Bin Weevil Company Ask: Bin Mart Being Removed

Hello Bin Weevils!

Please ignore the picture of KalEi, we are just using an image from one of our previous posts.

Please ignore the picture of KalEi, we are just using an image from one of our previous posts.

In early 2012, Bin Weevils had a massive update where Dosh came into the Binscape, and we also saw the beginning of two brand new shops: Nestco and Bin Mart.

Lots of Weevils loved the new graphics and shops of the Shopping Mall and everyone was happy with it.

However… a few months ago, Bin Weevils went through some updates and Bin Mart was removed from the Binscape, however Nestco stayed and the outside (and inside!) received an update.

Shopping Mall

Some Weevils claim it looks like a posh hotel…

What’s your opinion on it though? We would love to know!


– Scribbles


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  1. I actually don’t really mind as when they changed it I had left BW and I really like the Bundles and Show room


  2. is the comment written really by scribbles


  3. I agree with some of the Weevils – it does look a lot like a posh hotel. However, some things are nice being posh… I think it looks nicer.


  4. I’m probably the only person to think that Bin Weevils did a great job with the updates. I like how everything is sorted into one shop, so it is much easier to search for your items. The only thing that would improve it would be to add a search feature – type in your item and you can buy it instantly! :)


  5. I prefer the old look with Nestco and Bin Mart. – there is no point creating a MASSIVE Cash Machine replacing Bin Mart. Also, all our Bin Mart Vouchers from our Bin Cards have been deleted, obviously prior to the disappearance of Bin Mart.

    Enough said by me for this, I think :)


    • If you do not already know, the Bin Mart vouchers were changed into Nestco vouchers.
      You would at-least think there would of been an update to the cash mashine!


  6. I think they should have kept the Shopping Mall as it was! They had an inside, like most shops do, and it didn’t have a fancy posh shop. If they had to get rid of one of the shops, I would have chosen to get rid of Nestco! Bin Mart is a lot better!


  7. If they did change it, it should have been Nestco that went, and there should still be an inside.


  8. I must admit, the Shopping Mall looked a lot better before Bin Mart was removed. However, I rather like that they’ve put all the items into one shop, than us having to look for an item in between the two shops (Nestco and Bin Mart).


    • Hey Edd! Maybe they could of kept the same outside of Nestco though?


      • Yes! It would have looked a lot better if they left the outside of Nestco the same! I also miss the inside of Nestco too, when you enter the shops now you automatically browse the items, not actually be inside the shop. :)


  9. I personally think there was no need to change it. We were absolutely fine with Bin Mart and Nestco and the inside of the new Nestco doesn’t even look like a shop.


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