep805? Does this have a meaning.
    Bye and thanks for posting!
    I hope you write back.


    • Greetings,

      I am glad you enjoy reading my weekly posts, it’s always great to hear that people enjoy what I do and definitely encourages me to continue writing these posts.

      Now, as for the nests I showed last week (Which I have looked back at and I can see they are almost exactly the same, I did also notice this whilst I was writing it) they were ones I found the most interesting in my personal opinion which I am aware is not what everyone thinks. Next time I will try my best to not review rooms that look almost exactly the same. You can probably already tell I am trying my best to do this already with two non-similar looking I put in this post.

      The reason I sign myself off as Meep805 is because that is what my name in Bin Weevils is (I do also own an account called Cyph1e) and most people know me as Meep805, if you want me to, I will gladly change my WordPress name from Cyph1e to Meep805 so people don’t get confused. I was aware that it would probably cause some problems though.

      If you have any more questions you would like me to answer, don’t hesitate to write back! I will do my best to answer them as soon as I can. Glad you enjoy my posts, I hope you will give me more feedback as my posting goes on as it helps me out massively!



      • Thank you Meep, that was a really good reply and you answered my questions very well. But please, it’s up to you how you wish to write the post. I was only commenting of course. And the same goes for your name which you use. These really are up to you and I will no doubt see next time you post, what you have decided upon. Thanks once again and have a fab weekend.


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